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Profile of struggles for OHP-Standard clients

After July, unless something new happens, we're off the Oregon Health Plan.
Sarah Hobbs joins in protest of health care cuts
Sarah Hobbs joins in protest of health care cuts
Oregonians for Health Security
March 15, 2004

Sarah Hobbs is one of the 85,000 Oregonians who face losing their health care coverage this summer if nothing is done to protect the Oregon Health Plan Standard population. Sarah has fibromyalgia and a rare tremor disorder, "I am too sick to work, but not sick enough to qualify for Social Security- Disability," explains Sarah.

Sarah relies on many prescriptions to deal with her condition and ease her pain. She says even under OHP she cannot get adequate pain relief, "I resolved myself to the fact that I am just going to ache, it's ok."

In January, Sarah had to switch managed care plans. She went without her prescriptions for 10 days before ending up in the hospital. Sarah says she tried rationing her medication before she went without. The experience adds to Sarah's fear about what will happen in August if she is forced to go without prescriptions or other health care services.

Sarah will not be the only OHP-Standard patient to end up in a hospital emergency room if health care services are removed. The effect on our health care system will be dramatic, but there is some hope. Due to lower case loads within programs in the Department of Human Services funds are available to stave off some of the health care cuts. The Legislature's emergency board will meet April 8-9 to discuss moving these funds. They need public pressure to make the necessary changes to preserve the services to the OHP-Plus population with existing state resources. If that is done, additional resources can be used to protect OHP-Standard clients, like Sarah, from a complete loss of health care services. Contact your legislator and ask them to find funding for OHP in April.

homepage: homepage: http://www.leg.state.or.us/writelegsltr/writeset.htm

do take time 19.Mar.2004 10:43

just me

Please go to the link and write. Health care is just TOO IMPORTANT to lose. We all need help with health care, and we cannot afford to let this decent plan wither away.

elderly health care Petition 26.Jun.2004 17:51

Curtis curtis_dixon@msn.com

I need help. It seems that no one will even consider what I propose.
Please read and let me know if anyone can help.

Lowering the cost of Medicare and increasing the benefits to the elderly.
Let our sons and daughters carry the load.
Please read the following.

I would like to express a concern for our elderly population.
The cost of health care and health maintenance for the elderly is on the rise.
For those of us that can work to provide for our own retirement and supply our own health care via purchasing health insurance there is no problem, but not all U.S. citizens can afford the cost of an all encompassing health insurance and prescription drug program. But for those of us that work and supply our health insurance and prescription drug coverage can afford the cost.
Please hear me out.
This is the short version. I work for a municipality and have group health insurance.
My mother and father have worked all their life and are retired they use Medicare and supplemental health insurance. This still falls short. Both my parents receive social security and both have planed for their retirement by investing on their own to help supplement their retirement. With the cost of health and drugs running far ahead of inflation it makes it hard for them receive the care they rightfully deserve.

I have talk to many of my fellow employees and other employees from other walks of life and all agree that if the health insurance companies would let us we would gladly pay 30, 40 percent more for our health insurance and prescription drug insurance if we could list our parents (living with us or not) on our family plans.

Think about it Medicare's cost and load would drop, the health insurance companies
Margin of income would increase; the health and happiness of our elderly would increase. Social security and Medicare would receive a 30 to 40 percent boost due to the fact that more than two thirds of elderly citizens would by all effect be off of Medicare.
The government could then increase the level of care it provides to the lower level income and retired citizens that may not benefit from having surviving sons or daughters.
To further sweeten the pot all insurance companies that participate will receive a family help tax decrease that would increase their profit margin. The elderly participants would continue to pay into Medicare as they are now, and Medicare would be secondary insurance with the group plan as primary. This is to ensure that if the primary insurance was dropped due to job loss, disability, death, or for any reason the primary insurance holder could no longer contribute the elderly parent would continue to have coverage.
Thank you for your time
Web site address:  http://www.elderlyhealth.bravehost.com