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Tre Arrow: Folk Hero of the West

I can't remeber what office Tre ran for so I hedged a little bit in writing this. Otherwise I believe I wrote everything else as truthfully as possible. I hope others will start talkning about freedom for Tre as soon as possible. Not only should he be free but he should take governement office and have oversite of the forest service.
A reflection on Tre Arrow, The FBI: election Fraud and manhunts

I never knew the private Tre. I never spent a week with him in the forest singing songs around the campfire. I never shared dates and coconut. I never shared a private joke, gave a lingering hug, or went dumpster diving with him. The Tre I knew, that most people in Portland knew, was the political role model that Tre represented. A young man, heroically standing by his morals, sacrificing a life of white male privilege to living in poverty, wearing second hand clothing, eating donated and dumpstered food to protect the heartland of America's forests. Some reflected that he was a criminal; others saw him as a potential congressman.

That's right. Tre Arrow ran for government office and lost. While many votes did go for him, even Tre knew that he would not win. So why did he run?

When I think of Tre I always think of him, as he would have been if he had won a government position. A man of strong fortitude, persuasiveness, and not likely to corrupted by greed or perks like other politicians. Ah, imagine for a moment a strong resistance having occurred within the senate and congress before the Iraq war. Imagine a grassroots resistance occurring among politicians against the illegal occupation of Bush of government office. Imagine that all 1,000,000 denied black voters had been counted in Florida.

Shortly after Tre Arrow, green party candidate had lost public office; I heard that he was alleged to have set fire to logging trucks. Meanwhile the country collapsed. Reports leaked through that at least a million black votes were denied in Florida through faulty voting records, machines, and the refusal to pick votes up. But what Tre arrow did? This, the FBI, would declare was one of the number one acts of domestic terrorism. Not the denial of 1 million black voters from voting by die bold aka choice point.com but a couple of trucks set on fire.

For years they dogged his footsteps, released false reports, and generally attempted to stir the voices of the forest every couple of months about him. Some choice articles included ones saying that Tre was government agent, was hanging out at the Cascadia Forest Alliance, etc. The allegations were numerous and to stupid to really discuss in depth.

Many folks didn't want to talk about the government targeting the green party after their corrupt elections. They simply whispered a little quieter at night. The green party had to accept that it was no longer a viable option. After all known criminals had been known to run for office. Like Tre. Simply put the long illustrious career of criminals holding office was simply forgotten. Their attempts to so discredit the Green party were so rabid as the need to mention Tre, Green and FBI together as many times as possible.

The problem is, is that those in Oregon don't buy the bullshit. Tre could have lived in downtown Portland the entire time and he wouldn't have been turned in. The folks of Oregon know that it is unabashedly the government who is destroying both the Salmon industry and forest industry with their horrid greed. With Taxpayers ending up the losers as Home depot becomes the second richest corporation in America. Hell, even the republicans adopted green speech because they knew that without it they would never get into public office without it in Oregon.

Spiraling out of control. More and more Republicans have needed to turn towards physical assault, blackmail, smear campaigns and the misallocation of taxpayers dollars to gain public office. As the FBI searched for a great man, a man truly embodying the great spirit of the West, a man whose crimes inspires the songs of folktales, inspiring a literature reminiscent of Jack London, they failed to see what was occurring. They failed to understand the flavor and fauna of the west. They failed to see Tre arrow for what he will be...

As I said originally I never knew who Tre Arrow was. I only knew him as a person on a ballot in the most fraudulent election in America's history, and then as a man on the run from this government. And I for one will continue to support traditional old west values, by supporting a man who attempts to preserve the natural beauty of the old west and the spirit of the wild! I support Tre. I hope that opthers will tell as many people as they can that they support Tre, and the great work that he did. Maybe it's about time that Tre gets a government office, a steady paycheck, and the forest service starts answering to him. Let's preserve Oregon's forests; let's preserve Oregon's way of life. Vote for

Should read 15.Mar.2004 17:51

Migratory Bird

should read

Vote for Tre Arrow!

at the end. Could an editor fix this? and compost this comment? Thanks so much for your help.

