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Aren't Portland Police just stellar?

Went by the courthouse today to support a friend who had trial for hanging a peace banner on a bridge facing the Navy boats during the Rose Festival last summer. It was a pretty silly affair, the plan was for hanging the banner in a completely legal way, but the cops decided to lie about her posture and say that she was violating a city code forbidding the "leaning of a torso over the rail of the bridge". They slammed her for a fine for violating the city code as per what the cops said. That's all well and great, but what was really interesting was the trial that started before hers then was halted and restarted later...

Apparently one Ms. Crowler was having an administrative search warrant served on her mother's home for excess yard debris or something. Ms. Crowler is 72 years old, legally deaf and blind, and lives in North Portland. The city agent was apparently showing her around the property, telling her she had to get rid of an "inside chair", a toilet bowl used as a flower planter, when Ms. Crowler noticed that an antique Red Flyer wagon that she rubbed against on the way out of the house was missing. She demanded that it come back and the city agent denied having taken it. She asked where the removed property was going and he said that contractors were loading it into a large truck with trailer.
Ms. Crowler worked her way over to the truck and wanted to climb in. The agent said she couldn't for liability reasons. She asked him to and he refused. She asked him who could climb in the truck and he said "the police". She pulled out her braille cell phone and was going to call 911, when the agent said he could get the police faster. She attempted to cross the street, but ran into the tongue of the trailer, which she couldn't see, and barked her shin. She stepped back up on the curb and raised the injured leg to the bumper of the truck. Meanwhile the police have arrived.

Here is where by all accounts things get confusing. One Officer Miller arrives without identifying himself to this blind woman, and steps on her one grounded foot while grabbing her arm. She eludes his grasp and he hits her, dislodging her prosthetic eye. She claims she raised her arm to her face and started working her jaw to reset it in place, he claims she was trying to bite him. So he threw her to the ground, and attempted to handcuff her, suffering kicks to the shin (apparently this frail woman who felt like she was under attack by who she supposed must have been the contractors, was quite a handfull for the officer).

The court suppressed many of the following events, because it claimed they weren't related to the charges of harassment and disobeying a police order, and also I'm sure because there is a civil suit against the city over the matter. But apparently she was then pepper-sprayed in both her real and false eye, and then another Officer Zajac tasered her several times in the back and once on the breast.

Meanwhile Ms. Crowler's 90 year-old-plus mother comes out of the house and yells at the officers to leave her daughter alone, tells them she's deaf, blind, has a bad back, etc. She shuffled back inside to get cold water for the pepper-spray, and an officer reportedly followed her because "he felt she might be going for a gun". When she re-emerged with a bowl of water, she too was tackled to the ground.

Obviously the police arrived on this scene unaware of the specific disabilities which led to this "taser incident", and the judge found their conduct appropriate. But I feel like any sane, deep-breathing human being would have to conclude that their conduct was unreasonable merely because of the age of their victim. Not to mention her relatively harmless initial position of resting a foot on the bumper of a vehicle. But our police are trained to issue orders (legal or illegal) and when they aren't immediately followed, to escalate to insane violence. Hopefully the city lawsuit will have some influence on these rogue cops.

By the way, the judge ruled to dismiss the case. He forgot her testimony about her having rubbed against the missing wagon, and concluded that "reasonably" it must have been stolen by an independent party, not the city agents or contractors. He also "determined" that she must have become incoherently confused and got "out of control", ultimately ruling that she wasn't competent to follow the police orders that she most likely couldn't hear, and didn't know were coming from police. Her lawyer presented her case amazingly well and will be representing her in the civil suit. I tried to get a picture of Ms. Crowler, her mother, and the attorney, but unfortunately my camera batteries died.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: (503) 493-7495

We need a public database of these abusive cops so we can expose them 15.Mar.2004 19:13

CRC 2033-X-0009

In most cases, filing a complaint or a lawsuit will get you nowhere. The police have endless resources and will sick their "dogs" on you. Lets expose them with freedom of speech! I don't think cops will like their friends, family, and neighbors reading about their acts of misconduct on the internet.

It's time 15.Mar.2004 19:38

Catalina Eddie

It's time all of us who have access to a videocam start carying them at all times. That way we could document their gallantry.


How do you spell coward 15.Mar.2004 21:00



Enough let's march on Vera, Oh!, sorry, she is totally without a brain. Well How about every time we walk pass a cop we hold our noses. They surely stink, and refuse to correct their evil ways. So in the high tourist areas this Spring and Summer if you walk past a cop hold your nose, in front of the tourists warn them of the danger of just being around these psychopaths.

Jilii you are brilliant! 15.Mar.2004 22:29

Migratory Bird

Jilii, you have touched on something brilliant.

