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Tre's lesson must not be lost!

Tre is a hero for the example he set for all.

There are many paths to revolutionary types of change and Tre showed us all that we don't have to choose between empty calls for revolution or failed reformist measures.
While it may be easy for some armchair activists to criticize Tre's judgement by getting caught shoplifting, nobody should question his committment to fighting for what was right.
In many ways, Tre provided a living example of someone who fought within the construct of the system as well as outside of it. Which in my opinion is what we should all be doing!

Tre showed the entire Portland community that the "revolution versus reform" arguements were nothing more than the manifestations of lazy frustrated psuedo-intellectual anarchists who would rather talk about dumpster diving than do the hard work that is necessary to bring about public power, or to stop GMO foods, or to make sure that our city councils, school boards, and water boards don't get filled up by free market neo-cons.
But Tre didn't stop there.

He then went about putting his personal safety and liberty on the line working outside this perverted out of control monster (otherwise known as American capitalism) to act as the last line of defense, once all attempts at reform had failed.
He rejected the idea that we have to choose between working within the construct of our current system or working only outside of it.
He provided a much needed compassionate articulate voice for "what is right" to our entire community (that was not being offered in the same way by anyone from the mainstream.)

He must now pay the price for his actions, whatever they were.
A price Tre has always known existed, but was willing to risk.

But make no mistake, Portland must stand in solidarity with Tre and Jeff Luers and others who put their personal liberty on the line and are now in prison for paying the price that we should all be thankful for.

The lesson that we must take from Tre is that we must abandon the nonsensical false dichotomy presented by liberals and anarchists pertaining to "revolution versus reform".
We must work toward reform while at the same time working outside the system to bring down this out of control empire.
OH PLEASE 16.Mar.2004 08:55


tre was was ann odd figure in the portland activist community, and he was widely disliked by as many as liked him at the very least. i found tre arrogant, sexist, an opportunist. after the window sitting stint, which was wonderful, the instant fame he got went to his head. he *thought* himself a famous radical martyr, whatever. i'm not at all pleased the man got him, but the guy is wack. he hit on many wymyn friends of mine after the forest service window sit, and was MORE than a tad sexist. fuck this hero shit.

Yeah! We can't have men hitting on women! 16.Mar.2004 09:13


I don't know what interaction you or your friends had with Tre and frankly don't care.
(That is unless you can come up with something more tangible than what appear to be more reverse sexism "man hating" perceptions)

None of us should be judged because we are human and none of us can honestly say that we have not made some mistakes along the way.
If the worst criticism you have is that (as a man) he tried to talk to some women or that he let his community fame go to his head a little bit, I think your angst is misplaced.

To me, the term "hero" is accurately applied if someone puts themself at risk for the greater good of all. I think that accurately describes Tre.

OK 16.Mar.2004 09:52


>>To me, the term "hero" is accurately applied if someone puts
>>themself at risk for the greater good of all.

Yeah, he really made the world much better for us by burning automobiles.

GOOD JOB! Moron.

Setting fire to a cement or logging truck does NOTHING but pollute the air. They are easily replaced.
He's a petty arsonist, not a revolutionary.

yo fart ! 16.Mar.2004 10:07


hey stinky head,

he did a great bit of good by burning those logging trucks, by raising awareness and by the sever nature of deforestation. rash times sometimes call for rash acts. and my friend, if you don't know it yet, things ARE dire. just take a trip out to the coast and count the stumps. the greed machine won't stop by itself.


careful solidarity 16.Mar.2004 10:14

theresa mitchell

The first thing I object to is the use of the word 'terrorist' to describe someone who was careful not to physically harm anyone. Terrorists are bombers and snipers and poisoners, who attack and kill. Scarpitti is more of an eco-annoyer.

Did he burn anything? I don't think we know that. We do know that the criminal injustice system will run him through its sadistic wringer, if he doesn't get financial backing for legal support. And I'm not going to tolerate some accursed anti-constitutional Fatherland Security Patriot Act prosecution for alleged arson. Arson penalties are plenty rough.

I went and observed his actions on the ledge, and yeah, he seemed my-t-sexist and arrogant at the time. But lots of young guys are--we bring them up that way--and we don't send them down to the infamous amerikkkan hell-prisons for that. (We should be in their faces for it, though.) I suspect some of his actions also come from arrogance and an inability to consult with those who would act in solidarity with him. But he isn't on trial for that.

Probably he wanted that bolt-cutter for some eco-protective act. It sounds like he got hot-headed with the guard; likely, he needs treatment for an anger problem.

The FBI would love it if we abandoned him.