A comment to Migratory Bird 15.Mar.2004 19:19

Just me

A very reflective piece of writing.Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the rest of us.

is this for real? 15.Mar.2004 19:30


Is it true that he was arrested while shoplifting a pair of boltcutters? Because if it is, then I'm gonna have a real hard time feeling sorry for him. When you're wanted by the feds, it's perhaps a good idea to lay off the petty theft. I do find it kinda suspicious that it was a pair of boltcutters. Seems to fit a little to neatly into what an "ecoterrorist" would want.

yo 15.Mar.2004 19:41


I met Tre when he first came to the Eagle blockade in June of 2000. He would lecture everyone about their "ego" while displaying one the size of an SUV. On another occasion when the CFA was having a permitted dance party/fundraiser in a public park he brought his car onto the lawn. When a CFA person told him that there weren't supposed to be cars on the grass according to their permit, he got all pissy. Pick your damn fights, m'kay? Cars on lawns is not the same thing as ecological destruction.

He was always smelly (even hippies and treesitters can bathe occasionally) and loud.

On the other hand, to be fair, he raised a LOT of awareness for the Eagle Creek sit while sitting on the federal building, and I think that's part of what got the sale canceled.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't put it past him to do the stuff he's accused of, or of stealing boltcutters, from what I knew of him. So I don't think I'm going to do any campaigning to free him any time soon.

Ha, ha, ha 15.Mar.2004 20:07

Migratory Bird

I'm sorry. I had no idea that Tre arrow may have stole monkey wrenching devises to save canada's forests. Nor did I know that he was smelly. I take back everything...

How fucking rediculous.... It sounds like you have already started your campaign against Tre Arrow.

I suspect you of double speak.

To Migratory Bird 15.Mar.2004 20:33


How do you define double speak?

I'm not going to campaign against Tre. It just bothers me that so many people hold him up as this saint of some kind. He's just a treesitter that enjoyed attention. If he deserves to get a steady paycheck, then all treesitters do, as long as they're doing it. I didn't get paid. Neither did any others, as far as I know. I was lucky enough to have close friends that helped support me while I was at Eagle Creek--they saw it as doing their part to help.

In any case, you're right, you didn't know him, and I think you praise him too much.

Re: To Migratory Bird 15.Mar.2004 20:56

Seattle WTO Environmental Activist

My only question to the author "me": so, do you want people to feel the same about you when you are hauled in on trumped up charges. Do you want your fellow environmentalists to say: awe, he (or she), is just another tree sitter, don't pay attention to them. If that's the kind of solidarity you have to offer your fellow activists, then you, yourself, should get hauled in and that would be a good riddance for the movement.

For a good example of solidarity, look to the people of Spain.

Double Speak 15.Mar.2004 22:02

Migartory Bird

I define double speak pretty much the way most people do. Saying one thing and meaning another.

"He [Tre] would lecture everyone about their "ego" while displaying one the size of an SUV."
In this comment you attempt to defame him in several ways. You compare his ego to an SUV. This in itself is flame baiting of the worst sort to the environmental movement. Knowing the seriousness that environmentalists take towards SUV's you are trying to equate Tre to an SUV. When you continue on with your statement you never really show how Tre's ego is an SUV, only that he has trouble accepting "rules." With this opening statement you have established, however, your own ego.

continuing on:
"On another occasion when the CFA was having a permitted dance party/fundraiser in a public park he brought his car onto the lawn. When a CFA person told him that there weren't supposed to be cars on the grass according to their permit, he got all pissy. Pick your damn fights, m'kay? Cars on lawns is not the same thing as ecological destruction."

In this you quote south park, really giving away some of your personal interests and biases. Also this recanting sounds to me that is is second hand information. First of all it is gossipy in nature, second of all it shows little insight into dialogue between said parties. Since Tre was CFA, who is the second party who has now become the CFA spokesperson etc. It sounds like two CFA people were discussing set up for an event and you blew this out of perportion, and you attempt to defame him by painting him as an outsider crashing a party.

