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9.11 investigation

911 Skeptics Unite (Blog March 15th 2004)

Reflections on 9/11 Investigations and post-political aftermath
Monday, March 15th 2004
By Ewing2001

http://us.news2.yimg.com/ ... capt.sge.syq57.140304214001.photo00.default-380x254.jpg


Spanish 3/11- Spain voted against "political" terror

Opposition Socialists claimed victory in Spain's general election on Sunday.

Whoever really was behind the horrible attacks from Thursday (a globalist terror front group, a wannabee Al-Quaeda bandwagon crew, a real AQ franchise, or a split group of ETA), something obviously didn't really work out, or did it?

Spain voted against the Popular Party, against terror, against the war, against Jose Maria Aznar and therefore also against the neocon policy of the United States.
Analysts had warned the PP could be hit if voters believed a purported "al Qaeda video's claims" that the group had mounted its first attack in Europe and in reprisal for Spain's support for the U.S.-led war in Iraq that most Spaniards opposed.

However, we have to wait, how it will work out.
Spain's general election winner Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said on Sunday "his top concern was to beat terror".

I had my doubts about the investigation of spanish "9/11" already on Thursday and released an article, which includes also some background information about possible "prior knowledge" of the CIA and spanish paper El Pais, Abu Hafs al-Masri and the military ties of Alcala de Henares, where investigators believe the bombs may have been put on board the trains.

Many weblogs brought some good editorials, as usual very good opinions also up at Agonist, Cassiopeia has some other interesting thoughts.

Another important article about "Terror in Europe" is up at GlobalResearch : Puppetmasters: The Political Use of Terrorism in Italy.

I'm with many other Sceptics, including Xymphora, who wrote that "the attacks appear to be closer to a 'strategy of terror', where groups associated with those in power use terrorism threats against civilians to put political pressure on the politicians - in this case, welcome political pressure - to lead the politicians to enact right-wing legislation banning dissent and increasing the power of the police state, all justified by the necessity to fight the 'war on terrorism'.
The discovery of the truck containing detonators and a tape in Arabic is a nice touch to create racial tension in Spain, although tricks like this have been used so often they are getting a little too obvious. The most likely candidates for the Madrid explosions are extreme right-wingers associated with both the Francoist edge of the governing conservative Popular Party".


Jose Maria Aznar obviously realised the mess and tried to blame the attack on basque separatist group ETA.

But this didn't make sense either.
As ChinaDaily and DER SPIEGEL reported, "the copper detonators used in the backpack bombs were more sophisticated than the aluminum detonators previously used in bombs linked to ETA".

Another preliminary analysis determined the explosive is a type of dynamite called ECO, manufactured in Spain and normally used in construction and mining.

So, who really did it?


The new "al quaeda military spokesman", Abu Dujan Al-Afghani, who came forward this week, was probably named after "Pakistani infiltrator" Abu Dujan, who was shot on May, 7th 2002.
He was a member of separatist group Lashkar-e-Toiba, which is suspected to be on the payroll of Pak Secret Service ISI, with "sleeper cells" in the United Kingdom.

Interestingly Dujan was also mentioned in the case of canadian-syrian citizen Maher Arar.

Arar's story is documented on 911 Review:

The U.S. claimed, he is a member of an organization that has been designated by the Secretary of State as a Foreign Terrorist organization, to wit Al Qaeda aka Al Qa'ida.
In October 2002, Arar was deported on a private jet on which he is the sole passenger, to Syria via Jordan, in flagrant violation of international and American law.

Meanwhile, Arar is back in Canada and working on a lawsuit against John Ashcroft.

Abu Dujan's name is mentioned in leaked documents about what Arar allegedly told Syrian military intelligence officials during the first few weeks of his incarceration.

Abu Dujan was also a "code name" he is said to have confessed to, after a legendary Muslim fighter who was recognized by a red headband that signalled a determination to fight to the death for the prophet Muhammad.

Well, the one or the other Dujan didn't help the spanish populist party.