I'm female and I don't care if 16.Mar.2004 10:46


some guy hits on me, as long as I have the opportunity to say "no" if I don't want his advances. If he's arrogant, I'm all the more likely to say no. Come on, let's not infantilize women here.

I don't know much about Tre, but it seems to me to be a noble thing to be willing to put oneself on the line to protect the defenseless...the wilderness and the animals who call it home.

He's all we've got 16.Mar.2004 11:56


Tre Arrow ain't much--petty thief and vandal with a wee bit of showmanship, but nobody else has come forward in recent years who could possibly galvanize efforts at civil disobedience. I think, in his misguided way, that this is what Tre wants to do.

Tre and others like him would benefit from a reading of Zodiac: An Eco-Thriller by NW writer Neal Stephenson. This edgy, humorous and enlightening book centers on a crew of monkey-wrenchers who take the time to know the sharp legal edges of what they can and cannot do in protesting and eco-actions, but still figure out aome ingenious tactics for throwing The Establishment's garbage right back in its face (a notable sequence involves the protagonist discovering illegal toxic waste pipes outflowing into a bay--he devises plugs for the pipes, puts them in place, and waits for the toxic slop to start backing up all over the chemical plant, the media already alerted to record the polluter's response).

If we take the time to plan, we also will find creative methods for dealing with powerful people that don't depend on shoplifting or arson.
See you guys downtown on the 20th.

Personalities Aside, Solidarity is Needed 16.Mar.2004 12:03

Gustav Prowler

Theresa has hit the nail on the head.

I have strong opinions about Tre's behavior and personality that might be appropriate to air if I were at a party with him. But I'm not, and he's incarcerated. The important thing now is to mount a good defense/offense.

this is nutz 16.Mar.2004 12:25


How in god's name does Tre "hitting on women" become an issue? Nobody is accusing him of rape like that Rich Makin guy. What exactly does "hitting on a woman" mean? Feminists, women, and male feminists will say it in an ominous way as if any sort of male overture toward a female is bad. What if a man doesn't have the confidence to approach a woman and ask her out? In the eyes of women he is nothing. Hell, he is less than nothing. He becomes a symbolic eunich unsuitable to have sex with. If you want us to judge Tre for "hitting on women", give us some details on how it was done. If he hit on women a'la Bob Peckerwood style (borderline sexual assault), maybe we could judge him a little but don't give us a vague "he was hitting on women and was arrogant (many women find arrogance sexually attractive)" condemnation and think your giving us some kind of framework to judge him. This is a classic feminist manipulation that should be seen for what it is.
Why has this subject become part of the discussion in the first place? This man is going to go to jail for many years for actually trying to make a difference in this world (unlike most of us who blow hot air and do basically nothing). I think a woman with issues toward men felt the need to inject her own personal agenda toward men when is was very inappropriate. Want to complain about men? Author your own rant about the horrors of men "HITTING ON WYMYN" and post it.

hero-hahaha 16.Mar.2004 13:28


A hero puts himself on the line for a cause. Getting caught for petty theft is not heroism it's just idocy. There is no cause there. But hey if your desperate for hero, I will go steal some cd'd from target and get caught then I can be a hero to right?

Eco terrorism redefined 16.Mar.2004 13:34


Isnt "eco-terrorism" terrorism of the environment like clearcutting, driving large SUVs, McMansion developments 40 miles out of the city etc.?
That woman from Stop Ecoterrorism Now got all emotional and said on KATU last night that its only a matter of time before the ecoterrorists start killing people.  http://www.stopecoviolence.com/39dsgLLkska93kaAS930kd39kd796_dynamic.htm

the ecoterrorists are already killing people 16.Mar.2004 13:55

are we next?

And they have been for centuries... Just look at the history of any empire and you will see destruction of the planet and the loss of lives in the process. Or just read up on Union Carbide or any other notorious eco-terrorist corporation.

And I guess we all know about stopecoviolence now don't we:

Let's stop ecoterrorism by shutting down any corporate responsible for killing people and putting the executives in prison where they belong. It seems the best place to start.

Caught stealing...should have been buyin' 16.Mar.2004 14:04


Beware the ides of March. Julius Ceasar was killed on 15 March, 44 BCE he was a political martyr because he would not bend to the will of the merchant class. I do not want to over-sell Tre Arrow or his acts but I agree that he became an important symbol for the conscious left. In my opinion, as participants of conscious left, we need to celebrate that and find meaningful ways to follow that lead and support the symbol (Tre Arrow)and spread his message. In many ways his "capture" by the Portland Police and FBI...more evidence that fools always have the greatest good fortune...is another opportunity to spread the ideals of the conscious left because his trial and the fanfare, germinated by the authoritarian regime, surrounding his capture is ripe for the media frenzy to follow.