So desrciptive words: prissy, suv ego... let's go on....

"He was always smelly (even hippies and treesitters can bathe occasionally) and loud."

Ah ha! Logger and cop harrassment number one! He was "smelly." Oh and "loud." No back ups on this one but you do have a hard time furbishing any kind of statements to back up your stuff.

Lets recant and add up your adjectives: prissy, ego like an Suv, smelly, loud

"On the other hand, to be fair, he raised a LOT of awareness for the Eagle Creek sit while sitting on the federal building, and I think that's part of what got the sale canceled."

Oh well, I guess if we are to find your double speak convincing you have to add something convincing to it. Since all newspapers have aknowledged it even a cop has to. So does the FBI. But it is quickly followed up with this statement.

"To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't put it past him to do the stuff he's accused of"


" or of stealing boltcutters, from what I knew of him."

Not how you knew him but of what you knew of him... see we are on the same page aren't we...

"So I don't think I'm going to do any campaigning to free him any time soon."

Honey, this is your campaign. That is why I call it double speak. You said you were one thing when I know you for another.

add your list of adjectives: prissy, ego like an Suv, smelly, loud.

Guess we have all heard these terms before when we are in jail.

And so? . . . So what? 15.Mar.2004 23:49


Why don't treesitters deserve a bit of attention? Because the president is more worthy? Or some anchorman? Tre has done a lot, raising awareness and legitimizing direct action. Not everyone is amish . And while hero-worship is definitely damaging, having positive role models can be helpful. If smelly people offend your delicate sensibilities, give them a sales pitch about Your Favorite Deodorant (tm) and tell them how such a product saved your love life and without the corporation that manufactured it, why, you'd be a social outcast.

Figurehead and Martyr 16.Mar.2004 02:30


While I would never try to lift a set of bolt cutters when I was wanted by the FBI I can understand why Tre would want a pair... I don't remember paying for mine ;)

We need a Figurehead for all of us forest defense folk... I don't know if Tre is the best man for the job but he's what we got and he DID elude capture for over two years. I am sorry that David Chain hasn't gotten so much attention... sigh.

We have our martyrs and we have our figureheads...

What we need are more troops. What we need are more supplies and support. What we need is sustainable logging in our country and throughout all bioregions. Perhaps the capture and (hopefully) press exposure of Tre will bolster an effort that seems to have been eclipsed by this unholy "War of Terror"

FWe are moving into the single worst loging season in recent history and we need all the people who support our natural world to stand together and resist the destructive proctices of industry and the Forest DisService.

I propose a Cascadian People's Milita.

IT has not yet come to the time when we need to take up arms but it should be considered and trained for. If we hit the wall and we are not prepared to resist with all we are then we will have failed.

I propose a Cascadian People's Milita in order to stave off the destruction that we all know is hapening. No compromise, no surrender!

tre & others 16.Mar.2004 08:14


i understand why tre has become a figurehead and why people have taken to seeing him as a god. what i want to know is if in all his exhaulted praises no one has remembered the three kids currently serving three years in prison for working with him. two of them never worked with authorities and never gave any information. now they are silenced and pretty much forgotten by everyone.

hey sissy 16.Mar.2004 08:41


hey, sissy - if you read this can you say more about the three you say are in prison for working with trey?? i didn't know about that and would like to.....
thank a lot.....


tre & others 16.Mar.2004 09:42


look up angela cesario or jeremy rosenbloom, or jake sherman. jake turned witness for the fbi so i don't have a lot of respect for him (but then again his own father turned him in, so...)

three others 16.Mar.2004 09:51


the three others that sissy is referring to are the three people currently serving time for allegedly harming some logging equipment a couple years back. jake sherman was the first to be "caught" and allegedly confess, and he implicated two others, jeremy r. and angie (i don't know their last names), plus tre.

there was tons of info about them all over the local press, including indymedia, so the assertion that they were ignored is not true. (there was an awful willamette week cover piece last year, for example, on jake, that tried to characterize tre in many negative ways.)

it is definitely true that jeremy and angie them did not want a big fuss from the activist community at the time of their cases and have made no overt appeals for assistance/contact since then, so i can only assume they want their sentences to go quietly. that's their choice, and i've been among the people who have respected that and not brought them up in this forum.

i miss them both though!

