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Let's Stop Appeasing the Chicken Hawks

Here is a letter submitted to the Oregonian editor for Saturday's paper.

See you all Tomorrow!
Dear Oregonian Editor,

Lately we hear from the Chicken Hawks (Bush & Co.)
that the Spanish Voters are appeasing Bin Laden.

Since there was never any direct link between Hussein
and Bin Laden it seems the Spanish voters were
actually able to grasp the fact that the War on Iraq
and the so-called "War on Terrorism" never had
anything to do with each other.

So maybe it is time we Americans stopped appeasing the
Chicken Hawks.

I ask all those who feel that we have been duped into
this ill-conceived war to protest it's anniversary
downtown this afternoon.

<Sat March 20th, 1PM at Pioneer Courthouse Square>

Dan Kaufman
SE Portland