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The Mafia Principle of our Society

"The Mafia cannot endure the inner autonomy of the dominated any more than their outward autonomy.. The performance principle in our society breaks the backbone of the individual and stamps him as a failure. Drumming this principle and not learning into heads is the goal.."
Mafia - The Basic Principle of our Society

By Anarchie.de

[This article is translated from the German on the World Wide Web,  http://www.anarchie.de/main-94.html.]

The Destruction of Autonomy and the Possibility of Self-Organization in Every System of Exploitation and Oppression

Every aggressor, every robber and every murderer obviously disturbs the life of his victim. He usually does this consciously to reduce the possibilities of the victim for flight, defense, recovery and reorganization.

A successful robber or band of robbers will institutionalize the violent relationship to his victims sometime or other. He keeps his victims alive when they regularly pay tribute. When the robber offers "protection" from other bands, the robber becomes the institutionalized ruler amid the intermittent disaster.

In the course of the years and generations, the condition of exploitation becomes legitimate or lawful in the minds of the exploited.

Members of the ruling class (earlier bands of robbers) are individual members of the repressed population who act as "overseers" or "officials" and are correspondingly privileged. Some time or other the oppressed accept the domination as just when the rulers are somewhat restrained with their "excessive" cruelty and install and maintain something like "legal security". The institution of the state or body politic arose in this way.

The more prosperity develops, the more the rulers avoid civil war conflicts that could endanger affluence. They make certain concessions in the right to join the conversation and enable some members of the lower class to rise socially in their ranks.

Nevertheless a large part of the general wealth inland and property in Germany belongs to the successors of those nobles who once appropriated these treasures by naked murder and manslaughter.

An authority (state) arose that rests on the destruction of autonomy and cutting off the foundations of life. I speak here of the mafia system.

This system is based on the destruction of the self-organization of the dominated in many ways.

When this kind of a state and its "legality" are first established, this state has no interest in anyone speaking about the underlying violent conditions. Self-organization is prevented since there is no access any more to language as the foundation of life.

The Mafia principle is one of the fundamental models of our society. I will not speak here of the close connection of our ruling class with organized crime. Our form of state derives historically from feudalism as institutionalized robbery.

The Mafia cannot endure any life and economy outside of its organization. A life as an unpropertied and outlawed expellee "in the woods" may serve as a warning to the others. "You can do business but not on your own account!" ("exchange" as a foundation of life).

All examples of concrete autonomy obviously represent a potential enticement and utopia for all the dominated and thus a genuine threat for the system, its "consensus" and its "taboo".

The incredible rage of the US superpower against a little country like Nicaragua is immediately striking. Often the autonomy is destroyed in that its foundations, the natural foundations of the population, are destroyed. This can happen in that a rural population is expelled from their ancestral land by large landed property owners. Their land is seized for exploitation in the factories or mines.

Even in Germany, the population is denied free access to land by the ruling class. Whoever wants to live here must work half a month to pay his or her rent.

The Mafia cannot endure the inner autonomy of the dominated any more than their outward autonomy. A healthy self-confidence of the controlled is not in the interest of the rulers. The Mafia that seeks to secure its influence in one part of the city will first let some of its future victims smash themselves to pieces. Thus the population becomes "unnerved". To this end the classical state makes use of the church and the school to ignore the humiliation of the world of work ("self-confidence" and "identity" as foundations of life).

The "performance principle" in our society breaks the backbone of the individual and stamps him as a failure. Drumming this principle and not learning into heads is the goal of our schools... Self-confidence in our society is only granted to the one who is rolled over the coals (brand awareness among children).

A substitute identity as a member of the group is offered by the society to the individual whose self-confidence is destroyed or blocked in its development. "Education to a man" with the military or other initiation rituals is typical. Initiation in society by bodily mutilation and circumcision of the genitals of men and women in many "cultures" are other examples.

Individual mutilations can often only be endured by deadening the feelings of pain and rage over experiences. "That doesn't hurt me!" This hardening transposes the mutilated into murdering and mutilating others indiscriminately, perhaps even with pleasure (traumatized traumatizers). The typical victim and culprit mentality are connected.