Tre Is Just A Man 16.Mar.2004 10:02


Interesting commentary, all of it, as to whether Tre Arrow is devil or angel. He is neither. He is just a man. But what a man! He is a leader, not a follower. A persuasive leader. And yes, I do know him, not just of him. I was close to him during the many days he held court on the ledge at the US Forest Service office bldg, and he was good. Damn good. Now I ask, how the hell are you going to run an action like that and come out of it smelling like perfume? When not involved in his many very effective forest actions, Tre smelled fine, he is not a "dirty person". It's all in the viewpoint. Whether he was simply "loud" or simply "drew notice" by his personality and leadership style. I found him to be extremely articulate and very, very believable. Yes, when he walked in the room he drew notice. But that is a natural leader. whether he wanted to draw it or not. Now it is time to repay his very effective activism for our forests with a steadfast support and contribute all we can. If you cannot contribute money for his defense, then you owe it to him to at least, at the very least, speak highly of him and do not spread what is third-hand rumor or petty gossip. He deserves better, much better. I will be praying for Tre every night because the road ahead now looks pretty bleak and he could end up spending many, many years imprisoned for caring so much about our ecosystem.

LISTEN 16.Mar.2004 10:37


I know him too, and he is a human being- sometimes his friendship is liberating and visionary, sometimes condescending and egotistical. Now its not like I have to want to date him or something to want to support him. We can't wait till we're all saints before we risk our own lives to better the world. I truly respect what he has done, as well as the actions he allegedly took. Whether or not he took those actions, he deserves all of our full support, as do angie and jeremy, who are already sentanced. THe long and short of it is, if we are trying to form an effective MOVEMENT, we don't leave people out for the pigs!!!!! THat's all there is to it! If we are trying to build an effective movement (and what else would be worth any of this??) THen we can't continue to let snitching be a good personal defense strategy, and we have to build a viable underground. I mean a viable support structure that can encompass all aspects of the movement's work.

Revolution for the good of the earth and the people!

Forest sinks for Kyoto Protocal 16.Mar.2004 12:05

Migratory Bird

I want offer some explanations to sissy and J. and others. Tre has not stood trial. He has been implicated by these kids and so a media storm insued about them and about Tre. Some of teh disinformation work included making allegations that Tre was an FBI agent. Pretty stupid but to the kidz who lived in the suburbans of portland on the periphery of the forest these allegations are pretty damaging and just by being printed where factual. It was sickening the media , hang him high circus, that insued about Tre. They went back to it rather than do real reports. Ahh, the mayor just killed a bunch of homeless people through neglict? Bring out the Jake sherman, Tre Arrow story!

Tre Arrow has not stood trial for those actions, therefore he has only been implicated.

Do I think he saved Eagle Creek? Yep, he forced the hand of the clinton administration in order to win a presidential bid right before 2000. Ironic? Ya betcha it was. Did he flee for his life shortly after... Yep.

Do I think he did it? Just becuase a couple of confused kidz say he did, and the fact he was implicated by them does not mean he did, nor does the fact that he disappeared right after the election. Sources have it that he was talking long before the election that if he lost he was going to take a break. But suddenly for him, he wasn't allowed back. Most people who run for government office take a year long break away from the public eye immediately afterward. This isn't a new idea. Tre had been talking about this steadily before the election.

Do I wish he had did it? Yea, setting the logging trucks on fire I have EMPATHY with. I think those trucks are being deployed at my expense for the wealth of Home Depot, and select government officials but at my time, my dollar, my labor. When my tax payer dollars make up the difference it is at my labor that they cut down those trees, harm those animals, destroy America's legacies. However there is a big difference between what I hope he did and whether or not he did it. Get that one through your head.

