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The Daily Poetry Movement

Ah gloop, who said this couldn't be a good dinner? Now I know those who starve in third world coutries would rather starve than to eat what we so happily espouse will feed the world, but take another bite and shiver in anticipation, your health benefits are about to be cut. Why rise up when you could stay at home with a TV dinner and watch the war? Endless cycle.
Virus in Blue Genes
Our farmers are very funny
This is how they earned their money
With sheep's brains inside cow's tummy

Our abattoirs are also jolly
Finding ways to up their lolly
But it's proved an offal folly

Could BSE and CJD
- not a bunch of laughs you see -
Give but a glimpse of what's to be?

Biotech has much invested
In a planet that's infested
With the crops that they've molested

Governments just won't protect us
From the toxins that affect us
Isn't that a trifle reckless?

The bureaucrats, it seems, don't care
Their attitude's "Buyer beware!
Our corporate pals must have their share"

Supermarkets too are jolly
Glad to maximise their lolly:
With goods unlabelled in our trolley

Pesticidal foods, you'll see,
Will mean we eat our genes for tea*
Can it all end happily?

Our farmers are very funny
This is how they'll earn their money:
Misplaced genes inside our tummy
Seems to me that's rather rummy

Chorus line: Umpah! Umpah! Stuff the poor consumar...

* Human Genes into Plants: A mammalian 2-5A system functions as an antiviral pathway in transgenic plants. Mitra A. et al (1996) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93: 6780-6785.

Transgenic honey

This is not food that the people need
It's a terminator-deal for corporate greed
Power of the people gonna stop the crop
The people in power have lost the plot

Seize the Day
listen to it here:  http://nt.oneworld.org/radio/store/preview199346.ram


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A note from the editor:

It seems to me that the chemical companies have us caught in an endless cycle. We need their drugs to cure us from chemicals they release...

Seems sad to me that if we had an armed revolution we would still be giving the money back to them.

This is why I say it is time for the ghost shirt dances. Cept different this time.

The shamans in the south must meet with the shamans form the north and when the condor and eagle fly together we will heal the winds that had shifted. We will fly again and heal the winds.

My readers, Tonight until spring say a prayer of change, beg the winds to remember themselves know there own strength and blow the bad winds away. It is up to the air to heal these spirits.

In the name of my ancestors, Migratory Bird
I miss Bill 15.Mar.2004 02:25

Migratory Bird

Does anybody else miss Bill as much as I do?

Bill, are you safe and happy? Are you starting a garden, writing poetry, meditating, riding your bike, I hope whatever you are doing that you are smiling and thinking your wonderful intense thoughts.

I think I found your book, can you find me another one?