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The Assualt on Dr Phillip Leveque

Hiding behind the mask of the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners, the feds continue their assault on Doctors over medical marijuana.
The Assault on Dr. Phillip Leveque
By: Jack Dalton

This current attack on D. Phillip Leveque by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners is nothing more than a federally sponsored program to instill fear within the medical community; greater uncertainty within the patient community; and a campaign of character assassination of a man, a Doctor, that has been willing to help the sick and the dying when others were not willing to do so.

3 years ago, I was patient at the Portland V.A. Medical Center and I was on over 17 different pills including a lot of morphine. I wanted off all that crap as I kept having toxic reactions to almost everything in pill form. I wanted my medical marijuana card, the V.A. so no, I said yes and left the V.A. That's when I found Dr Leveque (through Voter Power) and took him my medical records. He looked them over, checked me over and signed my paper work which was then submitted and I received my card from the State of Oregon as a medical marijuana patient. 31/2 years later I have a life and a pretty good one at that, except I'm still sick and in pain, but better, much better. I have a life! I didn't before. Thank you for that Phillip as you are to a large degree, by signing that first card for me, responsible for me having this life I now live.

This thing goes deeper than the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners as I see it. Until such time as the ultra right-wing political ideologues that occupy our federal government are gone, these types of attacks on doctors and patients will continue. The people running this episode of the "twilight zone" will stop at nothing and continue their "program" of fear, misinformation, disinformation, lies, and Gestapo tactics. What has been done here in Oregon to Dr Leveque was done to Dr Tod Mikuriya in California recently. When will it stop? When will logic and compassion become the rule of the day instead of fear and uncertainty? When and as, more people mobilize and become politically active; when more people stop being merely spectators to the political process and becoming more informed and start refusing to be relegated to that of a spectator. When we all start being more forceful with our "elected officials" and demanding a higher level of accountability in what they do in our names, at least this is the way I see it.

Thank you once again Dr Leveque for being there for me when there was no one else... I'll never forget you for that, nor for the help you have been there to provide for so many in need. You are right... they are wrong.


homepage: homepage: http://www.Oregon-Medical-Marijuana-Project.org
address: address: Portland, Or

America bites ass 15.Mar.2004 09:23

Chronic back pain

Did the assholes take his license? I need my card still! Who do I go to now?Help!

P.S.Thank you,Dr.Leveque!You're my hero!Stay strong,brother!

wonder if that DEA agent from 15.Mar.2004 09:46

my church

is involved in this madness? The same one who's wife is fucking behind his back and he act's
likee he knows nothing of it when some of us chide him and rub it in his face on Sundays!

Absurd! 26.Mar.2004 17:16


I think it is terrible that the board of medical examiners and the federal goverment can't see marijuana and the medical uses that it provides for patients. I am a user of marijuana because i have a condition called fibromyalgia. It has helped tremedously. I would rather use this option than a bunch of chemically addictive medications. The propaganda the government spews is such bull! In 6,000 years, there has never been a case of anyone dying from smoking marijuana. No one has ever killed anybody. I think they need to legalize it but our country is so much about the money that we will have to fight hard to have the rights that are entitled to us. What Dr. Leveque is doing is helping people and I know we are all greatful for that. So many are trying to railroad him and it is absurd!

Dr. Leveque - is a hero and a compassionate and courageous man 05.Apr.2004 12:35

mike matthews mikematthews98@yahoo.com

After years of V.A. treatment for ptsd, shrapnel wounds, hepatitus C, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as Depression I turned to Dr. Leveque and the VoterPower organization to get a medical marijuana card. I went to the clinic in Portland and saw Dr. Leveque. I was treated just the same as when I went to the V.A. 1st I filled out paperwork and had my vitals taken (just like the V.A.). Then I saw the Dr. and we went over my medical records (just like the V.A.). Dr. Leveque and I had a discussion of my records, my war experiences and what I am going through now related to those experiences and then I received a prescription (just like at the V.A.)
The big difference is that the V.A. gives me drugs that although they help the the pain, the side effects are sometimes horrible. I am currently taking pain pills, anti-depressants, sleeping pills as well as over the counter pain meds (ie: ibuprofin, acetametaphene, and aspirin.) I have twice been on Interferron and Ribavarin. I cannot work, can barely do simple household chores. When I use Marijuana instead I do not have these severe problems.
I live in a small conservative town in rural Oregon and I did not know of a Dr. here that would sign me up for a OMMP card so I went to Dr. Leveque. I really liked and I really respect Dr. Leveque, as a Doctor, as a Man, and as a fellow Veteran. I just wish our polititians had 1/10 the courage Dr. Leveque has shown.

541 380-1689

medical excuse marijuana 06.Apr.2004 09:42

josiah hineni@rio.com

Doctors who issue mmj recommendations are causing the malpractice companies to raise their insurance costs!

Doctors who issue mmj recommendations without examinations, are doing a service? Or are they just in it because of the money? Surely, they will be sued for recommending a "medicine" with so many side effects, a "medicine" which is not authorized by the FDA!


Driving under Medical Excuse Marijuana 06.Apr.2004 09:52

josiah hinenisendme@msn.com

If you've been in an accident with someone you suspect may have been on "medical excuse marijuana", (neither the state nor your insurance will tell you) you may have legal recourse against the doctor who recommended it for this driver! You may also have legal recourse against the state of Oregon. (At the present time, there is no safeguard for the public against people who are on "medical excuse marijuana" and driving, there's no way for an investigating officer to know. Marijuana, causes vehicle accidents - via time warp, visual distortions, 'spaciness', etc . . . sometimes they just aren't there! josiah

Your Ignorance resembles the MONEY/POWER Game that the governmment is playing 17.Sep.2004 23:02

Jeffrey E. Pedersen jeff.pedersen@verizon.net

" Great Spirits have always encountered violent oposition from medediocre minds"
I have personally met Doctor Phillip Leveque. He stands not only from a mound of bravery but from the top of truth. He is not a Doctor that in anyway has dangered his patients. He just has the sincerity to no the chemicals that are contained in the Medicine to prove it works. All everyone is trying to do is stop this because chicken**** Doctors will loose patients/ money as well Pharmacy/ Drug companies loose. Money/ Power. Not commen since. It doesn't seem to be a common sense world. If it helps, What is the big problem? I just told you.

Medical MRIJUnA 20.Jun.2005 20:09


you gave me your card. i was serving. my husband used weed for probably 60 years. was serving at the senior center.

verry nteresting!