Even a late sunday announcement of Interior Minister Angel Acebes of an arrest of three Moroccans and two Indians linked to the bombings, didn't help anymore.

After 8 Years, the Popular Party, led by Mariano Rajoy, got kicked out.
Outgoing Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, who supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq, against the majority of 90 percent of Spaniards opposing, will not longer be an ally of this bogus war on terror.

The so called "last minute"-al quaeda connection, that one of the three Moroccans, who got arrested, is linked to a man jailed in Spain for allegedly "helping plan the Sept. 11 attack", didn't help either, probably made it even worse.

A Sept. 17, 2003 indictment named Jamal Zougam, 30, as a "follower" of Imad Yarkas.

This "Yarkas"info (fore heaven's sake, why is he a 9/11 planner?) might hopefully backfire on George Tenet, CIA.

I wrote more about Imad Yarkas, in my 2003 article "Mohammed Atta - Slips Under Radar of 6 Countries?".

Yarkas was linked to the Salafist Group for Call and Combat and probably a "recruiter", whatever this means.

Whoever orchestrated this arrestment of Zougam and his link to Yarkas aka Abu Dahdah, he should also know, that Atta was on the watchlist of the german secret service since 1998, and under radar of possibly 6 european intelligence agencies, who knew Imad Yarkas.

CIA-Tenet should better finally explain us, why CIA officer Thomas Volz, in 1999, tried to hire one of Atta's business friends, Marmoun Darkanzali, as an informant, who apparently was in touch with Yarkas, and from the same home town of Aleppo, Syria.

Spanish authorities had been monitoring Abu Dahdah for several years.
He was believed to have traveled throughout Europe, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

On September 7th, 2003, Australian Intelligence confirmed to *Australian Sunday, that they have known for three years that Abu Dahdah, had been in contact with two Australian Islamic leaders Sheik Mohammed Omran and Bilal Kazal (Belal Khazal).

But nothing happened. Not then, not now.
Yarkas isn't even in the United States.
Why, if he really was involved in Sep11th?

Will "Al-Quaeda" release now a "thank you"-video to Spain, that they voted the warmongers out?

Or just bomb again for the Neocons? Wait, that sounds like a "cookie conspiracy theory", does it?

Whatever, the whole "ETA-Al Quaeda Cooperation" is a moronic construct for me.

Bombs of Al-Queada against the U.S. in Spain, just make no sense.

Maybe a simple thought of newsblogger "CerealMurderer" (DU) brings it to the point:

"...There is NO connection between Iraq and AQ.
Why would AQ care about Iraq unless there was a connection between them?

We know for a fact that Iraq and AQ have nothing in common and is a cornerstone of our attack on bush trying to say AQ and Iraq were connected.
With that FACT in mind how can we lend any credibility to AQ for saying Spain was bombed because America attacked Iraq?
Remember, there is NO connection between Iraq and AQ..."

On that quote, i will leave this topic, too much headaches....

Other Stories and Names of the week:

http://a.abcnews.com/ ... 2004-03-14T180800Z_01_GALAXY-DC-MDF495812_RTRIDSP_1_INTERNATIONAL-RUSSIA-DC.jpg

On Sunday, Vladimir Putin, was re-elected as expected.

Exit polls had Putin garnering more than 69 percent of the vote, a clear sign of the depth of the former KGB agent's popularity. His closest challenger, the Communist Party's Nikolai Kharitonov, had just 14 percent of the vote.

Some weeks ago, Putin announced already his new team.
These are the people, we should put an eye on:

Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, Economy Minister German Gref and Dmitry Kozak, who has focused on judicial reform, now chief of staff.


Then we have Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, who also has a background in the security services.
He was former KGB-officer since 1981.

In 1995, Rashid Nurgaliyev served in the Central Office of Federal Counterespionage Service (FSK), and later in FSB, as the Chief Inspector of Organizational-Inspectorial Office, and as the Chief of Self-Security Dept.

