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Is anyone out there familair with this? I stumbled across it and am not sure what to make of it.

Hope is best 19.Mar.2004 10:54

skeptic for now

I heard this for the first time on the Alex Jones show. This question came from a call-in listener. Alex stated that although he at first believed it was disinformation he checked with some of his sources and was unable to completely rule this out as nonsense.
In light of the arrogance and overt criminality of the present government, I wouldn't be totally shocked if what we are seeing is the last dying gasp of this treasonous cabal.

Another well-known Internet hoax 19.Mar.2004 11:34


For debunking information, see:

In addition to the Quatloos article 19.Mar.2004 13:00

Mulberry Sellers

The actual NESARA Institute Web site is located at  http://nesara.org , not nesara.us .

A look at the WHOIS data for each domain shows that nesara.org was created in June 2000 and is registered to the NESARA Institute, complete with a street address and actual contact person, while nesara.us dates from October 2002 and has its actual ownership hidden behind an anonymous registration service.

Added to the fact that nesara.us gives off a strong odor of "Dove of Oneness"'s scam, it's pretty obvious which is parasited from which.

Anyone interested in the NESARA idea ought to go through the nesara.org Web site, which at least provides detailed explanations of the thinking behind the proposal. The following links, which take on allegations of secret enactments, debt forgiveness and the other tinfoil-hat stuff "Dove" spouts, should also be of interest:


nesara 20.Mar.2004 03:34


i first heard about it today at the anti-occupation rally here in Sydney australia. Someone was holding a placard with www.nescara.us on it. Check it out if you like

not sure what to make of nesara 20.Mar.2004 03:42


but here is a site which seems to suggest its a scam:

NESARA Now 01.Apr.2004 12:57


These are the DISINFORMATION web sites. These sites are RUN by the Bush family and the CIA. DO NOT BELIVE ANYTHING ON THESE SITES.

This is the TRUE NESARA site, anyone to say anything to the contrary is spreading DISINFORMATION, don't believe them.:

NESARA is mentioned on the US Treasury site, therefore, it is real. Ask anyone working at a bank, they will tell you it is real, and they've been trained in the new banking system called NESARA and that it's going to be announced soon. Many people have given hints as to the existence of NESARA lately, on radio and TV shows (but because this law is under a gag order, anyone who's in charge of getting this announced cannot speak of it outright, under penalty of death.) but many hints have been given lately.

This law will free us all from debt (until you run up your credit card bill again...), you should all have a little hope in it.

NESARA Probably Never 22.Apr.2004 21:23

Kichwani spaca23@yahoo.com

Never trust anything posted on the Web on April Fools Day. NESARA is mentioned at

 link to www.treas.gov

however not as jw would have us believe:

"Maintaining a strong and prosperous economy is a top priority of the President and his administration. Secretary O'Neill appreciates hearing ideas -- like the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (NESARA) -- put forward by concerned citizens. As you are aware, the NESARA proposal has not yet been introduced in the Congress, nor is it part of any current law."

To get an idea of what else at least one NESARA supporter thinks, check out the link below.


NESARA and what some think of it. (scam, hoax, you bet!) 11.Jun.2004 08:19


Nesara may just be the funniest piece of sci0fi written in the years since the death of Douglas Adams.
my favorite NESARA web site is  http://www.angelfire.com/weird2/nesara/
but www.quatloos.com comes in at a close second.

YO jw!!! 14.Jul.2004 08:53


Yo JW !
Where exactly is NESARA on the Treasury Depts. web site? And what do your bankers know that mine don't.. or should I say smoke

The NESARA Discussion Board 25.Mar.2005 11:00


If you have visted nesara.org and read the articles and agree with its ideas, and want a real HONEST discussion and debate on the proposal (and not about some hijacked wacko version of it):

You can visit a legitimate NESARA Discussion Board in association with nesara.org, as we discuss the NESARA Institute and Dr. Harvey Barnard's National Economic Stablization and Recovery Act proposal at  http://www.thewordfiles.com/nesara

NESARA Discussion Board

My name is witheld due to the fact I actually dont want publicity for this in anyway, but to provide a forum for people to talk about the real legitimate NESARA proposal as proposed by the NESARA Institute of nesara.org using rational, logical, and pratical discussion as to its pros and cons. Wackos and weirdos who believe in aliens need not apply.