What if as an anti police brutality demonstration people met in a tourist section of portland, the rose garden etc and passed out fliers detailing police misconduct and warning people to flee the police on site etc. Also during tourist season it would be great if posters warning against policepersons were made and hung in vsiible sections of town.

Or doing this at a tourist event. After all you wouldn't want people to disperse when the mayor is running to get money for animal testing for the chemical corporations aka breast cancer research. So how about targeting them were they live ie big money corpoarte sponsored events.

How about the Rose Parade? Jilii you are brilliant!

Wouldn't people be shocked to hear this latest story of attacking an old blind woman, infants, etc... This shit has got to be accounted for, to our, not their satisfaction. Merely replacing Kroeker and Vera firing herself are not enough! The time is now!



The more I read about the Portland Police, the less I respect them. Only the most cowardly of
individuals would act like this Office Miller in doing what he did to such a helpless lady. We
need to have his picture, his address, all details about him posted here, so WE THE PEOPLE can
deal with him, for it's damned sure that Vera Katz won't, nor her toy Chief, for Robert King will have a shit fit if they say anything to him. King is as much the "problem" there with the
Police as the few evil rogues like this Miller bastard! He is the kind of person I'd have no
problem in spitting in his face to demonstrate my total utter contempt for him be on this planet
with decent people! The sooner we're rid of bastards like him, the better we'll be!

totally incopetent cops 15.Mar.2004 22:59

Red Suspenders

Remember these fine men and women in blue get paid a very good union wage and have the best retirement plan any public employee could ask for.
We really ought to demand better for our money. A good cop ought to be able to diffuse such a situation before it turns physical... a mediocre cop ought to be able to subdue a frail 70 year old woman without the help of a fancy toy like a taser.

In the real world you lose your job if you are too incompetent or cowardly to do your work. Why do we have to pay so many of these losers fifty grand a year and give them a nice car to drive around all day for less than zero percent performance I don't know...

this officer Miller, can you better identify 15.Mar.2004 22:59


as there is more than one Miller on the Portland Police force. We need to know
the correct one that's guilty in this instance. If it's who I think, I'll make
sure his family is made aware of his actions, especially his grandparents...they
will be horrified to learn this incident took place and he was involved in such
a mean manner. So, let's get the right one...name him, and then go after him!

Migratory Bird 15.Mar.2004 23:34


Are you familiar with Fritz Lang's "M" 1933? In a sense mark the police until they show us the respect we are owed. We all know the tales, Portland is a City that cannot stop shooting people of color. Now this crime here attacking 'Helen Keller' that's the new America for you. But let's make sure that as Vera attracts tourist we give them the other side of the post card.

Attention anyone from Cop Watch or anyone else with, just the facts on the killings the last five years post me the details and I'll get some postcards printed up. When ready I'll post where everybody can pick some up all free and copyleft.

You should contact Alan Graf 16.Mar.2004 01:14


Go to this site: www.hippielawyer.com.

This is some of what's on it:

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center

For the purpose of providing an official citizen based place and organization where staff, volunteers and volunteer lawyers and legal workers can continue to further the democratic principles of accountability based upon the protections afforded by the US. and Oregon constitutions.

Using these protections, the Center is committed to serving and protecting the citizens of the Northwest from governmental agencies and corporations which have a history and pattern of abusing their power and privileges and exceeding their prescribed limitations.

The Tools:

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center (NWCRC) will use the following tools and resources for the furtherance of its goals:

1. Litigation against Governmental Agencies or Private Companies that deprive citizens of their constitutional rights;

2. Media releases and press conferences designed to inform the public about information gathered at the Center and other actions or relevant events;

3. Research facilities and storage of files and information on governmental officials who abuse their powers and privileges (we will keep files on them);

4. Organizing teams of legal observers for protests or other public activities where the U.S. or Oregon Constitutions are in danger of being violated; and

5. Educating and assisting organizations and people who are fighting for peace, justice and equality.


The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center

1020 SW Taylor St., Ste. 370

Portland, Oregon 97205


Contact person: Alan Graf, interim Executive Director of the NW Constitutional Rights Center

this Officer Miller, did they find him same place they found 16.Mar.2004 10:17

Scott McCollister?

Sure sounds like another one of those Country Boy dumpdowns that Kroeker hired
on. This Miller cops is surely a pal of Scott McCollister and his gang! By
the way, what's the update on the McCollister picture? Anybody got him yet?

dead ears 16.Mar.2004 13:34


I sent an e-mail to the mayor's office after reading this article, telling them how disgusted I was with the level of police violence. They wrote me back saying that the mayor will not look in to this case and to get my facts straight before making judgments. Who should I believe, the corporate media or the people's media?! I am very offended at their response and told them so. If this is what our cities have come down to it is a very sad state. I have read that those tazer guns can kill and all Portland police are being armed with them. The city doesn't use the same guidelines for them that other cities do (in terms of when or when not to use them and where to avoid on the body).

