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Another M20 leaflet

I'll be passing these out tomorrow.
Why should we play by their rules? (pamphlet)
Why should we play by their rules? (pamphlet)
Thought I'd upload a version here as well.
Original thinking all over again 19.Mar.2004 01:02


I downloaded it. Read it to the end, which says:

"In short, limiting oneself solely to lawfully working within the system
means nothing more than playing by their rules. And playing by their
rules means they win."

Are you just finding this out? If so, congratulations.

thoughtful essay 19.Mar.2004 10:28


The essay is more thoughtful and nuanced than some of its radical rhetoric appears if you take those comments out of context. (And I really don't know if "thoughtful and nuanced" will be taken as criticism or praise by the author). The essay seems to say that "nice liberals" (who play by the rules) can effect progressive change if and only if there is at the same time a powerful movement of radicals (who don't play by the rules.) And a corollary of this would be that a powerful movement of radicals can effect change only if there are some "nice liberals" around who are also demanding change. Again, there is something about the rhetoric in the essay that leaves me uncertain as to whether or not the author would agree with this reading of it.

I'm posting this because I can't let "Duh's" put-down be the only response. All truths are simple. The only question is whether or not they are set in context which gives them new meaning. I felt that this essay did provide a valuable context for its simple truth.