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Behind the iris... exponential prisms perfect for seeing many things within much spectrum of light.. Your own spiritual lens exists when you color your iris from within showing and knowing yourself within each movement as best you are able.. This begets grace. Grace is empowered with love. Love allows each to move freely. Crystalline lens behind the iris may also be a metaphor suggesting how we choose to see things.. Allowing the flow to be move through ourselves and on with every action, mindful and considerate, we share our blessing. Equality means we are all free to consider whatever we choose without forced constraint. The more empowered we are, the less dependent we become. Diminish dependency and lower the high price and inflated costs of government. Government has become the monster we need to cage. Government now swallows large chunks of human flesh and commits murder in the name of the people they were elected to serve. Government has failed to represent the people. The people MUST act according to conscience, remove government from office and elect suitable representation. from such point, dedication must be ensued as to empower the people so that less and less government is necessary. More and more people are educated and find motivation to live in harmony. Harmony comes after the war is over. end the war. stop killing people and start teaching appreciation. Appreciation means enjoying what is over what could be. What is, remains a world of wonderful opportunity. We can explore the depths of the ocean and the universe without fighting over fossil fuel. We can grow responsible crops and distribute according to need. People are less likely to be unhappy when they are fed properly and allowed to live where food may be grown. Life offers us many chances to share what we learn along the way. The world is NOT out to get you, or me or anyone. The World as a living and breathing entity grants symbiotic life to a variety of living creatures. These creatures have benefited one another for ages. Humans have benefited nature as well.. Balance may be lost if humans choose to relinquish responsible action and surrender control over what becomes representative of the majority. If there has ever been a reason to vote for change, NOW is such time. Voting for change will bring change. Keeping tabs with checks and balances calls upon each person to know who represents their region. The World is meant to be shared, NOT governed by a ruling body of supermen. There are no supermen. Being superior is a person who represents what they believe byway of voting and informing their close friends and family when it comes time to be counted. Teach a child well and the child will need fewer rules. Teach a child to follow the leader and sure enough, that child will oneday be lost. Teach the children to relate with freedom and explain how important YOUR vote is. Your vote speaks on your behalf. Sing if but to hear your sound, and share the glory

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the "uneducated" 19.Mar.2004 17:36


The "uneducated" who do not vote in this country have been educated by hundreds of years of votes changing NOTHING... Rulers have nothing to do with democracy, Presidents only stand in the way of democracy. Voting for "unity" in this election is not an option. Voting for "freedom" in this ellection is not an option. You can ither vote to be screwed over by a republicrat or a democrapublican. Ither Bush or Kerry will win, ither of the two heads from one monster. Nader might be different, but a different president is not really what we need, different presidents have never helped in the long run.
Really, your vote for a president doesn't matter much.

Vote NOBODY and people will take notice. When the turnout numbers get low enough, (And at this rate it won't take long) people will realise that this fake "democracy" that we live under is not what they would have you believe, and it doesn't serve us in any way.
Better yet, directly stop the systems of opression we live under RIGHT NOW. Voting only goes so far in this country.

If Kerry wins, when anybody wins, I won't be throwing a big party, I'll be trying to call him on the shady crap he will inevitably do, because presidents are incapable of doing anything but SCREWING OVER A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE, in a lot of different ways.

Also, just because a country isn't technicaly at war, doesn't mean things are much better. Sanctions aren't concidered war. National defense actions aren't war, assasinations and big industry backed coups aren't war, imperialism and globalization aren't called war, opression isn't called war, and these are all major, MAJOR problems. Whatever this "peacetime" is that so many Americans want so badly isn't the answer to our problems. It is just a state in which we don't have to hear about the problems that effect us more directly.

What we need is social justice, equality, REAL peace, without masters or slaves, without controll.