What can we do?


just wondering 16.Mar.2004 14:11

wonder wonder wonder

>They wrote me back saying that the mayor will not look in to this case
>and to get my facts straight before making judgments.

What is the mayor's version of the facts?

How were citizens supposed to know what the official story was?

Why does Her Mayorness imagine we'll believe her story more than this one? Loyalty to The State?

mission creep 16.Mar.2004 14:23

creeped out

These "less lethal" weapons are always introduced under the rationale that they will enable the Man to not kill people quite as often as they used to. Then, as the cops get used to the equipment and used to the public reaction, gradually the weapons get used more and more often, until they're basically just cattle prods the cops can use against anybody who's being disobedient, or slow, or expressing resentment, or otherwise "getting uppity."

Look at how many times the cops use spray and electrical weapons these days and imagine if they were shooting people in the leg every time instead. Scandal. And, of course, they're still killing people just like they always did.

you got a response from the Mayor 16.Mar.2004 15:32

I got none at all

I think her arrogance is about to be her downfall. Word has it that some of
the other councilmen are soon to make issue over a lot of her EXCESSES, and do
so over live TV. Wow! Won't that be something to watch? Vera getting her ass
set to right! I hope it's this week's televised session! What do you hear?

Looks like Vera Katz is 16.Mar.2004 17:45

falling apart

before our eyes!

Did you happen to read Phil Stanford's column in
today's PORTLAND TRIBUME? Has he got a tale to

The only reason I can think of as to why she'd be
so upset over Commissioner Leonard's staff and to
demand the cops snoop around is cause she was in
on the take and thus, was pissed at Leonard for
bringing it to a stop!

Why else she be so nasty with him and his staff?

I think we're seeing the REAL Vera Katz now that
she's too aged to keep acting and holding up her
mask same time, and the mask is coming off far too
much and we're seeing the real Vera Katz!

Ugly as all hell, isn't it?

no police, what to do. 16.Mar.2004 18:56

darth maul

what do you all want? I am trying to be serious here. Do you want the portland police bureau to be completely dissolved so that there are no cops left? I hope u take this seriously because I really want to know what you want done.

bellingham 16.Mar.2004 18:58


bellingham wa. police falsify police reports against people they dont like.they tell OUT AND OUT LIES!.their adress is 505 grand ave. bellingham wa. spread their name all over world web!

Vote them out 16.Mar.2004 20:01


This is one of the main reason people need to start voting in local elections. It's pretty tiring listening to people complain then find out they don't even vote in local elections.

Currently I think there's some good people running for office in Portland. Kind of afraid of the mayors race because there's some great people running and then Jim F. who I DON'T want in office. I really think some of the good people running for mayor need to take a long look at that, because splitting the vote would be a total disaster. The thing our next mayor should do is put into place instant run off voting.

I've never got a response from the mayor 16.Mar.2004 20:07


Through the eyes of city officials, the police never do anything wrong. However, the victims of Portland police misconduct keep piling up. The city just stands back and watches the police and their union do their dirty work and cover-ups.



and truth be told--he isn't too bright
a fellow, and no, we're not surprised
he'd do something like this.

it's truly a shame that we have to put
up with lowlife losers like him for our

they are so simpleminded that they're for
most part, incapable of understanding why
there is so much growing resentment towards

with guys like this maccollister that killed
the young mother and got away with it, it's
no wonder we've got guys like miller!

apparently 16.Mar.2004 20:40

a critic

If one criticizes a meal one must want to never eat again, or so the logic of darth maul goes.

What we need is to immediately dismiss any police officer who has shown to be incompetent in doing his or her job and replace them with people that can actually follow their training and not resort to an over-use of force in every situation. And given the looks of things in portland we need to get much better training and ban the use of less-lethal weapons, again, due to their overuse, particularly in attacking people from behind.

