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The public may never trust Blair again

The public should have kicked the lying bastard out long before now. Just like we should kick our lying bastard's out long ago.
By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent
15 March 2004
Kennedy: the public may never trust Blair again

Charles Kennedy: 'I'm only as good as my last result or big decision'

Charles Kennedy has warned Tony Blair he may never regain the trust of the public who no longer know when they listen to the Government whether "what you are being told is accurate".

In an interview with The Independent, the Liberal Democrat leader said even those who supported Labour felt unsettled. "I think it's very difficult for the Prime Minister to regain the level of trust that existed a few years ago. Very difficult indeed," he said.

"That may be the inevitable consequence of events or the passage of time but it strikes me that there is just a fundamental sense out there that you can't quite be certain what you are being told is accurate. And that is very corrosive for a government - any government.

"People feel they are not getting the straight story," he said. Mr Kennedy reveals Tony Blair was surprised when he refused to take part in the Butler inquiry into the intelligence that led to the Iraq war. But he does not regret keeping the Lib Dems out of the inquiry.

"I don't think he expected the response that he got," he said.

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Source: http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/story.jsp?story=501308