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U.S. poised to Invade Venezuela.

U.S. Military forces covert action in Haiti.
Hotel Charlie this is Delta Seven. Info to follow.
and 15.Mar.2004 14:25



good luck 15.Mar.2004 14:29

alpha foxtrot uniform

see what happens. the us can't even deal with Hati, aparently. and Venusalia is farther away and bigger.

boom boom boom, shoot'em up

Mission Creep 15.Mar.2004 18:53


Well, the US getting yet another damn base, this time in Haiti, sets up a listening post, logistics and personnel staging, a "training" ground (think Kuwait before the Iraq invasion) an airfield and some port facilities. Haiti is about half way between Caracas and Miami. Since we're talking OIL here, the corporate junta will not want to pull punches in keeping the petroleum economy and culture running at max.

Then there's mischief yet to be done with Cuba.

The bases in Panama, long abandonded (and unremediated virtual Superfund sites), used to suffice for maintaining US "interests" in the region.
Caribbean Sea Region
Caribbean Sea Region

Venezuela 15.Mar.2004 20:00


I have some silly idea that maybe the US won't take over Venezuela, but it will be a strategic launch point to get at those Colombian evil-doers !! We'll just ship our Marines en masse to Venezuela (securing its natural resources (OIL) from the Cokey Colombians) and then it seems like we're protecting the innocent.

Maybe I shouldn't give them ideas.

Oh c'mon! 16.Mar.2004 04:44


IF our military tries to invade... it will go South, literally.
We have proven time and again that we can't fight a forest or jungle war... our tech is not up to it and our soldiers die in real guerilla actions. We will only boast and puff up and strut... nothing more.

If we do invade... oh man, I feel sorry for the guys going in.