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The cost of Measure 30

Pay now or pay later.
Eugene Weekly -- Letters
March 18, 2004

It was at the very bottom of the R-G's article, so you might have missed it: DA Doug Harcleroad saying, "If we had adequate jail space in this county, she would not be dead."

Paula Benitez was mercilessly, relentlessly stalked by her ex. She went through all the proper steps. He went to jail, got out early for space, almost immediately fixed on her, and killed her and himself. What terror and pain she and her family and friends have suffered. What grief the survivors still will suffer.

Springfield businesses, schools, traffic were disrupted. Police, who did a great job, were deployed for several hours. All that cost lots of money. This is going to keep happening while we don't provide adequate funding for our county's needs.

Lane County Animal Regulation kills thousands of healthy animals just because they haven't got enough space. The kennels haven't been expanded since the 1970s, though the county sure has.

We have got to learn that you have to lay out money to save money. And pain and terror and grief.

Rita Castillo, Springfield