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with all this talk about Tre...

Sure its too bad Tre got caught, but he's sure as hell not alone.
With all this talk about Tre and whether his lesson should be lost etc, you'd think no one remembered that there are three other people in federal prison right now for the same acts. Granted Jake turned state's witness but Angie and Jeremy are fighters and have hunkered down as political prisoners.

It is SO WEIRD that people who get all uppity accusing Tre of being self-centered etc do the job for him by talking like he acted alone.

Hello? is this how we treat our people on the inside? Angie and Jeremy are also in need of funds and letters, and remain dedicated to the struggle.
addresses 16.Mar.2004 19:44


I'd like to help angie and jeremy. Does anyone have addresses for their funds and addresses for them for letters?


addresses 17.Mar.2004 17:23

lola lolakins@hotmail.com

the addresses for Jeremy and Angie are:

Federal Prison Camp Sheridan
Jeremy Rosenbloom
PO Box 6000
Sheridan OR 97378

Federal Prison Camp Dublin
Angela M Cesario
5675 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin CA 94568

They love mail, for many prisoners mail can be the brightest spot in their day. The only thing you can send is letters and non-polaroid pictures (if you try to send anything else like money or stamps it will either be thrown away or mailed back). I know one thing that Angie would like right now is a picture of Jeremy if anyone has one. I have the address to send them money, but i don't have it on me, i'll try to post it tomorrow. money can only be sent in the form of a USPS money order and it goes to some office in Iowa or something. Remember that all mail that comes in is searched and read by prison officials.

Paperback books can be sent, but they can only have 15 books at one time (you can only mail 3 at a time). i would recommend asking each one about books, what they want, and what they can have - prisons have very arbitrary fucked rules about what is acceptable.

Maybe I'm Missing Something Here... 17.Mar.2004 19:51


Didn't Cesario and Rosenbloom also turn state's evidence against Tre and receive reduced sentences as a result? I'm wondering how this official eco-community "Jake Sherman's a rat bastard" story developed, given that.

Follow-Up 17.Mar.2004 19:55

Puzzled Again

Okay, I just checked around--Cesario and Rosenbloom got precisely the same sentences as Sherman (41 months), and pointed the finger at Arrow just as hard. How, exactly, does Sherman come out of this the villain and they heroes? Because he talked first? What kind of sense does that make?

angie & jeremy 18.Mar.2004 09:19

lolakins lolakins@hotmail.com

angie and jeremy did not turn on tre, they never gave the authorities any information or worked with them in any way.
they did plead guilty, in a lot ways that choice was taken away from them when jake turned witness for the fbi.
jake is serving the same sentence as angie and jeremy while he plead guilty to two fires, angie and jeremy are only guilty of one. jakes lawyer is also the one who brought up the issue of brainwashing and cults, neither of the other two said anything about that.

Follow Up/ Puzzled ...Respond Please 22.Mar.2004 12:42

Your gossip is painful

If you distribute wrong info on this site like Puzzled Again has....you should respond and correct yourself once you find out your wrong. If you are not checkin your info... at least own up to being wrong when corrected so your crap info dosn't spread. Talkin about kickin a guy/gal when they are down. You owe them an apology and a thanx.

Everyone keep in mind 30.Mar.2004 21:30


A person's life literally hangs in the balance. Please refrain from speculating that Tre did this. Just say something like you support him guilty or not or talk about what happened as something separate from him. The media is already doing enough to hang him let's not make it any easier for them. thanks

If there is evidence of informing, please provide it 06.Apr.2004 14:41

Noel M, ELP volunteer elp4321@hotmail.com

If anyone has any EVIDENCE of someone providing information to the police against another person accused of an environmenatl direct action can they please provide that evidence to ELP.

If there is no EVIDENCE, then it is unfair to suggest someone is a police informant.

Noel M
Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network

BM Box 2407, London, WC1N 3XX, England

like omg did u hear bout Tre?! 18.Apr.2004 00:24


Earth Liberationists gossiping? I did not know this was the fucking N'sync reunion tour. Please keep all speculation to yourself. But as far as Jake Sherman goes, he had to be egotistical and brag to his girlfriend whose father is a sheriff, then he further played into the hands of the state to further his sentance... This how ever isn't speculation. It is fact. Fuck him he can rot.