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michael scarpetti found by fbi

tre arrow arrested in europe
tre arrow arrestd by fbi-any more news?
Well... 15.Mar.2004 12:37


The searches I did, said that he was arrested here in Portland not Europe.

Associated Press article 15.Mar.2004 12:42


It should be noted this AP article makes the unsubstantiated claim that Tre 'has had connections with the Earth Liberation Front.' During Tre's public activist life, he never had such alleged connections. Also, the log truck arson was never claimed by ELF in any sort of public statement. It is irresponsible for the AP to make such a claim as fact, but apparently its true he has been apprehended.

FBI arrests alleged ecoterrorist charged with 2001 arson

The Associated Press
3/15/2004, 11:40 a.m. PT

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) A fugitive radical environmentalist has been arrested by federal officials on charges of setting fire to logging trucks in 2001, the FBI announced Monday.

Michael Scarpitti also known as Tre Arrow was arrested by FBI domestic anti-terrorism agents, the FBI said in a statement.

Further details were not immediately released.

Scarpitti has been on the FBI's most-wanted list since disappearing two years ago.

Scarpitti is among four activists charged with setting logging trucks on fire in a 2001 protest of the Eagle Creek timber sale on the slopes of Mount Hood.

Three others were captured after one of them told a girlfriend about the crime, according to arrest papers. The girlfriend's father is a deputy state fire marshal.

Scarpitti has had connections with the Earth Liberation Front, a loose group of activists that the FBI has classified as an eco-terrorist group.

The FBI lists the ELF as its No. 1 domestic terrorism priority.

Well, well.... 15.Mar.2004 13:02

Tony Blair's dog

"The FBI lists the ELF as its No. 1 domestic terrorism priority."

I take that as the FBI doesn't want to keep
on "investigating" and who was behind it.

They Like to Keep Lists 15.Mar.2004 19:10

Bob Hanssen

The national gestapo uses the criteria "No. 1" with respect to ELF. This, logically, implies that there is at least a "No. 2" and possibly more on a ranked list of "domestic terrorism priority."

Does anyone know who are the lower "domestic terrorism" organization priorities?

Re: FBI Domestic Terrorism Priorities 16.Mar.2004 10:27

History buff

"Does anyone know who are the lower "domestic terrorism" organization priorities?"

Apparently people who fly airplanes into buildings are lower on the list.