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Portland lawyer shares more from Tre Arrow

I spoke with Tre again today, and he has an important message for everyone, that I will write up and disseminate broadly some time tomorrow. I ask for your patience on this. For now, I will leave you with some instructions for visiting him in case you wish to do so.

He says to call the following number at the jail to arrange a visit: 250.953.4433. You must call at least 24 hours in advance of any visit. Be sure to ask what the jail's requirements are for visitors, and be certain you can comply with all requirements before even bothering to show up for a visit...

Tre's next court date is March 29th. I do not know the name of the court or its address yet. I believe there will be at least some supporters present. I do not know what is scheduled for that day, but my guess is it will be a preliminary matter (maybe an arraignment) concerning new charges in Victoria. Remember that other than the date this is just my guess. I do not know anything about Canadian law or procedure. [ Read more... ]

Seeds of Justice Plant Sale - A fundraiser for Tre's legal defense

We began planning this event before brother Tre was captured, now the pressure is on and we need to mount a full scale effort to support and defend him.

The sale will feature locally grown organic veggie and plant starts, as well as garden art made from recycled materials. There will also be an opportunity to drop off notes of encouragement to be sent to Tre. All proceeds will go directly to Tre's legal defense.

Sunday, April 4th 11am-4pm
at People's Co-op
3029 SE 21st

sponsored by the Speaking Truth to Power Fund

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