Mikhail Fradkov, the new prime minister, is likely to obey Mr Putin, he appears to have silovik connections (witness a gap in his official biography in 1972-73, when some think he may have been trained at the KGB academy asc well before a posting to India).


Most important - the oil connection:

Viktor Khristenko, who had been acting prime minister, was named energy minister.

In Cheney-style, Viktor Khristenko is also Member, Board of Directors, of oil major Gazprom.
Interestingly, Russians Radio Network, Echo of Moscow, which reaches 1.5 million people in Moscow and about 30 other cities, is 66 percent owned by Gazprom Media, subsidiary of the natural gas monopoly.
Gazprom is also the company that, in 2001, took over the once-independent Russian TV network, NTV.

Gazprom, the biggest company in Russia, with sales of $20 billion in 2001, is one of the largest energy producers on the planet, with reserves six times the size of Exxon Mobil Corp.'s.
Gazprom produces 94% of the country's natural gas and controls 25% of the world's reserves. It is also the world's largest gas producer.
Competitors are Itera, Lukoil and Sibneft.

In early 2002, Gazprom made negative news in the business world, as "russian's ENRON".
In a complex business scheme, their auditor in question was PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world's largest accounting firm.
PwC has been signing off on Gazprom's books since 1996.

PwC is currently also looking into a rogue trading scandal of National Australia Bank Ltd.

CEO of PwC, since 2002, is Samuel A. DiPiazza.
He is also a member of the Frankfurt-based Mergers & Acquisitions Group (CEO Academy).


Tides of inaccuracy

The Outrage about Bush's 9/11 Exploitation continued this week.

In a radio program this week, Rush Limbaugh said the 9/11 family group Peaceful Tomorrows was being funded by Teresa Heinz Kerry and berated two family members after playing audio clips of them criticizing Bush: "These people are poisoned. They have literally been poisoned by their hate. They have been poisoned by their rage. It is unbelievable, the depths to which they will sink."

This was not only disgraceful but also inaccurate.

Peaceful Tomorrows has never received funding from the Howard Heinz Endowment, the Vira I. Heinz Endowment, Teresa Heinz Kerry or John Kerry.

In an op-ed, 9/11 Researcher Allan P. Duncan did a good job of exposing the "conservative conspiracy theory" about the 9/11 families.
First, Duncan says, the two women Rush attacked but didn't identify were Kristen Breitweiser and Monica Gabrielle, "both members of the Family Steering Committee for the 9-11 Commission, and not members of the group Limbaugh claims received funding from Teresa Heinz Kerry. That group, according to news reports that began hitting the wires on March 6th was September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows."

Duncan's story was widely circulated and also picked up at Salon.


Another 9/11 family member, Joan Molinaro, responded on another smear attack of John Podhoretz, NY POST (John is the son of Norman Podhoretz, core member of NeoCon thinktank PNAC):

"Dear Mr. Podhoretz,
I am neither "deluded or dishonest", I am the mother of a murdered 9/11 firefighter and the grandmother of a soldier who just finished serving 12 months in Iraq fighting Bush's war. Your article was both insulting and hurtful.

If President Bush wants to use the images of 9/11 for political gain he is free to do so. That does not make it right. When I see the image of the flag drapped body being carried out of ground zero, I wonder is that my son, is that Carl? I was not allowed to see my son's body because it was in such decay and so badly crushed. Last December, we were told that they had found a piece of his foot. No, I will never ever forget 9/11. I live it every day. President Bush spent one day in NY and that was 3 days after the attack. He spent 9/11 flying around with air force jets protecting him and returned to Washington DC that night. He showed great leadership didn't he?...

...I am simply a mother who knows that when the worst attack on American soil took place, my President was asleep at the helm. It was not his shinning moment, it was his darkest hour. If it where such a shining moment, why is he not helping in the 9/11 commission? Why is he hiding the truth? Why is he still supporting the Saudi Royal family? NO I am not deluded, but you just might be.
Joan Molinaro

More about the ongoing 9/11 Exploitation at Commondreams ("9/11, Bush's Only Hope").


