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We need hope for Portland's Mothers' Day Parade

Mothers' Acting Up is trying to celebrate Mothers' Day with a parade and rally with the theme "Voting for Our Children- 2004 and Beyond. This is an event to take back Mothers' Day for what it was originally a day of peace with a focus on our children. We are in the need of help in order to make this happen.
This Mothers' Day, May 9, 2004, Portland Oregon is happy to join a number of cities across the nation organizing marches, rallies and other actions to promote social and economic justice for our children. In the wealthiest nation in the world, one in five children live in poverty, millions of children are uninsured and thousands of young people still go to bed hungry each night. Homelessness, racism, domestic violence, educational inequity and a lack of affordable housing endanger the children's' lives and deny them the opportunity to control their own destinies. The situation for children worldwide is worse. Too many of the world's children do not have access to clean water, basic health care, education, adequate food or shelter and children are disproportionately the victims of war and political violence.

It's time we stand up and organize to create a better world the next generation. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, guardians and other caretakers of children could become a powerful voice for change in this nation. Mothers Acting Up (MAU), a nationwide organization has a vision of organizing mothers and other children's' caretakers as a political force for social and economic justice. MAU has organized rallies to reclaim Mothers' Day. One hundred years ago, Julia Ward Howe helped establish this holiday as one where mothers would stand together for peace and justice. This year Portland Oregon will help make Howe's vision a reality.

Ideally the Portland Mothers Acting Up rally and march will be held Sunday March 9th at 2:00 p.m. We will gather in the North Park Blocks and march to the South Park Blocks for a rally and a chance to browse the tables our co-sponsors set up.

We hope to make this first Mothers' Day rally in Portland a large scale, broad-based, multi-cultural event that will have a profound impact on the lives of our children in this state. We would like to invite your group to co-sponsor this rally and help make this event a success. There are many ways you can get involved:

We are still in the planning stages; we can use volunteers to help with outreach, logistics, press releases, etc.
Your group could have a member speak at the rally
You can set up a table to help get the word out about the work you do
We need support; we can use monetary donations or in-kind donations to help publicize the event. Your organization can offer to print up 25 flyers, loan a sound system, or use of tables for the event
We need publicity! We ask co-sponsors to help publicize the event to your constituencies. In return, your organization can help reclaim Mothers Day for Portland. You can also help get the word out about the great work you are doing to help create social and economic justice. If we do not receive sponsors or an offer to sign onto someone's event insurance within 2 weeks(by April 8) we will no longer be able to pull off the parade. Please help make this happen.

For more information call Jess JespersenChavez (503)-239-9993

For donation information contact: Kate O'Rielly (503) 636-7243

For information about Mothers Acting Up national organization see:


homepage: homepage: http://www.mothersactingup.org