What he did do is beat the American Government at their game. You know what they wanted to bargain the Kyoto protocal with? Forest sinks. We could pollute all we wanted becuase we had a forest. Then Tre stood on a ledge for the whole world to see and yelled quit cutting the forests, Gore and Clinton ( men heavily invested in companies using child labor, admitteedly) were embarreassed and they saved Eagle Creek. But quitely they "lost" the game of signing the Kyoto Protocal. Wasn't it cute?

Tre is a great man. He has gambled his entire life. It is up to us to see that he does not lose his life to jail. Do what you can! Speak up for what he has done! Donot testify on what you do not know. But speak up about what you do know! Feddies, police, portland, all of us know he saved Eagle Creak. Let that be the banner over his head!

Wake up! 16.Mar.2004 18:20


For all of you in favor of defacing and disrespecting objects just to prove a point, whether it be one's property or of the mother earth...perhaps you need to take a look at your own egos. I have been quite educated on many sides of environmentalists vs. non-activists debates and I have to say that environmentalists bar non, are the most uneducated and clueless about our future as citizens of the world (take a look at the fact that the majority of you don't even know how to spell).

Wise up small timers. There is a much bigger picture out there and blowing up logging trucks, ruining peoples lives and property is the most asinine way to present your beliefs. Any of you ever heard of Ghandi? Nelson Mendella? Mother Theresa? There is no reason that a message can't be heard peacefully and most importantly RESPECTFULLY!

Great Man? 16.Mar.2004 18:32


Mike is not a "great" man. He is a lazy, bumbling, ideologist, whose primary objective is ingratiating himself. He thinks nothing of destroying others property and risking their lives. He wants the light on himself, not on his message. He isn't even a good criminal, (unlike some of the loggers). He can't sit in a tree without falling out and can't torch a bunch of old trucks without the help of handpicked novices who turned on him in an instant. In a sense, it's unfortunate he was caught as I would rather he continue to live in the holes he's been in for years rather than the clean, well lit, Federal prison that awaits. He does not deserve the title "domestic terrorist". That may give him the prestige in some peoples eyes that he wants. Mike is a self serving failure.

you're not so educated as you may think 16.Mar.2004 18:39

in fact

"Any of you ever heard of Ghandi?"

Well, first it's Gandhi (but of course we can't spell) and second despite Hollywood's attempts to portray differently Gandhi remains the leader of a fairly impotent movement that successfully piggybacked on a much more effective resistance movement. Nor was he completely dedicated to non-violence but chose it as the most fitting tactic for his part of the movement.

"Nelson Mendella?"

Well, first it's Mandela (but of course we can't spell) and second Mandela was kept in prison because he refused to renounce violence and advocated acts of sabotage against the government. Or, in his own words:

Gandhi remained committed to nonviolence; I followed the Gandhian strategy for as long as I could, but then there came a point in our struggle when the brute force of the oppressor could no longer be countered through passive resistance alone. We founded Unkhonto we Sizwe and added a military dimension to our struggle. Even then, we chose sabotage because it did not involve the loss of life, and it offered the best hope for future race relations. Militant action became part of the African agenda officially supported by the Organization of African Unity (O.A.U.) following my address to the Pan-African Freedom Movement of East and Central Africa (PAFMECA) in 1962, in which I stated, "Force is the only language the imperialists can hear, and no country became free without some sort of violence."


"Mother Theresa?"

Corrupt, dogmatic, and heartless about many issues.

If you're so educated perhaps you've heard of the Boston Tea Party, the Underground Railroad, the US Labor Movement, the Abolition Movement, and the Civil Rights movement, all of which used tactics of property destruction and even violence to achieve their goals.

