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Arissa Media Release Supporting Tre Arrow

arissa co-founder urges the public to support eco-defender tre arrow and oppose the terrorism of the fbi and u.s. government
March 15, 2004


PORTLAND, OR - Craig Rosebraugh, former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front, spoke out today in support of accused "eco-terrorist" Michael Scarpitti. Calling him a Saint, Rosebraugh urged the public to stand behind Scarpitti and demonstrate support for his commitment to protecting the natural environment.

"It is a horrific day for our country, for the environment and for those working to make the world a better place," Rosebraugh commented on the news of Scarpitti's arrest. "Tre Arrow is neither a terrorist or criminal, he is a hero and should be recognized as such."

Michael Scarpitti, also known as 'Tre Arrow', was arrested today in Victoria, British Columbia after being caught for allegedly shoplifting and assaulting an officer. Scarpitti is accused of multiple felony charges relating to a logging truck arson and concrete truck fire, both in Oregon in 2001. If convicted he is facing life in prison.

"It is inexcusable that Tre Arrow is arrested and labeled a terrorist, while the murderous politicians in Washington slaughter people everyday here in the United States and internationally" Rosebraugh commented. "This incident today is even further proof that a revolution is necessary in the United States to fight the FBI and the federal government. Until this diseased political system is brought to its knees, there will not be justice."

Known for his dedication to protecting the environment, Scarpitti has spent years working legally to effect positive change. Having a broad base of support in the Portland area, he is best known for his anti-logging protests and his run for US Congress.

"On this day, my heart goes out to Tre Arrow." Rosebraugh spoke. "Whether he is guilty or not, the post 9/11 atmosphere of anti-terrorism hysteria in this country will not allow for a fair and just trial. Let this be a wake up call to all those concerned about justice in the United States. The time for action, by any means necessary, is now."

Craig Rosebraugh was the former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front. From 1997 through 2001, Rosebraugh received communiqués from the ELF and forwarded them on to news media internationally. In 2003, he co-formed Arissa, an effort to build a successful revolutionary movement in the United States.

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arissa 16.Mar.2004 19:54


is so cute. cute. cute. yay! revolution! yay! good luck!

revolution? Count me out! 27.Mar.2004 20:25


"Revolution never won
it's just another form of gun
to do again what they have done
to all our brother's youngest sons."

-- Michael Pinder, 1972

"There ain't no such thing as revolution
it's got another name, it's called evolution."

-- Shawn Phillips, 1970

"You have given your love to war
why not give your love to peace?

You have given your love to death
why not give your love to life?

You have given your love to hate
why not give your love to love?"

-- Prem Rawat, 2004