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AUDIO FILE: The Underlying Issues of the Free Trade Debate

This is a presentation given by Barbara Dudley, professor of Political Science at Portland State University. The topic was: the underlying issues of the free trade debate.

With the WTO and the FTAA in polical limbo, is the Neoliberal agenda in trouble? What are the broader political and economic implications of the developing countries' revolt against the Washington consensus? Can we find common ground in shaping a new agenda?

Barbara has appeared in various venues around Portland for at least the last three years, sharing her knowledge and perspective about the subject of Global Free Trade. More recently, she has been addressing the failures of the International Global Free Trade meetings to reach agreements, first in Seattle, then in Cancun, and finally last November at the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting in Miami. >[?All these various past presentations were distilled down into a cohesive and integrated accessment of the situation facing the world at the present time. As Barbara states towards the end of her talk: "we are living through one of the more interesting, if not most interesting, political moment that we've been in in my lifetime. And what's going to develop over the next three to four years, in terms of the trade agreement and the trade agenda of the developing countries is going to tell us alot about the future of the world."

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