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Tre Arrest...Vancouver Sun Article

a report from the Vancouver Sun newspaper on the arrest of tre arrow. they note that his charges in oregon are alleged, and that he will be tried in BC before being extradited back to the US.
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Victoria police arrest one of FBI's Most Wanted

With reporting by Hudson Mack

March 15, 2004
Michael James Scarpitti, who goes by the alias "Tre Arrow," was arrested in Victoria on a shoplifting charge. Scarpitti is on the United States' FBI Most Wanted list.

Victoria police believe they have arrested an alleged eco-terrorist on the FBI Most Wanted list.

Michael James Scarpitti, who uses the alias Tre Arrow, was arrested Saturday at a Canadian Tire on a shoplifting charge.

Police say the 30-year-old American was identified by his fingerprints, which were sent to immigration officials and to the FBI.

In Victoria, Scarpitti is charged with theft, assault and obstructing a peace officer. He remains in custody.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to Scarpitti's arrest. It isn't clear whether the Canadian Tire security guard who brought Scarpitti to police will get the reward.

Scarpitti is wanted on several charges in Oregon, but Canada Immigration officials say the Victoria charges will be dealt with before anything is done to extradite Scarpitti to the United States.

Scarpitti is wanted by the FBI for allegedly setting a fire at a sand and gravel company in Portland, Oregon in 2001. Three concrete mixing trucks were damaged by the fire.

Scarpitti was also allegedly involved in an arson at a logging company in Oregon in 2001. Two logging trucks and a front-loader were damaged in the incident.

The FBI Most Wanted website says Scarpitti is "a longtime environmental activist with an extensive history of involvement in anti-logging tree sits and other related protests" and is affiliated with the Earth Liberation Front.

The objective of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) is to stop the destruction of nature and stop the exploitation of natural resources "through whatever means necessary." ELF is considered a terrorist group.
Tre Arrow, Hero 15.Mar.2004 17:27

stu sugarman blc@hevanet.com

In the Matrix, the hero "Neo" went by the name of 'Anderson' in his slave world. Oh how life imitates art.

Sadly, the corporate media continues to allow itself to be deceived by the U.S. government. This man's legal and spiritual name is Tre Arrow, once and for all. As the Mexican government attempted to do with Subcommandante Marcos, the U.S. has dug up an old, fka name and continues to feed that name to the media. The corporate media's refusal to do its own research, and it complete eagerness to use the name fed it is apparent every time a new story comes out pretending his correct name is not Tre Arrow. How sad.

We can defeat corporate media's attempts to call him by a false name by continuing to refer to him as Tre Arrow, and continuing to insist the media do the same. The record of his legally approved name of Tre Arrow is in the record for anyone to see at the Multnomah County Courthouse. Too bad so few try to educate themselves.

Tre Arrow is a hero. When he climbed the ledge, it looked like Eagle Creek was going to go the way of Enola Hill before it. It would be logged by the federal government. Tre turned the tide in a nearly decade long battle. He attracted enough outrage about the government's unlawful destruction of this never before logged area to turn the tide in favor of the forest. That momentum lead directly to the planned cut's demise. Eagle Creek remains a monument to Tre's hereoism and dedication to the cause.

We all owe him all our efforts to ensure he sees the light of day real soon.