Just LISTEN 16.Mar.2004 20:11

stop judging Tre indigo7072000@yahoo.com

I've known Tre for a while now and he is the most kind and generous soul i have ever meet and it's really sad and pitiful that people are making fun of something as stupid and insignificant as him ---smelling??---Tre is one of a kind; he is smart and articulate and speaks his mind. He is not affraid of the consequences his passion of the environment might bring and i admire that. How dare anybody pass judgement on him. Tre has givin up so much for the environment and what have most people done.....??? I can't believe the odasity some people have to say the things they've said about Tre. He is far from being stupid and crazy like the media has protrayed him and most diffinitly not dangerous. I have gone to protests with him and he is nothing but i motivator and a leader. No one knows what he is going through or what is going through his head all you've seen is what the media had twisted up and turned into a situation far from the truth.

Finally... 16.Mar.2004 20:55


Finally someone with half an education with a fairly thorough response. You got me on my improper spelling of names. However, I still stand my ground on the fact that almost every single response (except for "in fact"'s) has no clue in proper sentence structure.

"In Fact", your choice for violence, or actually force, is in reference to subjects that are solely about freeing countries and people from brutal violent oppression. I don't even think you can compare that with saving trees and animals. I'm sorry but human lives should come first. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it should be at the risk of abusing our own resources. But good grief, destroying complete towns, lives, industries all for causes that are completely hypocritical in nature cannot be the right solution either. I guarantee that each and every one of you, wipe your rear-ends with toilet paper; print, write or take notes on paper; read newspapers, books or magazines; live, work or habitat in a structure made of paper (cardboard or otherwise); pay for food with paper money...the list can go on. Once again I request you all take a look inward about your choices in everything you do before risking the lives of humanity for causes that are inhumane and unthinking. Otherwise you are no better than our predecessors of thousands of years.

la la la 16.Mar.2004 21:03


*lol* I say that I don't think someone's a hero, and suddenly I'm with the police? What kind of logic is that?!?

Plus, I *was* at those places, it isn't secondhand gossip. Just because I don't remember, word-for-word, a conversation that was four years ago doesn't mean I wasn't there. Yes, Tre is the CFA. So was the guy who organized the event and got the permit. And so was I.

SUV's are big--that's why the comparison. "M'kay" was around before South Park. How interesting that you're willing to make a hero out of a relatively obnoxious if effective man, and assume his innocence in all things, and then turn around and accuse me of being all sorts of things based on a subtext you read into my post.

Don't get me wrong, I think any movement needs heros and leaders, but that isn't the same thing as writing what amounts to downright worship of a man you've never met and assuming that all accusations against him are false because you like the stuff he did.

Also, the environmental movement is one, where we need to pull as many people into working for it, as we can. I hate to tell you this, but Joe Schmo sitting in front of his TV is going to mean just as much to the environment as anyone. And if all he sees of environmentalists, is that they blow shit up and destroy property, he isn't going to be very sympathetic, now is he? When someone else later tries to educate him on the damage the environment is undergoing, he's going to ignore them because he thinks we're all a bunch of "ecoterrorists"!!

Yes the TV people fuck things up all the time, misrepresent events, downright lie. But we don't need to make their job easier.

This is the first time I've been accused of being part of the police...that is so funny.

Love=Solidarity 16.Mar.2004 23:40

Migartory Bird

First of all I never directly said that you were police or FBI or anything else. I am diamgrammed your response. Since your last response had more to do with me than with Tre I find it not woirth diagramming this time. However your constant insinuations that he did it, your lack of convincing non snitchish deatiol and your using of the smae old ad homilies of smelly, loud, SuV ego etc did lead me to believe you were a police officer. If not you must have changed a great deal sense your CFA days.

No, my perspective is not even close to worship, it is solidarity. I am sorry to see you lack it, and I am glad you are not in the forest now, if this is how you show solidarity....

okay 17.Mar.2004 01:24


So is "solidarity" another word for, believe that person can do no wrong? Does "solidarity" mean "put up or shut up?"

My first morning at Eagle another sitter sexually harrassed me. Are you going to agree with the person who told me that, well, this person is too important to this campaign, the trees are more important? That attitude is bullshit.

I didn't bring up anything else because I was trying to stay relatively on topic. You had attacked those specific things, and I was responding.