On Thursday, at least two 9/11 Family Members were not allowed to attend a protest at the 9/11 Memorial in Long Island, NC.
SGTV, INN World Report, 9/11 CitizensWatch and the NY 9/11 Truth Alliance witnessed this incident.

INN brought a report about this protest on this week's show, the video mirror will be up soon.

The NY Times recognised our 9/11 truth protest signs of the NY 9/11 Truth Alliance:
"Signs said: "No blood for oil," "Where Are the Jobs?" "Like father, like son, one term and you're done" and "Stop the 9/11 Cover-up."


Joe Klein from TIME magazine, also a Dean-Supporter, thinks, that too many questions from Sep11th are still unanswered.

Besides some inane political spin, he wrote in his new article "Bush and 9/11: What We Need to Know", what the Sep11th commission should ask Bush:

"Why did he allow planeloads of Saudi nationals, including members of the bin Laden family, out of the U.S. in the immediate
aftermath of the terrorist attacks? Who asked him to give the Saudis special treatment? Was he aware that the Saudi Arabian government and members of the royal family gave money to charities that funded al-Qaeda?"

Klein also pointed out that the "CIA had an informant close to two of the hijackers", "Ashcroft had opposed increasing counterterrorism funding" and that on "Aug. 6, Bush had been told that al-Qaeda was planning to strike the U.S., perhaps using airplanes".

Klein repeated his statement on Sunday's Chris Matthews Show, the "Bin Laden Family planes" might play a big role in the election.


Ronald Motley, who won lawsuits against big tobacco and asbestos firms, is continuing to use the federal courts to prove Saudi complicity in the 9/11 attacks.
Motley has assembled an international investigative team that rivals the intelligence operations of many countries to build a case redressing global terrorism.
Sen. Richard Shelby said this week about Motley's 9/11 Family Lawsuit:
"If Ron Motley can help unravel the mystery of a lot of terrorist financing, I don't care who the president of the United States is. Or where the trail leads."

Then we have another 9/11 Victim Lawsuit by Maria Koutny.
Koutny, whose mother-in-law, Marie Pappalardo, was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175, which crashed into the World Trade Center's south tower.

Koutny isn't counting on winning any money either:
`That's what we're looking for, and that's the type of thing you're
not getting in the 9-11 Commission meetings,'' said Lance.

``There's got to be some big things (that haven't been revealed),''
Maria Koutny, Pappalardo's daughter, told the Eagle-Tribune. ``So yeah, there'll
definitely be some bombshells.''

Maybe she's also interested to check out the Research by the Spanish Amics 9/11 Team, still digging on UA175 and recently also supported by Professor Amparo Sacristan Carrasco, University School Mataró (Barcelona, Spain).

Yet another pending RICO lawsuit by Ellen Mariani, is starting to make mainstream news.
Mariani, who accused George Bush "and other high level members of his administration based upon prior knowledge of 911; knowingly failing to act, prevent or warn of 911; and the ongoing obstruction of justice by covering up the truth of 911; all in violation of the laws of the United States", has meanwhile over 7000 supporters in a petition on her website.


In two other lawsuits, the wife and children of John O'Neill, who died when the World Trade Center collapsed, accusing Saudi Arabia, Syria, the Sudan and banks, financial organizations and companies of aiding terrorists worldwide.
The new lawsuits argue that the Sept. 11 attacks were not isolated incidents and had been planned for years by a "network of Islamic militants" with the assistance of banks, governments and individuals.

O'Neill was one of the FBI's top terrorism experts before he left the FBI shortly before the Sept. 11 attacks amid an investigation into his loss of a briefcase with sensitive FBI documents. He became chief of security at the trade center.

Another 9/11 Exploitation or just theft?

A Justice Department investigation that criticized F.B.I. agents for taking relics from the Staten Island landfill that held the rubble of the World Trade Center also found that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld "kept a piece of the airplane that struck the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001".

I'm wondering, what kind of debris, Rumsfeld has on his desk. This could be helpful evidence for many 9/11 Pentagon Researchers.