The slave and the KZ (concentration camp) prisoner wear their branding and number. The member of the Japanese Yakuza gang proves his loyalty to his boss with his cut-off finger. The priest sacrifices his sexuality. In ancient China, the feet of women were crippled and so forth. The individual I is sacrificed to the imposed social I.

I'd like to offer several examples where rule and exploitation are practiced to prevent the self-organized access to the foundations of life:

land and property
money - production and exchange
self-image and self-confidence
spirituality and religion
art and culture
genetic engineering - patenting life forms - privatization of genetic pool of earthly life
sexuality and roles

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theory of life, life as theory 19.Mar.2004 12:04

but what's in it for me?

Life is always self-organizing. What is meant by "a living thing" has been defined as a "self-organizing system." However, as discussed by Fritjof Capra in THE WEB OF LIFE, there are self-organizing systems, ("hypercycles of chemical reactions"), which we would hesitate to identify as "living" phenomena. To tighten the definition of life from a sytems-theory standpoint, Capra turns to the work of Chilean neuroscientist Humberto Maturana and Maturana's theory of "autopoiesis" as the fundamental principle of the "organization of the living." The word was coined by Maturana --- in collaboration with Francisco Varela --- from "auto" for "self" and from the Greek "poiesis", from the same root as the word "poetry," meaning "making." There appear to be several fundamental characteristics for any living thing: self-organization (including the formation of a boundary), self-reproduction, evolution, and, (last but not least), cognition.

"Living systems are cognitive systems, and living as a process is a process of cognition. This statement is valid for all organisms, with and without a nervous system." (Capra at 97, THE WEB OF LIFE, Anchor Books, 1996, quoting Maturana.) From this theory, the first working mathematical model of a living cell was created --- leading to the commonly understood (today) reality that even bacteria behave in ways that show intelligence. Expressed simplistically, the idea of autopoiesis is that living things continually produce themselves. So we are all involved in continually creating ourselves.

Social systems are also living systems. Therefore, if society destroys the possibility for cognitive self-organization, it destroys the possibility of life for its individual components. Maybe we could hypothesize that the result will be that a chosen few will remain alive while the others will become somehow "dead" automatons --- zombies and perfect slaves. That is the "superman" hypothesis of Nietsche. More likely, what must happen is that human society ("civilization") will destroy itself, bringing down human life with it. On the relatively positive side, this could mean that the Earth will retain non-human life and, for a while at least, a self-generating, self-organizing technological infrastructure evolved from human "civilization." The more negative outcome would be the complete destruction of all but the simplest forms of life on Earth, which conceivably could lead to a restarting of the process of evolution. These outcomes are, respectively, the "deus ex machina" and the "re-seeding" hypotheses. Then there is the outcome wherein humanity chooses liberation and socialism becomes a reality as people learn to overcome the history of exploitation and oppression as definitive of the human condition. That is the "liberation" hypothesis.

These four outcomes are extrapolations of real-life "trends," as follows: (1) elitism; (2) technology-ism (usually considered as "scientism"); (3) nihilism; and, (4) humanism. Then there are the religions. so that makes five altogether, including (5) "spirituality" or "superstition" depending on personal point of view. These five can be seen as "evolutionary" processes, as follows: (1) a super-human species is developing out of biotechnology; (2) technological culture will ultimately lead to the replacement of humanity by a more efficient and effective global intelligence; (3) humanity is headed for extinction along with many other species doomed by technological "progress"; (4) humanity will develop into a global socialist society; and, (5) something spiritual is developing in all human individuals which will express itself soon in a global awakening of a higher consciousness (or maybe just global unification under a single organized religion). In more concise terms, humanity is evolving toward a super-race, toward a science-fiction techno-world where humanity is (at best) irrelevant, toward extinction, toward a well-managed super-state, or, toward "higher" (global) consciousness. Or, maybe, as in Aldous Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD, it will be a combination of (1) thru (4), with some surviving the die-off by continuing to reproduce through biotechnology --- and, possibly, the ruling elite (the "Alphas") evolving toward higher consciousness.

See how helpfull theory is ? (I'm glad I'm a Beta.)

I think 20.Mar.2004 03:22


should read Nietzsche again.