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Tre Arrow Arrested by FBI

Tre Arrow was taken into custody this morning in Victoria, BC.

Earlier today info came to portland imc that wasnt entirely correcty: [ COMMENT ], here is the update. Tre Arrow was arrested earlier today in a Victoria British Columbia Hardware store. He was caught shoplifting a set of bolt cutters. He is currently in the custody of Canada, being held on charges of: theft, assault and obstructing a peace officer.

The Portland Joint Terrorist Task Force held a press conference today commending themsleves for the capture by proxy. The FBI has already updated their website to declare that Arrow is "captured" although terms have not released regarding his return to the US. Local activistws are already calling for legal funds to help when the time comes.

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Tre "captured" 15.Mar.2004 18:59


Caught shoplifting a pair of bolt cutters. What a way to get popped. Thought he was smarter than that.

Tre's arraignment 15.Mar.2004 20:30

info mouse

re is being remanded at the Wilkinson Road Jail - VIRCC
Also known as the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre

Physical Address:
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC
V8Z 5B2

Mailing Address:
PO Box 9224 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC
V8W 9J1

Tel: (250) 953-4400
Visits: (250) 953-4433
Fax: (250) 953-4453

They are going to an extradition hearing - i don't know how long that
will take. If he contests it, or tries to claim refugee status it could
be several months. if not, it could be quite soon.

Heros 16.Mar.2004 13:56


They jailed Nelson Mandela for decades too. Now he's an international hero and icon of freedom.

Umm...re:HEROS 17.Mar.2004 00:45


RT-- You're kiddin' about the Nelson Mandela comparison, right? So, the guy stood up for some of the things he believes in. There is no reasonable comparison between the two.

bolt cutters? 18.Mar.2004 08:56


somehow it seems that a "hero" would be more savvy then to be stealing bolt cutters from a hardware store. where is the integrity in that?

savvy? 18.Mar.2004 21:38

pete pbomort@hotmail.com

savy? the man is a revolutionary, not a mandella, but a che guevera. He came to my school and tlaked about his beliefs. All very logical if you believe in zen, spirit, life force, intent, which can be scientific if you think we just dont have the technology to study it yet. I personally believe its possible. He stands up for what he believes in PERIOD, dont say sometimes you fucking piece of shit, you still live here and still pay taxes to a imperialistic government, im a kid so i dont yet and dont have to have the deaths of all the people in the world on my hands. 400 billion a year , at least to the military industrial complex which bush is leading us with. all your money. Tre was in politics, the way i see it he realized it was all big bussiness and you cant get anywhere in it without lots of family money or big bessiness money, so he got out. got hurt tree climbing on His lnad, the public land, saving all your guys land, and they cut branches making the tree unstable. he fell broke a few ribs or what ever and got brain swellage. hes done some shit in his day and hell i almost want to take up arms myself and fight this fucked up tyranny, but my ethics and morals hold me back from starting war. He didn;t hurt anyone, he hurt coorperations. yeah sorry i rant im not going to sum anyhting up other then saying he is someone who we will look back on for many years and may even have writings about.

it's up to us 19.Mar.2004 12:28


Tre Arrow represents the spirit that exists in all of us to stand up for not only what we believe in, but for our children's rightful inheritance. He also asks us all to look inside of ourselves and answer the question "Do we accept lies and greed - look the other way - and punish our children as a result?" It's up to us - and if more individuals looked closer at the direction this world is headed in - and actually CARED - the world would be a better place. Let's all get off our asses and out of our own little tunnels and hear that what he is saying is RIGHT!!! Tre rocks...

Tre Arrow known to be an Informant for the FBI 19.Mar.2004 20:55


It is has been noted many times before that Tre Arrow is an Informant for the FBI in the United States & this is the reason that he was never captured by the them when he easily could have been on many occasions. If Tre is brought back to the US he will get a lesser sentence than the others who have been convicted as members of ELF. Canada would be wise to keep Tre in their jurisdiction & not let him be returned to the US.

Tre is NOT an FBI informant, you idiot 20.Mar.2004 13:49

one who knows

Tre is not an informant. dont be so paranoid. why would he have vanished and no one know where he was for so long? if there was any truth to this, no charges would have ever been brought by the FBI against one of "their own". dont contribute to the absurdity of this claim by further repeating it.

To: One Who Knows 20.Mar.2004 19:44


I'm not the idiot, but you should check your mental staus & rationale. Surely you don't think that Tre was smarter than the FBI resulting in him not being captured by them, do you? Get the facts correct! The FBI didn't find or capture Tre, rather he was caught committing a crime of theft here in Canada by others & not the FBI. With your level of ignorance, I hope that you aren't a criminal element by supporting & condoning Tre's illegal actions. If & when Tre is extradited to the US, you & everyone else will witness that he will be handled with kid gloves & given preference in the courts & any sentence imposed against him.

To: Canadian 22.Mar.2004 08:33

one who knows

First, why did it take 4 years to capture the Atlanta bomber? Why did it take over a decade to capture the unabomber? These men KILLED, and yet they werent brought in by the FBI - the Atlanta bomber was caught dumpster diving by a part time security guard of the Barney Fife variety. The fact that they didnt capture someone accused of less serious charges is hardly the making of a conspiracy.

You act like the FBI has the ability to be everywhere and watch everything and everyone at once, which I am sure they would like to be able to, but simply dont have the resources for. That Tre was able to elude them is not surprising, it is not difficult to disappear if one chooses to do so. Second, if Tre was in Canada all of this time, you may want to take note of the fact that the FBI does not have jurisdiction in Canada and cant just cross the border to conduct a man hunt.

Use some common sense in your reasoning.



To: One Who Knows:
Your statement about the FBI is not correct. The FBI has what is called Legats, that is, Legal Attaches around the world. In fact, they have one in Canada and it is this Legat that is involved in the extradition procedures and hearings at the present time regarding Tre Arrow. The FBI investigates criminals and fugitives all of the time in every country that exists in our world. Canada and the United States have an Extradition Treaty that exists between them. The FBI of the United States is the most elite and powerful law enforcement on the planet and their use of informants is well established. To allow Tre Arrow to not be captured was in hopes that he would lead them to others in ELF and other radical terrorist groups. As far as jurisdiction is concerned the FBI and any other citizen of the United States or any other country can easily cross the Canadian border without any problems whatsoever and hide in Canada. Canada is well known for harboring fugitives and this case is no different.


one who knows

to Canadian -

of course law enforcement agencies have international links to try and cooperate with each other - that does not change the fact that the fbi does not have legal AUTHORITY in Canada. we have diplomatic relations with canada too, does this mean we can introduce legislation and make laws for canada? NO.

and having someone sitting in an office does not mean they have the resources to monitor or track down someone. READ MY EXAMPLES - THE FBI CANT EVEN ALWAYS CAPTURE FUGITIVES IN THE COUNTRY WHERE THEY HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS (the US in case you didnt know - it appears you think the FBI is part of canada's law enforcement) relationships between canada & us have been chilly at best the last couple of years, so giving priority to a fugitive not wanted for a violent crime in which anyone was harmed is not gonna happen.

and now you are changing your story - first, tre is an agent of the fbi, now he was "bait" to try and lead them to other ELF members? well which is it?

please use a couple of braincells before formulating any more far fetched conspiracies, we dont need a canadian matlock.

gotta love it... 31.Mar.2004 17:50


To those who insist on debating whether or not Tre is in bed with the FBI... give it a break. Anything else more important to talk about?