Other headers of the week:

http://us.news2.yimg.com/ ... capt.sge.rwu66.110304084243.photo00.default-384x273.jpg

NY Times reported, that the Iraqi Oil Ministry and Lukoil, another Russian petroleum giant, "took a step toward reviving a prewar oil deal on Thursday, signing a preliminary agreement to train Iraqi oil workers and revisit a contract to develop a huge oil field once a new government is in power in Baghdad.

... Oil experts said the agreement was not a concrete deal for developing West Qurna-2, a field believed to contain reserves of 15 billion barrels of oil. The new Iraqi Governing Council has refused to say whether Lukoil's old contract is still valid."



Last week, Susan Lindauer, a journalist and congressional aide, was arrested on charges of acting as an agent for the Iraqi government.

Lindauer's bio is full of interesting angles.
In 1998 Middle East Intelligence Bulletin reported, that Dr. Richard Fuisz, a major CIA operative in Syria during the 1980s, met with Susan Lindauer in 1994 and told her that that the perpetrators of the December 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland were based in Syria.
One month after their meeting, the Clinton administration, which holds Libya responsible for the bombing, placed a gag order on Dr. Fuisz to prevent him from publicly discussing the issue.

Lindauer, worked for four Capitol Hill Democrats--Congressman Peter DeFazio (OR), then-Congressman and now Senator Ron Wyden (OR), former Senator Carol Mosley-Braun (IL), and most recently, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA).

According to the indictment of last week, "Lindauer delivered a letter `to the home of a United States government official' on Jan. 8, 2003, in which she described her access to members of dictator Saddam Hussein's regime `in an unsuccessful attempt to influence United States policy.' " That official, who wasn't identified in earlier reports, is Lindauer's second cousin--White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

On Friday, Lindauer, left the federal courthouse in Baltimore with her attorney Peter Johnson (left above).
She was released on $500,000 bail to the custody of her father after the hearing. She underwent a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation Lindauer said, she is a "peace activist".


The FBI pushes for broadband wiretap powers.
All broadband Internet providers, including cable modem and DSL companies, would have to rewire their networks to support easy wiretapping by police, according to a new proposal from the FBI. The long-awaited proposal, submitted to the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday, has been crafted so broadly that it would outlaw the introduction of new broadband services that did not support ready wiretapping access. Companies currently offering broadband would be given 15 months to comply.


Meanwhile, a newspaper claimed, the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles sold driving records of Ohioans for about $50,000 to the company developing a multistate crime database program.
The program, called Matrix, lets states share information with one another and cross-reference the data with up to 20-billion records in databases held by a Florida company called Seisint.

Seisint, founded in 1998, has one location in one former Sep11th "hijacker" city, Boca Raton, FA.

President & Chief Executive Officer of Seisint is Paul S. Cameron, who came from Accenture, which is the new name for Arthur Andersen, former auditor of ENRON.

Accenture is meanwhile also member of an electronic military task force, who supports e-voting.
Other suporters are Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, and EDS.

Seisint's e-voting ties continue with Christiane Breton, Chief Financial Officer, who worked at ChoicePoint.

ChoicePoint, Greg Palast-specialists might know this, merged in 2002 with Database Technologies DBT, which was responsible for the fake felony list of 90,000 people in Florida, which was one of the real reasons for the "stolen election".

It's getting more interesting.
Seisint's Vice President Sal Hernandez, joined Seisint in February 2003 after serving over fifteen years as a Special Agent with the FBI.

Hernandez supported the development of MATRIX in Boca Raton, with funding by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Another Vice President, William D. Shrewsbury, is a former DEA agent, formerly working in the Miami and Ft. Myers Regions.

