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Selective Service Draft Registration Freeze Iniative Resolution Committee!

Exciting Project to Reject Militarism!
Dear Friends,
The Selective Service Draft Registration Freeze Iniative Resolution Committee,


has sent us an e-mail informing us of their efforts aimed at rejecting the Selective Service.
We reject certain aspects such as "patriotism" and "supporting the troops", as well as the suggestion that anti-imperialist countries with mandatory draft laws, are somehow "totalitarian", but the general tone of this project is very good. We are hoping their are similar efforts in the Portland Metropolititan Area, which would be willing to give us a statemenet, and have a clear understanding that our organization is a small ad hoc committee design for supporting the resistance, including armed resistance in Iraq.

Here are their 7 points:

1. Life Ownership:
The most important reason why you should not register for the draft is because you own your body. You own your life. With the draft, the government says that they own your life and they will do whatever they want with your body for as long as they want when they decide the time is right. So don't register!

2. Slippery Slope:
Another reason you should not register for the draft is because registration brings us one step closer to conscription (the draft). When you register with Selective Service you are not registering to win a new car, nor registering to win a free vacation. You are giving Selective Service your vital statistics so they can prepare the coming draft. Selective Service sees your signature as your sign of approval. They hold up the number of registrants and say 'these people are in favor of the draft.' If you don't plan to let yourself be drafted, then don't register! Otherwise you are sending Selective Service the wrong message. So don't register!

3. It's Patriotic:
The draft has nothing to do with patriotism. The US has used conscription for fewer than 40 years of its 225+ year existence. The Selective Service System is an alien culture. It belongs to totalitarians. It is incompatible with a free society. This country is supposed to respect individual rights and freedom of choice. When it comes to war, we shouldn't fight unless we have to, but if we have to defend ourselves we should be fighting not for the soil or the cloth of the flag, but for great ideas like freedom and choice and free enterprise and all the freedoms (press, religion, speech, assembly) that we hold dear. If someone on our side decides not to fight (such as members of traditional peace churches who have always refused to participate in war) then we will fight twice as hard to defend their right to say 'no.' The minute we force people into military service, we lose what we are fighting for. So don't register!

4. It's Easy:
Basically, we're asking you to do nothing. Do not lift a finger to help the Selective Service System. If you want to ensure that this mass civil disobedience is successful, then you may want to take the next step and convince your friends not to register and toss Selective Service materials when you see them. Call the Selective Service toll-free number at 888-655-1825, and leave 'em hanging! Disrupt their system any way you can! But remember, non-registration is the strategy to beat the draft. If enough of us refuse, there is nothing they can do. So don't register!

5. You Don't Have To:
Over 3 million names have been referred by the Selective Service System to the Justice Department for possible prosecution for violation of the Military Selective Service Act (failure to register). 3 million. They have prosecuted 13 people since 1980. What are they going to do, build concentration camps? Your chances of being struck by lightning are better than your chances of being prosecuted for refusing to register. The 3 million men referred to the Justice Department are called 'hard core' resisters by Selective Service. They received 3 or 4 warning letters (bluffs) from the Selective Service and still blew them off. Millions more are in violation of the law for moving and not re-registering. This law has the highest rate of non-compliance since the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s. Many young men register in the belief that it is their only way to get their student aid for college, but that is a fallacy. The Fund for Education and Training (FEAT) will give you money for college if you refuse to register. So don't register! FEAT address: 1830 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington DC 20009-5732 202 483 2220 fax: 202 483-1246

6. Anti-Intervention:
The draft is not necessary to defend this country and never has been. Whenever this country was threatened, people rushed to its defense because it is the voluntary responsibility of everyone to participate in the defense of freedom. It only became necessary for the government to force people into the military when the government became involved in wars that a large number of Americans did not believe in, like Vietnam. We believe in the all-volunteer military. It should be supported because it is the only alternative to the draft. The government needs a draft to conduct a prolonged war of aggression because once the body bags start coming home, volunteers tend to dry up. The United States has an empire, and it is very expensive both in dollars and civil liberties. There is a direct link between Selective Service registration, the draft, and wars of aggression. If you don't want to see your generation sent off to fight a war of annihilation then don't register for the draft!

7. The 'X' Factor:
Selective Service spends every hour of every day planning for the heinous crime of conscription. That is who they are. It is what they do. They are like the Terminator- they would draft your grandmother if the order came down. But in their plans lies a variable, the 'X' factor. The 'X' factor is called resistance. They don't know exactly how much resistance there will be to a reintroduction of conscription. They only have some idea of how much people will freak out. One way to gauge the 'X' factor is non-registration. When they see resistance levels higher than at anytime during the Vietnam War, they know they're in trouble if they actually try and live out their fantasy. So don't register!

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity/selectiveserviceresistance.html