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What's wrong with animal research? Please join us for a video showing of Lethal Medicine..

What's wrong with animal research? Please join us for a showing of Lethal Medicine on Tuesday March 23 and find out.
This movie gives an overview of the animal research industry, and the reasons for the failure of the animal model to find cures for human diseases. The movie has rare lab footage, and interviews with doctors and scientists who carefully debunk the mythology that "animal research saves human lives." From a human health and environmental standpoint, animal research is shown to be dangerously misleading.

To bring it on home to Portland, an 8 minute undercover video shot at OHSU's primate center by whistleblower Matt Rossell, former primate technician, will also be shown.

Afterwards, Rossell will lead a discussion and answer any questions. As an employee at OHSU's primate center, Rossell was one of two people charged with the responsibility of caring for the psychological well-being of more than 1,200 non-human primates. He worked at OHSU for over 2 years.

If you've wondered about the growing controversy surrounding animal research--both on grounds of animal cruelty and scientific waste--this presentation should help explain why many are coming forward to oppose it.

Free, but donations for Cascadia Rising Infoshop welcome.

Cascadia Rising Infoshop
1540 S.E. Clinton St., Portland
Tuesday, March 23, 7:00 pm

Learn more:

For more information contact In Defense of Animals, 503.249-9996, or Cascadia Rising Infoshop 503.230-8360

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