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So-called "chemtrails expert" William Thomas exposed for the lying fraud that he is!

William Thomas's grossly incorrect assertion that Victoria International Airport environmental office Terry Stewart confirmed the existence of "chemtrails" was dealt with in an earlier exchange. Here's some more examples of one of the kookies favorite "experts" stellar accuracy and honesty.
The End of a Chemtrail Promoter

"late summer chemtrails will be disclosed and common knowledge"
-- William Thomas (2/28/02) the Art Bell Show

William Thomas Investigative Journalist, Author, Videographer has been the main catalyst behind "chemtrails" for three years now...His many appearances on Art bell have garnered him status among chemtrail activists as a "guru" all around the net...For some reference on his many allegations of what chemtrails are, here are some quotes from over the years...

* "700 tankers 'kc-135s' doing the spraying, md-80 involved, "it" is in commercial fuel" 3/14/01

* Thomas was quoted in the Santa Fe New Mexican, a newspaper in Santa Fe, NM, on 6/20/99 as saying, "My colleague and I will release the name of our lab and detailed lab results as soon as we find a publisher willing to pay us for many months of research - and reimburse those lab tests."

* Thomas admits "no insitu samples have ever been taken"...2/28/02

* "Asks for $20,000 to do the sampling"...on 2/28/02

* "late summer chemtrails will be disclosed and common knowledge"...2/28/02

* "the impending ATC crossover in wanting to know why they are not told about chemtrails" ...2/28/02

Thomas has claimed the chemtrails cause sickness, rashes, abnormal weather, are a aluminum/barium sunscreen, and cause drought, but has put forth as of this date 9/23/02 not one shred of evidence to support these accusations in any way shape or form...

For the very few who actually believe that chemtrails exist, having a spokesman who has lied time and time again about the existence of chemtrails can only present a hindrance in the plausibility of the existence of chemtrails and for the more studied individual, it shows dramatic evidence of a man promoting a scam...for profit...and not a concerned individual interested in the welfare of the average citizen.

The tanker and fuel theory is unproved, the lab tests do not exist, samples were never taken, he has been asking for money for a longtime, late summer has come and gone and chemtrails are no more "common knowledge" and accepted as fact by the average joe than any other urban legend or Internet conspiracy...the impending Air Traffic Controller crossover regarding supposed questions of theirs regarding all these damn unusual contrails...has yet to manifest itself...

William Thomas has written a screenplay (supposed) that is on the topic of chemtrails, which a secret military government operation has been spraying chemicals to mitigate global warming....My question also raised by a chemtrail promoter (chem11) is when has the military ever gave a damn about the environment ? It's not nor has it ever been their focus or function, gimme a break....

It makes good sense to me that William Thomas took a obscure Internet conspiracy, and promoted it so he could generate free reference material to sell books, newsletters and boost a stagnate, washed up career....

Which in turn puts even more of a pox on the urban legend laden chemtrail community, which existed before to some as doubt, and as of this date to all, given the expiration of Thomas' claims. Due to the claims of William Thomas and lack there of a follow up, on the information he provided shows with unequivocal proof that chemtrails as has been portrayed by William Thomas are a lie, a hoax a fake and a fraud...

Quote from Jay Reynolds regarding Thomas:

"I wouldn't necessarily say Thomas does anything, other than repeat lies and make up new ones, besides, it's Bell that has the audience, not necessarily Thomas.

Speaking of Thomas, I hear some references to him speaking of getting a group of air traffic controllers on his side. That makes me giggle. Consider carefully what that statement tells us: - Who benefits by Thomas telling us that? - Do you often hear a Police Chief discussing how he has a group of mafia Lieutenants on his side ready to spill the beans?

For those not able to logically answer those questions, it is quite simple- only Thomas benefits by making such empty promises, this is his long-standing modus operandi. No, people having the responsibility of hearing from an informant NEVER reveal anything about that information until it is nailed down, confirmed, and ready to use. To do otherwise threatens the whole case, and is a very stupid thing to do.

Thomas has nothing, nobody, he is lying again as always. At best he might attempt to misquote somebody. Nevertheless, desperate for confirmation that they are not being taken for a ride, chemmie believers just eat this stuff up" Jay

William Thomas has just been exposed...You Decide

Thomas' site is located at "lifeboatnews.com"

homepage: homepage: http://supercell.org/thomas902.html

how does this so-called "repost" prove 19.Mar.2004 09:18

William Thomas

is a fraud? It proves nothing is what it does. Read it and see for yourself. It's bunk from
the debunkers!

both reliable and unreliable sources confirm that 19.Mar.2004 09:25


will be sprayed over Portland today. Be on the lookout for them. See them for yourself!

Chemtrail Archives 19.Mar.2004 10:14

Global Euthantos Project

Including many photographs showing the difference between chemtrails and contrails.


Educate yourself and YOU decide. Do not let Internet trolls and paid idiots decide for you.

William Thomas 19.Mar.2004 11:09

Big Dada

There are probably many disinformation agents involved with the Chemtrail projects, as there have been with the CIA mind control projects. The purpose is to confuse researchers and members of the public who happen to become aware of these projects. Is William Thomas one of these? He claims to believe that the chemtrail program is intended to mitigate the effects of global warming, thus assigning it a benign purpose. I believe the government's purpose is hardly benign, so I am wary of Thomas's statements. All one has to do is pay attention to the skies these days to realize that something nefarious is afoot.

Chemtrail/Contrail confusion 28.Aug.2004 18:45

new west witness

There is an obvious difference between chem and con trails.In the 70's jets contrails never turned into clouds and blotted out the sun.How all the naysayers can not see this is indicitive of thier narrow vision. I have been watching these CHEMTRAILS for ten years now and have seen the pilots get better at laying them and the "mixture" and hardware evolve to full fledged weather altering devices.I have been ridiculed by people for pointing out the trails only later to have some of them say there is something different going on.H.A.A.R.P. is also a "covert" military "weapon"that we are not allowed to know the full purpose of. There are now over 25 H.A.A.R.P.'s being built around the world. If they are only for mapping and one can map the entire northern hemisphere then why 25?

ChemTrails 10.May.2005 11:52


You are retarded if you can not see the droping of these trails on a hourly bases, i have contacts world wide that confirm this notion daily

Thomas exposed 15.Dec.2011 07:52

billy richards

Another chemtrail hoaxer exposed! People need to educate themselves on the subject of aviation before believing these frauds. contrailscienceDOTcom has very accurate information on the subject.