Other High Tech/Database/Evoting-connections:

  • Executive Vice President James P. Swift joined Seisint in May 1999 from Modus Operandi, Inc., a management and technology consulting firm.
  • Chairman Jack Hight, also on the board of Modus Operandi, was a co-founder of EDS
  • Director Martha Barnett is on the LEXIS-NEXIS Legal Advisory Board
  • Bruce Barrington is the founder of Clarion Software and worked with military contractor McDonnell Douglas
  • Kenneth A. Horowitz, telephon guru, is one of the original founders of the cellular telephone industry
  • Ira Siegel is CEO of LEXIS-NEXIS
  • Brian L. Stafford, Managing Director, who was the Director of the United States Secret Service until February 2003.
    During his 31-year career, he safeguarded seven the U.S. nation's presidents and served as the agency's lead executive under Clinton and George W. Bush.


    Karen Kwiatkowski, former military analyst working for NESA office, which includes the Iraq desk and Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans, gave an exclusive TV-Interview for INN Report.
    The new U.S. "Whistleblower" and "real patriot" explained, how the Neocons around Feith, Libby and Luti, disrespected the U.S. Constitution, lied to the U.S. Nation and misled intelligence and U.S. Congress.

    The Interview is now up at INN World Report.


    The US revealed to be secretly funding opponents of Hugo Chavez.
    Washington has been channelling hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the political opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez - including those who briefly overthrew the democratically elected leader in a coup two years ago.

    Hopefully someone else will pick up the SAIC-Venezuela connection pretty soon.
    The U.S. private military contractor apparently helped sabotage the Venezuelan oil industry (PDVSA) with flawed software, and according to Venezuelan Lawyers and Vheadline, pushed "pattern of half truths and lying in regards to the actions" of PDVSA.


    News from ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
    He flew out of the Central African Republic on Monday for Jamaica, heading back to the Caribbean over the objections of Haitian and U.S. officials.

    Among those who flew to Africa to retrieve the former Haitian president were U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who described herself as "a very close friend" of Aristide who had been in daily communication with him since his arrival in Bangui.

    Other members of the delegation have been Sharon Hay-Webster, who is representing Jamaican Prime Minister PJ Patterson and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) , -and with an impressive indy media stunt, Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!, who reported exclusive on Sunday.


    One of the stories of the week, was definetely of millionaire Ely Calil and former SAS soldier, Simon Mann.

    Calil has been accused of financing an operation to hire foreign mercenaries to overthrow the government of the oil-rich West African country.
    The Information Minister of Equatorial Guinea has alleged Calil arranged to pay Simon Mann, $5m to hire a group of mercenaries to oust the ailing President Obiang.
    Calil was probably backed by some globalists, who planned to replace Obiang with Severo Moto, who heads a government-in-exile in Spain.
    One of the arrested suspects claimed, that he worked for Severo Moto.
    Moto has denied any involvement in the plot.

    Altogether Sixty-four suspected mercenaries, hired by Simon Mann, will face charges in Zimbabwe, along with their three-man flight crew.
    Last weekend, their aging Boeing 727, which was used for the planned coup, was stopped at Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe.

    In 1989, Simon Mann founded Executive Outcomes, one of the world's most successful mercenary outfits, nowadays better knows as private military contractors (PMCs).

    South African Executive Outcomes stands as the ultimate army-for-hire after its success in routing rebels in the war-torn African nations of Angola and Sierra Leone made headlines worldwide in the mid-1990s.

    According to PMC Specialist ICIJ, the address of Executive Outcome's office, 47 Crocker Blvd., Michigan, is also the listed address of British private military company Northbridge Services Group's U.S. office.

    Executive Outcome became defunct in January 1999.
    Meanwhile, their website link, still works, but relocates to Northbridgeservice, who proudly states, that their track record is "of over 5000 man-years of military knowledge".

    SAS-suspect Simon Mann is also associated with Sandline International, which seemed to carry out operations under similar arrangements to Executive Outcomes but with a greater British involvement.
    Sandline is owned by a nominee shareholder, Adson Holdings.


    Chief Executive of Sandline is Tim Spicer, hated by many in Africa.
    In 2000, he released his book An Unorthodox Soldier, in which he described, how he was hired by the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) to drive out the RUF and which had been inherited by the Kabbah government of Sierra Leone.