Of course I've changed since my CFA days. That was four years ago for me. I was 20. I still believe that tree-sits are a very powerful form of protest and direct action. I also believe that the means *are* the end, and education is incredibly important, which makes property destruction a pretty stupid idea because it doesn't win people to your cause.

I have no way of knowing whether Tre did it or not. I think it's possible, perhaps even likely, but I don't know. And neither do you. But you (and a lot of other people) are insisting he didn't, when you don't really know, do you?

I'm not going to stand in "solidarity" with a person who might have destroyed propery. I'll stand in solidarity when people are accused of crimes that I know they didn't commit, because I was there, or trust someone who was there. Not because they're some sort of hero locally, and I just happen to like their ideals.

Love=Solidarity 17.Mar.2004 01:44

Migratory Bird

What in Gods name does your sexual harrassment at a tree sit have to do with Tre and solidarity with the forest defenders? It really seems like you know how my sentiments lie with this issue and you are trying to confuse the issue. The issue is TRE. Tre is not being charged with being smelly, being at a camp where somebody came onto you that you didn't like and made it VERY uncomfortable, the issue isn't arrogance, etc. The issue is a man who has done countless good deeds which you admit to. You have put him on trial for personality (different than character) and smell. How lousy! I am very unimpressed with you. You keep asserting that he did these things (albeit you are a lone voice who cklaims to have known him and asserts that he did these things.) based on personality and NOT character.

You fail to illistrate these charges and keep bring bogus miscellanceous charges having nothing to do with Tre.

Solidarity=LOVE (aside- Thanks my friend, I do like this quote...)

I agree with you, Migratory. The 17.Mar.2004 08:44

a female

cause is infinitely more important than the pettiness of the personalities involved. I mean, if Susan B. Anthony smelled bad, that would be more important than her efforts to get women the right to vote? If MLK was a womanizer, that would be more important than his efforts towards the thing he was fighting for? He shouldn't have gotten out of jail? Oh, wait, MLK WAS a womanizer. There are no perfect activists.

"Me," actually, the forests and the animals in them can't get away. You can. So yeah, I probably do think that protecting the forest is a higher priority than licking your wounds and pouting years after the fact that someone treated you badly. Your option was to say NO and walk away. Unless someone forcefully threw you down and tried to rape you, in which case I hope that you prosecuted.

Come on, I'm a feminist, but jesus christ I'm sick of seeing how certain women are holding so tightly to their claim of victim status rather than making themselves strong and moving on. Yeah, a lot of men--probably most--are sexist and suck. But we have some power in the situation, to the extent that we can say NO. And all that goes for any other minorities too--black, hispanic, gay, I don't care--who cling to being a victim and building lives around that, when there is some power to be had. Of course we need to fight for dignity and rights, but let's put our pain and victimhood in perspective. Would you rather be yourself, sitting at the computer fuming that someone's not catering to your sad feelings about what happened in the forest 4 years ago, or be one of those animals in the forest losing your home, your family, and your life to humans who want to make some cash?

folks of Oregon know "its unabashedly" the governments fault 17.Mar.2004 19:53

Jacklumberthrusting boy

" The folks of Oregon know that it is unabashedly the government who is destroying both the Salmon industry and forest industry with their horrid greed. "

so the folks of Oregon have nothing to do with empowering their own government?

the guy fed me 18.Mar.2004 09:33

another brainwashed monkey in a clearcut forest

he fed me 4 times in the 7 that i saw him
he is very nice as far as i know as i just provoked his thought patterns to wobble outside of normal dumpster diving routines
there is life beyond 'normal' resistance
you can make anything out of anything
just think outside of the box we put ourselves in everyday

government blah
terrorism blah

real life real people
smash your computer right now

Clump of hair 22.Mar.2004 07:54


I understand from news reports that when he was caught, he had some unidentified food, and a clump of human hair in his pocket. Anyone have any idea what he was totin' around a hairball for??

take care and think before you speak or post 30.Mar.2004 21:22


Have a little respect please. A person's life literally hangs in the balance. Please no more speculating that Tre did this. Just say something like you support him guilty or not or talk about what happened as something separate from him. The media is already doing enough to hang him let's not make it any easier for them.

