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Tre Arrow is "Innocent until Proven Guilty"

Tre arrow is innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.
almost every newspaper will consitistantly say that Tre "faces charges" or is "accused" or "allegedly". The oregonian was in fact the only paper to stay entirely objective, saying that he alledgedly stole the bolt cutters even.
Tre not only has yet to have been proven guilty; All the evidence presented at this time is not enough to convict him. He'll be walking in the streets of portland after he is found not-guilty of his crimes.

Okay so if you like consirasy theory stories, I got one for you. I feel the total and complete right to develop a senario that could very well be true to explain what is going on with Tre Arrow and the War on Terrorism.

The story begins:

Any number of operatives funded by say Columbia helicopters (the other company signed up to log eagle creek) and well the tax payers, pass through a eagle creek area town and light fires under a smaller businesses logging equipment. No ELF Communique is sent out.

Meanwhile the Joint Terrorism Task Force had already figured out who burned down trucks at the Ross Island Sand and Gravel. The patsies for the FBI's crime! (if you don't believe something like this is possible, and the FBI would never do that, then get a book called "Agents of Repression" at Laughing Horse Books.) After the burning they called a few people to grand juries to "investigate" the sitch. Then they named the Ross Island Sand and Gravel arsons as well as the Eagle creek arsons. (I can't remember which order it was but it doesn't matter)

But wait that isn't enough. They can't just name 3 or 4 no name college students as the evil do-ers. They need a public figure well Tre Arrow seemed the best option considering he was friends of some of these folks, since they were activists and all.

They had Tre profiled and new he would run, and hell figured that it would be weeks before he even found out that it was happening. Cuz hey they started following him before he even knew. They probably scared him with some shit that maybe he did do, some sort of civil disobedience or something that he never got busted for.

Tre also is a good candidate for the ordeal cuz he's been accused of shoplifting from a natures, but i don't know if he has ever even been convicted for that.

So wait and wait, offer a 25k reward, and know right where he was the whole time. no effort to bust him till the times right. . . maybe he'll leave the country. When the times right, bust him for shop lifting, or even better shoplifting a tool used for terrorism. but perfect. . . hes in canada. so he'll be held there on those charges, maybe even convicted and jailed, he'll probably lose rights cuz its been built up so much in the media. then after the election. . . ... for the JTTF or the whatever else... The "Eco-terrorist" is in jail and the good guys don't look like idiots yet cuz they don't have the evidence to convict him. . . they're just hoping to get lucking on that part.

No evidence has been presented yet in the media other than that of the college kids word. the kids get threatened and they fold, they do whatever the cops say, cuz hey those kids are nobodies, they want Tre. Those kids weren't allowed to mingle with activists the entire time they were considering a plea... my advice for them would have been: "If you're being framed, plead not-guilty."

thanks folks hope you enjoy, its not likely that i'll be reading the comments to this post.