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Seeds of Justice Plant Sale

Fundraiser for Tre Arrow's defense
Seeds of Justice Plant Sale
a benefit for Tre Arrow's legal defense

Sunday, April 4th 11am-4pm
at People's Co-op
3029 SE 21st

The sale will feature locally grown organic veggie and
plant starts, as well as garden art made from recycled
materials. There will also be an opportunity to drop
off notes of encouragement to be sent to Tre.

All proceeds will go directly to Tre's legal defense.

homepage: homepage: http://www.griffinsforge.com/truth2power

additional info 18.Mar.2004 07:21


We began planning this event before brother Tre was captured, now the pressure is on and we need to mount a full scale effort to support and defend him.

This event is a great opportunity to show your support for Tre, we will be collecting notes of encouragement to be sent in a "care package" to Tre. This will eliminate the need for folks to put their return address on their messages while asuring Tre that he has not been forgotten.

Contributions in any amount will help, and every cent goes to the cause ~we pay our "overhead" out of our own pockets~ so please give what you can.
Gardeners who have extra plant starts are invited to donate them to them to the sale.
In addition to herb, veggie and flower starts, a local artist has donated bird houses, feeders and other garden art made from recycled materials.

So join us for a day of renewed commitment to justice and community, plant the seeds of justice in your own back yard!

why? 18.Mar.2004 12:38


Why would you want to help a thief and vandal? Isn't there a better person or charity organization you can financially support?

why? 18.Mar.2004 12:58


Why would anyone want to help the Underground Railroad. They were just thieves and vandals.

Excellent Idea... 28.Mar.2004 10:59


We'll be there next Sunday. We're doing a lot of landscaping at our house, and are going to be looking for plants......will there be any shrubs there as well?

No matter what you think of Tre Arrow, he deserves a vigorous defense, and that's all that this fundraiser will help him get. We're in a society where the Ashcrofts of this world will demonize even the lawyers who are doing their duty to put on a zealous defense (like Lynne Stewart), and he needs someone who Robert Pamplin and the eco-terrorists who coined the term "eco-terrorist" can't intimidate.

shrubs yes, Bush no ;) 30.Mar.2004 20:59


we will have a few shrubs, willow trees and bedding plants, as well as herb, veggie and flower stars.
Thanks so much for your support

Postage covered @ Plant Sale 30.Mar.2004 21:49


Tre has been moved to solitary as "pay back" for speaking out. We need to flood the jail with letters, faxes and phone calls demanding that they release him from solitary. Bring your letters to warden Rawn Phalan demanding that Tre be returned to his regular cell and we will provide postage (postage does NOT come out of his defense fund, but rather out of my pocket) You may also send leters of encouragement to Tre at this event.

Warden Rawn Phalen
Victoria Island Regional Corrections Center
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC

Phone: (250) 953-4400
Fax (250) 953 4453