Remember, capitalism is subsudized by environmental devistation. When one distroys private property it is replaced by insurance but the environmental cost remains the same. It take tons of fosil fuel and natural resources to replace a burnt vehicle but the ecconomic cost is spread across many interested capitalist participants and the effect is minimal ecconomic damage to any one ecconomic interest. In short, the whole capitalist system is mutually supportive and recognizes that an attack any individual member is an attack on all its members; it is an attack upon the ecconomic system. That system simply replaces the loss by consolidating their efforts to rape the environment and tag some scapegoat as a terrorist. Therefore, it is counter-productive to distroy property because it creates greater environmental consumption. I believe that Tre Arrow has been aware of this simple truth for a long time and would not have participated in creating a demand for new trucks nor would he encourage the subsequent need for greater environmental exploitation. I mention this to dissuade anyone who may be thinking that distroying property is an effective means of supporting Tre or protecting the environment. It is pure folly on both counts and places the participating individual and others who may be good activist symbols at risk and creates greater environmental devistation.

I encourage the media to question the cost of resources to the public searching for Tre Arrow and the fact that it was not any real investigation that lead to his capture. It is a simple case of the Keystone Kops backing into a capture. Is it possible to start a campaign on Tre's behalf to identify him as a political refugee and ask Canada to prosecute him for his alleged petty crimes but provide him asylum for his environmental activism? Who would lead that charge?

I met Tre briefly following his ledge sit. I thought he was articulate, concise, and laid back. I'm not a womyn and he did not hit on me so I have nothing to deride him or slander against him. He was just a guy that made a really strong statement and I appreciated that because I agree with his statement. My understanding from reading the posts written above is that if anyone is to carry a message they must be pure of heart and soul, otherwise, we must "throw the bastard out with the bath water." By that flawed reasoning we should disregard the message of Martin Luther King because he was a womynizer and we should dismiss the constitution because Thomas Jefferson kept slaves and impregnated Sally Hemmings. This is the same kind of bad logic that got Bill Clinton impeached and promoted the Republican agenda toward tanking the ecconomy and taking us to war. I am certain that I have said something here that would piss somebody off who would encourage everyone to dismiss all that I have said but I encourage you to ask yourself; "is this petty bitching among the conscious left promoting the causes that I believe in?" For my effort it is not and I refuse to give any credit to those who sit idly by and bitch because they once met someone and took offense. I have no time for that it is too petty and too subjective and goes nowhere except to assauge some small ego.

Bold people say and do bold things; snivilars snivle and detract from the objective at hand which frequently does the work of the Capitalist Right by creating disention and deviding the left. I am a confident and devistatingly handsome heterosexual male and I have never been the least bit upset, confused, or threatened by the sexual advances of either sex. When it happens, I'm simply flattered and accept the curse that we all share; that we are human flawed and amusing creatures. Imperfect and beautiful.

God Speed Tre.

Heros 16.Mar.2004 14:10


They jailed Nelson Mandela for decades too. Now he's an international hero and icon of freedom.

Re: Heros 16.Mar.2004 14:58

I wonder

"They jailed Nelson Mandela for decades too. Now he's an international hero and icon of freedom."

Is Tre Arrow the new Nelson Mandela?

Martyrs 16.Mar.2004 15:31


Tre and Jeff are being martyrized as Mandela was.

Holy Crap 16.Mar.2004 16:38


Anyone who thinks Tre Arrow is some revolutionary hero needs to get out more.

There are people out there that are actually changing things, but I guess you've never heard of them because they're not burning down logging trucks.

Burning down a logging *company* would do way more than burning down their trucks.

He must not have thought of that...

Heroes 16.Mar.2004 16:51


It is clear from other heroes like Mandela that their incarceration will greatly strengthen the environmental movement.

Tre's Toast ... 16.Mar.2004 17:23

red 'n black keds

...send him your love, send him pocket money, write letters to him while he's in jail, cause if the feds want him there as an object lesson to keep other folks in line, that's where he'll be. Millions of signatures, retracted testimony, and even the feds admitting their wrongdoing hasn't gotten Mumia a new trial, or sprung Leonard Peltier.

Effect of burning logging trucks explained 18.Mar.2004 12:07


Someone claimed that incinerating logging trucks has no effect, but they are wrong. Yes, they can be replaced, but Mack, Peterbilt, and so on do not give them away for free. A tractor(cab) alone can cost over $75,000. Even if insurance pays the cost, such operations drive up the cost of insurance.