Here's what happened to me 16.Mar.2004 21:02

CRC 2003-X-0009

This is in response to the IPR's policy review of the Hooper sobering program. The PPB use Hooper detox as a tool in more ways than one. Yes, non-intoxicated people have been taken there in retaliation, for whatever reason. Most likely reasons that vary. But what about police officers that use the detox center as a tool in their police report for a false arrest? Anybody leaving a concert at the Crystal Ballroom is most like going to have been drinking, and yes, going to be legally intoxicated. The PPB can just circle bars waiting to abduct an unsuspecting victim walking down the street. Why? Because the current policy says they can. I wasn't even taken to detox, but somehow I was grouped into victims that were seen but not admitted. The officer told me that Old Town Prescient was detox and that it was full. He wrote me a ticket for resisting arrest and drove me over the Ross Island bridge. I asked the officer where he was taking me, and he said, "I'm gonna dive you out and beat the shit out of you." We got into an industrial district, and the officer floored it; driving 80-100 mph at least. Taking 90 degree turns and slamming on brakes. I wasn't seat belted, so I was all over the back seat. I was in the officer's custody for almost 1 hour. His partner wasn't even a police officer, he was a cadet. He never did or said anything, except for lying to the IAD during the investigation. I was eventually booked for resisting arrest. But somehow everybody (city officials) claimed that I actually was taken to detox. If the officer would have just actually taken me to detox without; beating me, threatening me with profanity, stealing my credit card and committing credit fraud, stealing my money, giving me nerve damage in my hand that lasted for 4 months, I wouldn't have filed a complaint. I was intoxicated. But still there was no cause for stopping me. He wouldn't have stopped me if I had a witness. I was abducted. No charges were filed in court for the resisting arrest, so my only choice was to file a complaint. And everybody has found out that the IPR/CRC complaint process is a sham. I even told the officer I was going to turn him in. His response was, "Get my badge number, I don't care." The officer's name is Joe Luiz, and his cadet partner's name is Rachet. During a 13 month period I was falsely arrested twice and issued over $19,000 in sitations by the police in retaliation for filing the complaint with IPR. Every time I went to court, no charges were filed by the DA, so I was just set free without ever having being represented by an attorney. The last time I was arrested, I was standing in my lawn on my own property watching the police at a neighbor's house. I was arrested for interfering with a police officer.

Allegations PPB findings
Officer Luiz had no cause to take me to detox. Procedure: Exonerated
Officer Luiz had no cause to arrest me. Procedure: Exonerated
Officer Luiz threatened to beat me. Conduct: Unfounded
Officer Luiz drove erratically at high speeds. Conduct: Unfounded
Officer Luiz punched me above the eye with a fist. Force: Exonerated
Officer Luiz reapplied the handcuffs above my wrists
and too tightly. Control Tech.: Unfounded
Officer Luiz stole my credit card. Procedure: Insuf. evidence
Officer Luiz lied about why he stopped me Conduct: Decline
Officer Luiz lied where he arrested me and
where he took me. Conduct: Decline

Just because findings aren't sustained doesn't mean that they are justified or untrue. Don't believe what they tell you, they're all a bunch of liars.


CRC 2003-X-0009

Policy review link

The police don't alway get away with it 16.Mar.2004 21:45

from copwatch website

Off-Duty Beating Cover-Up Cops Punished, City Pays Victim $75,000

In a detailed article, the November 16 Oregonian recounted the events of the January, 2002 beating of James Ladd by two off-duty Portland Officers after an argument in a restaurant (PPRs #27-29).

Officers Grant Bailey and Craig Hampton ran after Ladd, who had pushed one of the cops for making a negative comment about Ladd's suspenders. They pummeled him, warding off witnesses by flashing their badges, telling them they were police and had the situation under control. Both officers resigned and are serving eight months in jail.

Two of the Lieutenants involved in the incident, Steve Hollingsworth and Gabe Kalmanek (who ordered the on-duty cops responding to the scene not to write reports) were demoted to Sergeant. Sergeant Ken Whattam was given a 30-day suspension and Sgt. Lawrence Baird was given 10 days' suspension. For her failure to order an investigation, Commander Rosie Sizer was given a written reprimand. Officer Matt Stimmel, who destroyed the sweater Hampton had been wearing (which had Ladd's blood on it) also got a written reprimand.

Meanwhile, the City of Portland settled Ladd's lawsuit out of court rather than risk being held liable for Hampton and Bailey's actions. On December 3, the Council unanimously approved a payment of $75,000. Mayor Katz noted that the former officers could still face personal liability if other lawsuits are filed in civil court.

darth maul 16.Mar.2004 21:46


After reading the above feature if you can't imagine what we want you are beyond help.

if i not mistaken, this portland cop 16.Mar.2004 22:29


is a member of the brotherhood of the strong...thats why he behaved the way he did...bad people
these are=blue evil...you people must do something to get rid of them...they're killers!

A couple of 16.Mar.2004 22:59

pics 4 u

Police Brutality!!

be sure to bring out your camera's for 17.Mar.2004 06:42

Saturday's March for Peace

Bring your camera's so as to catch any police misdeeds, and if you should be so
fortunate as to get anything on film, first thing is to run...move out of there,
as they are trained to find anyone having camera in hand and to take it from
them...this is for their own self-protection...they are trained to do this, as
they know that they're likely breaking the law themselves. so bring your cameras
and get the bastards on film!

NOTICE 17.Mar.2004 17:27


Cameras are good BUT be careful where you have the film developed, Kodak will censor anything they don't like so will some local one hour shops. Of course if you use a digital you don't have this problem.

You hated me to, but not as much as I hated you 18.Mar.2004 02:46

CRC 2003-X-0009

"Under a government which imprisons any man unjustly, the true place for the just man is also a prison."

Henry David Thoreau
Civil Disobedience