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My Conversation with Tre

Tre Thanks his Supporters for their Love and Support, and Decries Government Lies
Acting on a tip from a good friend, I tried a phone number and reached the jail where Tre is held captive. I did not really know what to expect from a foreign jail, so dealt with the guards as I would any guards here in the U.S. I gave them enough information for them to confirm independently that I was who I claimed to be, and hung up, not knowing what, if anything, would happen next.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was Tre returning my call. I was sorry to learn that he really is being held in Victoria, and that this is not a case of mistaken identity. Still, it was so wonderful to hear his voice again. "Tre!" was the first thing I said, completely unexpected and unplanned, when I heard this voice I had not heard in too, too long.

Mine was the first friendly voice he had heard in some time, and I assured him he has all of your love and support. He told me that meant the world to him, and he thanks you all for your love and support.

We talked for nearly half an hour. He gave me his mailing address, though it may change soon.

He also made clear that his name is legally Tre Arrow, and urged everyone to ignore the corporate media hype and government propoganda claiming otherwise.

Please, if you want to help Tre, remove the government's feeble attempts at isolation.

Write to:
Michael James Scarpitti (yes, they continue to lie about his true name, but if you write to "Tre" they might not deliver it to him).

4216 Wilkinson
Victoria, BC V8Z5B2

Please write soon and often. To increase the chance the jail will forward the letter to him, do not include a return address. Of course, do not say anything in your letter that might hurt him or yourself, as law enforcement will almost certainly read your letter before he does.

What he needs now is your love and support.

He also may need a whole lot of money in the near future, as against his philosophy as that is, so please be ready to contribute what you can. More specific requests will likely follow from whomever his legal team on this case may be. As Jake Sherman's former lawyer, I am not allowed to represent Tre on this case.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support. Please make sure Tre knows he is not alone.

phone: phone: 503.234.2694
address: address: 3430 SE Belmont, #101

no return address and other prisoners 16.Mar.2004 18:35

elf supporter

no return address? it's my understanding that to get mail to a prisoner anywhere you need to include a return address - i've had mail returned from prisons before for failing to do this. i am suspecting this is an error in the article. thanks very much for posting this as it is essential to getting the word out!

and please don't forget the other ELF prisoners who are awaiting trial - in particular William Cottrell who was arrested last week for the August Hummer dealership fires. He can be written to at:

Central Detention Center
630 East Rialto Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0025
Inmate # 0403300535

and will also be needing funds for legal defense in the near future.

??????? 16.Mar.2004 20:31


Mr.Sugarman, Did I read you right,you were Jake Sherman's attorney?Was this before or after he snitched?I understand everyone has the right to legal counsel but he snitched out three people just to save his own pitiful skin.Seems like your time and expertise would have been better spent on Tre.Do want to thank you for sharing your conversation with Tre with us though.

more 16.Mar.2004 20:55


Some earth and animal liberation prisoners...

1.  http://www.spiritoffreedom.org.uk/
2.  http://www.nocompromise.org/resources/prisoners.html

If you're wondering what Covance is (from 2nd link, here's video:  http://www.peta.org/feat/covance/)

thanks 16.Mar.2004 23:29

todos somos.......

thanks for the update Stu,

The Belmont Law Center's continued work for activists and progressives who need legal defense is much appreciated.

in answer to ???????? Stu was Jake's lawyer really early on when Jake was first being investigated by the grand jury but well before he copped a plea (snitched) and became the state's ONLY piece of evidence against Tre. Because of Stu's early relationship to the case, he's unfortunately not allowed by the courts to represent Tre on this one.

It was Jake Sherman's later lawyer (can't remember name) who smeared Tre as predatory in an unconvincing and unsuccessful bid to get Sherman's sentence reduced even further.

Watch out for media smear pieces of Tre and the forest issue in the upcoming days and weeks. Don't believe the hype.

Defense Fund 17.Mar.2004 06:47

griffin truth2power@griffinsforge.com

A defense fund was established when Tre was first indicted
The Speaking Truth To Power defense fund will be having a benefit plant sale at People's Food Co-op Saturday April 4th, 11-4pm. Contributions may also be sent to 125 NE 83rd pdx 97220 Checks should be made out to National Lawyers Guild, with the notation "STTP" in the memo line. All contributions will go directly to Tre's defense.

swiming with sharks 17.Mar.2004 06:56


Andrew Bates was Jake("the lier's") attorney at the time. But ya gotta wonder about anyone associated with the guy. Tre will be luck ~and wise~ to make a fresh start with a new team.

A word about lawyers 17.Mar.2004 07:27


My dad was a litigator for many decades (but definitely not a "shark"). He took his ethical obligations as a lawyer very seriously and never talked about his cases or clients at home...except one time. A guy from my high school, along with three sisters in his car, got in a bad accident after a party one night (a head-on collision with another car). Luckily no one died, though there were many serious injuries. One night at dinner I started blathering about the case, merely repeating baseless rumors that were floating around the high school. I informed my parents that this guy wasn't going to get a good settlement because the two lawyers were "in on a fix." My father responded "well, I happen to be representing him. And for a guy who was driving drunk and on the wrong side of the road he's doing pretty well."