Since logging is a for-profit operation, if logging old-growth forest becomes a "war-risk" insurance situation, insurance costs will skyrocket and could sink a lot of marginal projects. In addition, most insurance has a clause excluding acts of "war or civil disorder," so if ELF were to notify all insurance companies that they were engaging in a campaign of either guerilla war or of civil disorder, the insurance carriers could legally use this as a grounds not to pay ELF-related claims. Oh yeah-"terrorism"(like the FBI calls ELF) also isn't covered in many policies, as it falls under "war." Terror insurance became a big controvery for awhile after 9/11, BTW.

If a commercial operation gets more expensive, it is less profitable. Also, raising cost lowers demand. If one in 1,000 dealer-owned SUVs was destroyed consistantly in an area, $10 for every $10K of vehicle value for every SUV on the lot would have to be paid out, and then collected back in premiums by insurance carriers. That would probably get marked up to over $30 per SUV when insurance company profits and overhead were added in-and then perhaps to over $100 per SUV after dealer markup. Now do the math for one in a hundred, and you see how this sort of thing works.

Capitalism works on profit-destroy the profit, and you destroy the capitalism. Tre is a hero, and I hope he escapes.

RE: Effect of burning logging trucks explained 18.Mar.2004 17:06


Ok. So, how many SUV's are you burning on a consistent basis? I mean, if it's such a great tool for change, put your actions where your mouth is.

You can burn down all the shit you want, but it won't stop capitalism.

Tre arrow made no significant dent in our society, and now he'll be even more useless in jail.

Hero Worship 18.Mar.2004 17:59


I'm curious how/why it is productive to assign 'hero' status to any activist, especially one who, KNOWING that he was on the FBI's Most Wanted list, would have risked arrest for a petty theft.

I totally agree with <owl>'s statement about Scarpitti.

watch what you say 30.Mar.2004 21:10


Have a little respect please. A person's life literally hangs in the balance. Please no more claiming that Tre did this. Just say something like you support him guilty or not or talk about what happened as something separate from him. The media is already doing enough to hang him let's not make it any easier for them.

burning logging trucks 24.Jul.2004 00:34

tired in slc

Having grown up in a family that owns several businesses, I saw first hand how the cost of acts of vandalism are passed on to the consumer. My father owned a used car lot. One of our cars was stolen. His insurance costs went up. So what did he do? He raised the prices on the lot. The 'company' did not suffer one bit other than the annoyance of red tape.
Do you think big tobacco is going to pay for the big law suits? Never. They will just jack up the price of cigarettes. Duh! Pass it on to the consumer.
People who use vandalism and arson to hurt environmentally-unfriendly companies understand economics. But their knowledge is incomplete. Too bad they don't understand that major corporations, and even small companies, are simply going to pass on the new costs to the consumer.
Recently, 3 major fires have made the news in Salt Lake City, where I live. SUVs have been vandalized and homes under construction have been burnt to the ground. Did the arsonists ever stop to think about the people who worked for decades to be able to have a home of their own only to have a selfish and self-centered punk burn it down?
Do you think burning a lumber yard or a paper factory is going to gain support? Sure, it's going to get attention. But support? NEVER!
The consumers will ultimately pay the added cost. It is this very consumer that environmentalists should be trying to win the hearts of. If the cost of my new home goes up 10%, I'm not going to cheer on radicals or arsonists. Never. I'd be more inclined to cheer on the prosecutor and press for a heavy sentence.
But if a little creativity were used in a publicity blitz to raise awareness, the hearts and minds of the people who watch 4 hours of television a day and spend their time on the freeway getting to work might see a billboard or a commercial that shows them a devestated forest or a homeless small animal.
I am all for saving the environment. I am for using recycled goods. I am into walking and riding the train over driving. But for getting out to see relatives in remote areas during the winter, my bicycle and public transportation will not do the trick. I drive a small SUV. It is high enough off the ground that I don't get stuck and it has 4-wheel drive that is essential on steep, snowy roads. It also has a small, efficient engine that uses less gas and puts out less harmful gases than most cars.
Does this make me a horrible person? No. I am one of the only people who can get out to see Grandma. I think that makes me a good person.
I am against using any destructive means to gain attention. It only adds to the expenses everyday consumers already have to contend with.
More creativity and more refined means must be reconsidered. Destruction is passe.
Gandhi engineered one of the greatest revolutions of our time. We dould learn a lot from him.

Salt Lake City, UT