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New releases:
"Petty Fascism 101" Sacramento WTO
"Rise Up Between The Lines"
"Martial Law" March 25, 2003
"Exorcism of the Executive Branch"

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Petty Fascism 101

In the days before the WTO Agricultural Ministerial in Sacramento, California the city council adopted an "emergency ordinance" in secret that, among other things, criminalized the possession of bandanas. In what has become a standard practice of the militarized police in the United States this ordinance was used as an excuse to arrest media activists and those engaged in activist support (such as providing food and medical treatment). In this video a media activist targetted by the police under this ordinance discusses tactics employed by the police and by protesters. [ announcement | download ]

Rise Up Between The Lines

Is "fighting terror" newspeak for suppressing dissent? Presented in this video is an analysis of a speech delivered by Bush Jr. with highlights of the numerous violations of civil rights and outright brutality perpetrated by the police in Sacramento, California during the protests of the WTO Agricultural Ministerial. As Bush says, "The world changed on September the 11th... and it's very important that the American people understand the change -- we are now a battleground." [ announcement | download ]

Martial Law

In the early days of the US invasion of Iraq the people of Portland, Oregon repeatedly took to the streets to express their grievances with the policies of their government. Despite the protests being peaceful and law-abiding police brutality and repression increased against those who chose to exercise their first amendment rights. In the wake of these events, several federal civil rights lawsuits were filed against the city. [ announcement | download ]

Exorcism of the Executive Branch

Local religious leaders in Portland, Oregon hold a public ceremony called "the rite of social exorcism" to exorcise evil from the executive branch of the federal government. A creative and inspirational event contrasted with the stale rhetoric of fear and terror uttered by Bush II and events within the city. "War, greed, mass consumption, destruction of life and the excuse that 'I'm just doing my job' are all symptoms of a deeper deception influenced by these deadened spirits." [ announcement | download ]

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