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Portland lawyer: My Conversation with Tre Arrow

Tre Thanks his Supporters for their Love and Support, and Decries Government Lies

Acting on a tip from a good friend, I tried a phone number and reached the jail where Tre is held captive. I did not really know what to expect from a foreign jail, so dealt with the guards as I would any guards here in the U.S. I gave them enough information for them to confirm independently that I was who I claimed to be, and hung up, not knowing what, if anything, would happen next.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was Tre returning my call. I was sorry to learn that he really is being held in Victoria, and that this is not a case of mistaken identity. Still, it was so wonderful to hear his voice again. "Tre!" was the first thing I said, completely unexpected and unplanned, when I heard this voice I had not heard in too, too long.

Mine was the first friendly voice he had heard in some time, and I assured him he has all of your love and support. He told me that meant the world to him, and he thanks you all for your love and support.

We talked for nearly half an hour. [ Read more... ]

Indymedia readers express support for Tre Arrow
Tre's lesson must not be lost!
Tre is a hero for the example he set for all. There are many paths to revolutionary types of change and Tre showed us all that we don't have to choose between empty calls for revolution or failed reformist measures. While it may be easy for some armchair activists to criticize Tre's judgement by getting caught shoplifting, nobody should question his committment to fighting for what was right. [ Read more... ]

Tre Arrow: Folk Hero of the West
I can't remeber what office Tre ran for so I hedged a little bit in writing this. Otherwise I believe I wrote everything else as truthfully as possible. I hope others will start talkning about freedom for Tre as soon as possible. Not only should he be free but he should take governement office and have oversite of the forest service. [ Read more... ]

Arissa Media Release Supporting Tre Arrow
Craig Rosebraugh, former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front, spoke out today in support of accused "eco-terrorist" Michael Scarpitti. Calling him a Saint, Rosebraugh urged the public to stand behind Scarpitti and demonstrate support for his commitment to protecting the natural environment. "It is a horrific day for our country, for the environment and for those working to make the world a better place," Rosebraugh commented on the news of Scarpitti's arrest. "Tre Arrow is neither a terrorist or criminal, he is a hero and should be recognized as such." [ Read more... ]

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