The further irony is that I ran into the guy some years later and he told me what a great lawyer and friend my father had been for both him and his family. So, unless you know the ins and outs of the Andrew Bates negotiations, don't make sweeping generalizations like "ya gotta wonder about anyone associated with the guy." Everyone is entitled to representation. Remember also that many ultra-conservatives will be saying that Tre's eventual lawyer is aiding and abetting a "terrorist."

Are You Kidding 17.Mar.2004 07:38

Rational Being

Listen, he is a crazy left wing bastard who thinks his point of view is better than everyone elses. I personally have sympathy for his actions but he broke the law and is paying the price for doing so. How could you guys have so much sympathy for a man who can't hold down a job and opts to burn down trucks instead. And besides, who the hell chooses a name like Tre Arrow, c'mon, really now, we should call him none other than Michael, or maybe Mikey for short. I know you think his actions are justified but terrorists and the KKK also believe what they do is right.

it's all about the words 17.Mar.2004 07:43

Tre Supporter

Elf supporter, you wrote, "and please don't forget the other ELF prisoners who are awaiting trial". did you mean to imply that Tre is associated with Elf? Hopefully not. Tre is facing some very serious charges. I agree, it is very important right now for him to know we love him and have his back.

Thanks For The Clarification 17.Mar.2004 07:52


todos somos and #: Thanks for the clarification and additional info concerning Sherman's defense attorneys. It is my sincere hope that activists eveywhere will never forget the name Jake/Jacob Sherman and that Sherman himself will never be allowed to forget what he did to people who thought they knew and could trust him. Let this be a lesson to us all that loose lips sink ships. As they always said in the movies "KEEP QUIET AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT."

Jury of the Left or Schaugenfreud? 17.Mar.2004 09:40


Who are these left posters or posers of left who jump to summary judgement regarding the alleged activities of Tre Arrow? Tre is accused of property damage but the jury has not been summoned nor the trial started... damn, Tre has not even been arraigned yet...but so many who identify themselves as members of the conscious left are all ready to condemn him not only of arson but also of unenforcable social impropriety based on nothing more than ignorance and inuendo. Were I in his situation and receiving this kind of social response from a self selected jury of my peers then I think I would prefer to be fed to the lions because it is preferrable to be torn asunder by the powerful than it is to be pecked apart by the meak.

The conscious left will never move forward if it persists in its carrion diet. There are many on the left who, like crows, feed their pathetic lives and pathetic egos on the misfortune of others and when that misfortune belongs to one who, like Tre, has chosen to stand tall for his beliefs, theorhetically shared by the conscious left, then that diet represents nothing less than intellectual canabalism. Bon Appatite.

loose lips and idiots 17.Mar.2004 10:48


I wouldn't state my support for or possition on ELF in this context, because -either way- it could reflect on Tre and possibly feed into the government's case against an activist I greatly admire. Nor would I sight my 'activist credentials' or the specifics of any past I might have had with him, lest some investigator read it and decide "hmmn, Tre hangs out with folks involved in x" or "Elf claimed responsibility for the arson and now here comes their official spokesman and attorney defending him a saintly hero. Looks pretty incriminating!"

In days to come we will see this good man's name (both of them) sullied, his every deed slandered, and we will see the entire movement painted with one brush. At the same time every word _we_ use may be used against him. In this atmosphere our words and actions become critically important, as will our unified support for Tre. We need to leave our agendas at the door and bear in mind that how we present ourselves, as Tre's supporters, might affect his case. His freedom may depend on it.

Are YOU kidding? 17.Mar.2004 10:50

re: Rational Being

>>>I personally have sympathy for his actions but he broke the law and is paying the price for doing so. How could you guys have so much sympathy for a man who can't hold down a job and opts to burn down trucks instead. I know you think his actions are justified but terrorists and the KKK also believe what they do is right.>>>

Sure, he did the crime and now he is going to have to pay for it, but the cost will most likely be very high. Too high What he did was property destruction. He was not a terrorist of a member of the KKK. He didn't kill anyone. He didn't even instill terror in people (and if he did those folks most be easily scared). He made a loud point in an attempt to bring attention to the destruction of the forest. What he did was illegal, true, but that shouldn't put him on the FBI's most wanted. I sympathize because he risked his own freedom (which has now been taken) for something he believed heart and soul in- saving the forests. He may not have drastically changed anything but his own life, but I still remember watching him perched on that ledge of the forest service building and he definitely inspired me to attempt in making a difference as well (however hopeless that may be), though my personal approach is different.

