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Dreadlocks? Why?

report from the advisor to Aristide, Hazel Ross Robinson.
In listening to Democracy Now, I heard Robinson state that the murderers on behalf of the Aristide opposition are singleing out people with dreadlocks. Why would that be?
Some advice from Condi 15.Mar.2004 07:10


"The Haitian people need to move forward," Rice said on NBC's "Meet the Press" program.

That's what they were trying to do Condi!!

It's just a matter of target selection 15.Mar.2004 15:08


The death squads probably assume that anyone sporting dreadlocks holds political opinions which are not consistent with capitalist/imperialist domination of Haiti, so it's a safe bet that if you shoot them you are shooting a potential enemy.Also the Rastas are an international movement with its stronhold in Jamaica, where Aristide is headed, and the mixture of religion and leftist politics probably freaks out people like US Secy of State Colon Power.

i know that.... 15.Mar.2004 15:54


in some parts of Africa, it is tradition that if you are contemplating murder, you grow dreadlocks. In haiti, they are very proud of their African heritage... maybe they do the same thing there.

it sounds kinda like (or is supposed to sound like?) 16.Mar.2004 00:27

some haitians are slightly pissed at the jamaicans?