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More from Tre, and a short response

Tre Arrow conversation, 3/17/04, and a short response.
I spoke with Tre again today, and he has an important message for everyone, that I will write up and disseminate broadly some time tomorrow. I ask for your patience on this. For now, I will leave you with some instructions for visiting him in case you wish to do so.

He says to call the following number at the jail to arrange a visit: 250.953.4433. You must call at least 24 hours in advance of any visit. Be sure to ask what the jail's requirements are for visitors, and be certain you can comply with all requirements before even bothering to show up for a visit. Expect to go through a metal detector, and you may also have hair follicles tested for microscopic drug residue (I do not know whether you will or will not, but some US prisons do this). The 24 hour advance notice thing is probably so they can see if there are any warrants out for you, and see what your criminal history is, so keep that in mind. Also , expect to be required to empty your pockets and have everything you bring with you gone through. Of course, try not to bring anything with you. It will only complicate things.

Tre's next court date is March 29th. I do not know the name of the court or its address yet. I believe there will be at least some supporters present. I do not know what is scheduled for that day, but my guess is it will be a preliminary matter (maybe an arraignment) concerning new charges in Victoria. Remember that other than the date this is just my guess. I do not know anything about Canadian law or procedure.

I wanted to thank todos, andy and steve and everyone else for your kind words. I think it's also good to remain wary and ask questions -- when there is so much at stake we must be careful, and it's fair to be reluctant to give your trust too soon.

Members of Tre's family are aware of what is happening, and completely support their son and brother. They send him their love and thank you for sending your love to him. They ask that no media contact them at home or at work or at any other time, and of course the same goes for the FBI or other law enforcement. They know that those who support Tre will respect their privacy.

OK, that's all for now.

phone: phone: 503.234.2694
address: address: 3430 SE Belmont, #101

Arrests will never stop ELF 18.Mar.2004 10:53


Due to the decentralized structure of the ELF, even the utter destruction of several cells will have no effect on the ability of others to function. It may also spur attacks that would not otherwise occur as people thoughout the movement seek both to retaliate and to deter further arrests.

The damage American consumer society is doing to our precious Earth so "fat, lazy Americans" can have their throwaway culture and barge-like SUV's is becoming so visible and so obvious that the FBI will soon face a rising tide of resistance matched only by the rising seas of global warming.

In Europe, Earth liberation activists have in particular managed to nearly exterminate GMO crop "test" plantings.

Thank you Stu 18.Mar.2004 13:30


Please keep us informed of what Tre needs and how we can support him. Other than writing letters, building support in the community, getting the word out about what's happening, and contributing to his defense fund, is there anything else we can do?

Please continue to let him know that we're all thinking of him, and will be here in spirit with him all through this ordeal. I'm very grateful for everything he's done for the forests, and will stand by him.

Also, do you have any further details about the court date? Specifically, can we go up there to show support? Will they let us into the room? Would it be better to just contribute whatever resources we would have spent on going up there to his defense fund instead? What will help him the most?

Some advice for supporters of Tre 18.Mar.2004 14:39

savoir faire

This isnt the first time the radical community has dealt with our comrades being arrested. The media, property rights idiots like Stop Eco Violence and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, and the government will run wild with this case. we could very much be looking at another case and sentence like Jeff 'Free' Luers. He recieved 22 years for burning three SUVS and he wasnt even accused of being ELF.

This case is a little different. Tre was appearntly snitched by this person Jacob Sherman. In order to avoid mistakes made in other situations, here are some suggestions:

1-Don't claim that the accused is innocent on all charges unless they actually are.

2-Centralize knowledge about the case in the hands of a tight group that is
competent, committed, and close to the accused, but do not allow knowledge and decision-making power to become rested in the hands of only one or two persons.

3-Actively prevent irresponsible elements from claiming to act on behalf of the accused; have Tre state publicly who is, and who is not, allowed to act/speak on his behalf if that becomes necessary.

4-Be honest about where you're coming from but don't hesitate to abandon certain types of language/rhetoric/symbolism if that is what you need to do in order to build a broad support base.

5-This should go without saying but now is NOT the time to criticize Tre mericlessly. Sure, it sounds dumb that he got busted shoplifting but get over it. We really don't know if that is true nor do we know what was going on in his head. Remember-Tre was gone for a year and half. If he avoided arrest for that long, more power to him. Now is also not the time for the PDX community to air their grievances with him publically. I have read some criticism of him on this site and i can't believe how petty people are. He is facing a long time in prison. Take a minute, reflect on that and keep attacks to yourself.

It really is quite irrelevant whether or not you like him when it comes down to it. Finally, all you people who cheerlead direct action need to get together and figure out how to help Tre. Supporting actions and cheerleading is all well and good but this is the other side of it-supporting those accused of actions WHETHER YOU FEEL HE DID OR DID NOT DO THEM.

just some suggestions by someone who has been through the court thing before.

Time to consider informer control measures 18.Mar.2004 16:07


If someone can snitch on Tre or anyone else like that and not suffer any consequences, we will have a lot of snitches when cops threaten people. If,however, snitching means getting dealt with worse than what the cops do if you DON'T snitch, than we will get a lot less snitches. Just try to snitch out FARC, ELN, or almost any other guerilla group outside the US, and you will quickly see what I mean.

What is going on? 18.Mar.2004 18:12


I think it's very interesting so many people assuming his guilt. Many of his actions have been highly public, and intensely focused on raising awareness. I don't know exactly what went down, I wasn't there, but I find it suspicious. Suspicious that an activist who seemed more interested in raising awareness would pollute the environment by burning things down. We all know rice in the gas tank is much more environmentally friendly, and who can't imagine a serious discussion among enviro's about the earth friendly method of sabotage? Seems like he became a spokesman-in many peoples mind's, and is being taken down as such. I mean Shit some asshole is selling him down the river for a reduced sentence, I should take someone's word at face value who has everything to gain?