Really who cares what he calls himself and that he can't hold down a job (did you think maybe he didn't want one?) And who cares if he is (or isn't) a <<crazy left wing bastard who thinks his point of view is better than everyone elses>> from your name and you post I would be led to believe that you too think your point of view is better then everyone else's....

In Defense of Stu 17.Mar.2004 10:59

Andy Davis

Anyone who questions Stu Sugarman's integrity knows nothing about him. He and his partner, Paul Loney, work tirelessly in the defense of forests, peace and civil rights and have worked pro bono (i.e. free) to defend people accused of breaking the law in defense of the planet and its occupants. Stu has also committed nonviolent civil disobedience himself (I know, because he was chained to me in the office of the forest service downtown). He and Paul have also filed numerous lawsuits contesting timber sales and have worked on precedent-setting criminal defense cases that have contributed to repressive laws (like the civil disobedience statute) being tossed out by the courts. Let's not cast aspersions on our allies unless we have a clue.

Down Boy! 17.Mar.2004 12:05


Andy, No one, including myself, was putting Stu Sugarman down. I had a question and I went to the source to have it answered. I doubt if there is anyone in the local activist community who does not respect and are gratful for the likes of Stu, Paul and Alan. I have sat in courtrooms and watched them defend Josh Harper, Craig Rosebraugh, Leslie Pickering and many others, so believe me when I say it was NOT my intentention to defame or conduct a character assassination upon anyone. It was just a simple question, nothing more. But I'm glad you support them so vehemently.

just ignore irrational being 17.Mar.2004 12:34

student of history

Anyone with that kind of "logic" would have opposed the Underground Railroad and the abolition movement. How dare those abolitionists consider their views better than everyone else's, right?

We have to understand that it's very difficult for people to give up their privilege, whether that privilege comes at the expense of owning slaves or at the expense of destroying the environment.

I agree with Andy! Stu is the man! 17.Mar.2004 14:41


Whether the comments that questioned Stu Sugarman's integrity were meant that way or not, the poster needs to apologize.

Not only has Stu Sugarman (and Paul Loney) provided the activist community with much needed legal support, but he was one of the nicest most "down to earth" ego-free men I have ever met.

Furthermore, everyone deserves legal counsel regardless of their crime and in the case of Tre, he will need even more support.

In addition, everyone who participates in any kind of direct action knows all to well what the risks are and are willing to do the time for their crimes if that is the way it plays.

But the world of John Ashcroft seeks to make examples of people.
Making examples of people does not include justice.

Right now Jeff Luers is rotting in a jail with a ridiculous sentence that does not fit his crime.
You better be damm sure that these bastards will try to treat Tre like he was a member of Al Quada instead of a caring environmentalist who chose to damage some property.

I Asked This Earlier... 17.Mar.2004 20:02


...on another thread, but I repeat it here, as the front page link to that thread is broken, and I fear I may not get any answer to the question there.

Angie Cesario and Jeremy Rosenbloom both turned state's evidence against Tre Arrow and received the same 41-month reduced sentence as Jake Sherman, as a result. How, then, has this "official story" resulted, in which Sherman is the rat-finking villain and the other two martyrs?

This has bothered me for a while. I'd appreciate not be accused of working for COINTELPRO for asking, thanks.

geeez 17.Mar.2004 21:50


geeez, ya wouldnt think a nice guy like Tre would have such grumpy groupies!

Question Authority Question One Another and Question Yourself 18.Mar.2004 08:03


StevetheGreen:I feel no need to apologize as I said nothing wrong. I explained myself once and that is enough. What is this movement coming to when one can no longer ask a simple question without being looked upon as a traitor to the cause. Cease looking for something that is not there. I do not follow blindly. I will continue to ask questions as well as question authority. I feel confident that Stu did not take offense to my inquiries but instead viewed them as they were intended. Now go out there and tuffin up.

angie & jeremy 18.Mar.2004 08:21

lolakins lolakins@hotmail.com

angie and jeremy did not turn on tre, they never gave the authorities any information or worked with them in any way.
they did plead guilty, in a lot ways that choice was taken away from them when jake turned witness for the fbi.
jake is serving the same sentence as angie and jeremy while he plead guilty to two fires, angie and jeremy are only guilty of one. jakes lawyer is also the one who brought up the issue of brainwashing and cults, neither of the other two said anything about that.

The FBI and Tre 20.Mar.2004 19:27

Portland Resident

Due to the allegation that TRE ARROW is an FBI Informant,it stands to reason that he will be judged and treated much differently than the others associated w/ELF if and when he gets extradited back to Oregon. He will receive favor from the courts and law enforcement. Thank you.

a little security culture please 30.Mar.2004 21:02


Have a little respect please. A person's life literally hangs in the balance. Please no more claiming that Tre did this. Just say something like you support him guilty or not or talk about what happened as something separate from him. The media is already doing enough to hang him let's not make it any easier for them.