No, thanks 02.Apr.2004 06:29


Please don't try to tell me what I can or cannot say.

Anonymous testimony is worthless! 02.Apr.2004 15:45

Aaron S indy@aarons.fastmail.XX where XX=fm

Testimony, that is assertions of fact allegedly based on personal knowledge, is worthless unless the person giving such testimony is either known or can refer to known persons who can vouch for his/her bona fides.

Much of what has been posted here is such worthless anonymous testimony, whether for or against Tre.

Anyway, I'm inclined to support Tre, but I haven't been able to find out much concrete info here about what he has done and/or what he has been accused of doing. If the accusation against him is burning logging trucks, I'll support him whether he did it or not -- just like I support Mumia Abu-Jamal whether he shot the cop or not! (He probably didn't!)

American Justice 19.Apr.2004 10:52


Hmm. Americans seem to be proud of their Democracy and their Justice system. "A jury of your peers" and all that. So what's wrong with just letting Tre go to trial? Don't trust that 12 normal people will buy this whole "courageous freedom fighter" myth?

Why are you people wasting energy fighting each other? 04.Aug.2004 16:46

Guy from Victoria

I used to be involved in activism but quit due to the internal politics. Why can't you all fight Republicans and 'Corporate Bad Guys' and leave each other alone? You are all working for pretty much the same thing for what I can see.

Just wondering.

I only came here as I live in the city where he was arrested and wanted the 'real story' about him that of course the 'mainstream media' never gives.

I don't know if he did it or not but the store where it was reported he was arrested does exist and they do sell things like bolt cutters.

end clearcutting 20.Sep.2004 02:13


it seems everyone gets carried away somtimes in personalities, but what a bout finding what is present from understanding a little of the past. in the pacific north west and the b.c. rainforest during the 20 s and thirties up till 1949 there was a tremendous fight in the woods for a workers industrial union. that fight was between the workers and the monopoly capitalist class. it culminated in the formation of a workers controlled union called the i.w.a. that union was brought into being by leading members of the communist party in both countries and the workers in the industry. it introduced numerous concepts such a socialising the forest for non-exploitation, recreation , shorter work days (four hour day with no loss in pay and such.) the monoploly bosses did not give in easily and the workers were faced with company gunthugs, beating, terror, vigilantes, racist violence, frame-ups,jailing and murdering of their members. the two sides were mutually irreconcilable in their theory and practice. however the workers won because they saw their cause was just--and end of exploitation of the workers and forests and production for need not greed. they campaigned up and down the coast in each and every community until the bosses were faced with a united front of people and workers that were so powerful that the bosses were forced to back down. the union went to town reducing hours of work and protecting the forests. the throw off of such organizing brought obout the modern ecology and foresty people who truly want to preserve the quality of life that natural forests promote. the modern forest industry is the result of the ingenuity of the workers themselves. then in 1949 the bosses decided to destroy the union of the workers and their common front. they began by passing anti-communist laws , laws that disallowed the communits from holding office. they then put in the right wing stooges of the monopoly capitalism and hooked the engine of the industrial revolution to clear cutting and automationof the forest and to hell with eveirnomental or workers concerns for a decent ecolgically balanced socialization and equal distribution of wealth. this was a war in the woods and is still on-going with the bosses using big bisiness ethiics which subverts the forestry from the science of ecological balances to only clear cutting for profits. it is clear cutting as a mthod that insures the destrction of the forests in an unsustainable way while ;the method of clear cutting of 20% and rotated ever forty years or more guarantees a standing forest that is good for plants and animals to thive in. no there is because of the lies and propaganda of the lummber companies a planned destruction of the forests. the answer is to overthrow the bosses greedy methods and organize a union ;of the ;working class to make sure selective logging is brought back and exploitation of resources forbidden by union power. personal squabbles only ensures that the bosses spys know they are facing a defeated faction and are ineffective adversaries. viva socialism.