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The Gun-Based Philosophy

Article explaining the Gun-based greatness of Leader KIM JONG IL
The Gun-Based Philosophy


It is the firm faith and will of Marshal Kim Jong Il to successfully accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche started from Mt. Baekdu with gun of revolution that are handed down by the anti-Japanese guerillas of Mt. Baekdu.

Marshal Kim Jong Il said that in order to reliably defend and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche the People¡¯s Army should hold fast guns that are handed down from the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters, it is important in carrying out Korean revolution. He added that to hold fast the guns that are handed down from the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters is his philosophy related to the accomplishment of the Korean revolution.

The army-based philosophy of Marshal Kim Jong Il is a fundamental principle of revolution that the revolution is pioneered by the gun and is advanced and accomplished by the gun.

Marshal Kim Jong Il is a general of gun, who pushes forward socialist construction, defending of socialism, national reunification, anti-imperialist struggle and realization of the global independence by relying on the gun, regarding it as an almighty sword of revolution.

The gun-based philosophy of Marshal Kim Jong Il is rooted down from Mt. Baekdu, headquarters of the anti-Japanese guerillas, where the origin of the Juche revolution is opened and he was born. Marshal Kim Jong Il was born during the period of the bloody anti-Japanese war and had grown up in the forest of bayonets, hearing sound of guns as a lullaby. During these periods, he had experienced the spirit of gun that the only way for an empty-handed man is death before the armed enemy and one should hold the gun to fight against enemy in order to carry out the revolution.

Marshal Kim Jong Il who had learnt profound truth of the gun from Kim Jong Suk when he was in log cabin of Mt. Baekdu received a gun as a gift from President Kim Il Sung at a table for mapping out a plan of operation in the supreme headquarters during the last Korean War.

The President said that he gave a pistol to him and he should better take it as a heritage of revolution, earnestly instructing that a revolutionary should not lay down the gun throughout the life, bearing in mind that a gun is supporter guaranteeing victory of revolution.

The gun-based philosophy of Marshal Kim Jong Il is a noble revolutionary spirit of Kim Jong Suk.

One day in spring 1974, Marshal Kim Jong Il put out a pistol he had kept to an official and said that the pistol was what his mother gave him and it was the only remains of his mother.

Marshal Kim Jong Il has covered the road of Juche revolution keeping the gun which is handed down from his parents.

Once he said that he always breathes with the gun, the gun does not betray its owner though all things in the world are changed and it can be said to be an eternal companion of revolutionary and this is his opinion on the gun and outlook on the gun.

Marshal Kim Jong Il dynamically leads the Songun revolution, regarding the gun-based philosophy of Mt. Baekdu as a spiritual mainstay of revolution

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Gun-based Torture and Humiliation in DPRK Prison Camps 16.Mar.2004 01:14


Dear SPSG Comrades,

Gun-based philosophy is another word for militarism; this is nothing to be proud of.
North Korean people suffer from Kim Jong Il's Songun Politics, especially innocent victims in prison camps. They live in inhuman conditions. Torture, starvation, humiliation and death are daily experience.

The best philosophy is humanity and freedom to dissent. This is real greatness. Korea will be free, when the prison gates in Haengyong and Yodok camp are open. Enough people have suffered and died there.

Read this illustrated first-hand testimony by Lee Sun Ok (as just one example):

Overview on North Korean prison camps:

Google for North Korea and Human Rights to learn more.

Do you think all this is fabricated?

If there would be no such prison camps at the described areas in North Korea, why does the DPRK leadership not invite Amnesty International or the UN Human Rights Commission to check this and prove these reports false?

Let me know your opinion,