    Millionaire Ely Calil is also alleged to have links to Logo Logistics, the private security company that chartered the plane that was impounded in Zimbabwe.
    As Guardian reported, the original story was like this:

    On 6 March, former SAS Simon Mann, went to Zimbabwe from the Democratic Republic of Congo, accompanied by two South Africans.
    It is claimed their task was to prepare the way for a group of soldiers from South Africa.

    On Sunday, 7 March, Logo Logistics' Boeing 727 was made ready. Captain Neil Steyl and co-pilot Hendrick Hamman took off at 4pm with 65 soldiers on board. On board were two packages of cash: one of $30,000 for fuel and landing fees and the other of $100,000 to be used inside Equatorial Guinea.


    Logo Logistics has also admitted now to having in their employ the 15 mercenaries in Equatorial Guinea.


    The Role of the SAS was also very significant for the war plans against Afghanistan, prior and after September 11th:

    I remember it first hand, on U.S. afghan chat rooms and from the BBC, that it was SAS, who was FIRST on the ground in Afghanistan in late September 2001/October 2001, long time before the US troops entered the country.

    Also in charge, General Charles Holland, head of another U.S. special operation, originally scripted in Tampa, Florida, 1 hour away from Huffman Aviation (Atta + Co.).
    Holland, meanwhile retired since November 2003, was Commander of the Headquarters U.S. Special Operations Command, MacDill AFB (Tampa), Fla.

    Tampa was also one of the very few cities, where the F.B.I. flew out Bin Laden Family Members, right after Sep11th.

    Holland did the Afghan Invasion together with the Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force commandos, CIA agents and members of 22 SAS Regiment, puppeteered by Tommy Franks, co-puppeteered by Richard Myers, already okayed by PNAC hardliner Donald Rumsfeld (only 4 hours after the attack on the PENTAGON), co-witnessed by Wesley Clarke and later reconfirmed by Rowan Scarborough in his book "Rumsfeld's War":

    "It came from the White House, it came from other people around the White House. It came from all over. I got a call on September 11. I was on CNN, and I got a call at my home saying, 'You got to say this is connected. This is state-sponsored terrorism. This has to be connected to Saddam Hussein.'"

    While Clark has not yet identified who called him, Perle, Woolsey, Gaffney and Kristol were using the same language in their media appearances on September 11.

    They didn't go to Iraq, they went first to Afghanistan.

    Pentagon Analyst Scarborough wrote in his book:

    "...The time was 1:02 p.m., less than four hours after terrorists steered American Flight 77 into the Pentagon's southwest wall.
    ...Rumsfeld quickly shared his views in a meeting of his inner circle, the so-called Round Table group including Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and the chairman and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    This would be a global war, Rumsfeld said, and he planned to give Special Operations forces — Delta Force, SEALs and Green Berets — unprecedented powers to kill terrorists.
    ...He authorized Army Gen. Tommy Franks to bring him a war plan for toppling the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda operated. Perhaps far more importantly, he also summoned his top Special Operations officer, Air Force Gen. Charles Holland, to draw up a blueprint for a broader war on terror..."

    The ties of SAS, Sandline International and Executive Outcomes have more bizarre angles.

  • According to an EIR-Report from 1997, unknown members of EO have been "identified as responsible for the February 1986 murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme".
    Executive Outcomes was originally incorporated offshore, on the Isle of Man, in 1993, by Anthony Buckingham, a British businessman, who is also chief executive of Heritage Oil and Gas, which in turn is linked to the Canadian firm Ranger Oil.

    "The links between Executive Outcomes and Ranger Oil point to operational ties with the Bronfman family of Canada, whose scion, Edgar Bronfman of Toronto Broncorp, sits on the board of directors of Ranger."
    In 1997, the "Bronfman family merged its mammoth real estate firm, Trizec, with Barrick Gold, whose senior advisory board includes George Bush Senior.

    "The ability of Executive Outcomes to thrive as privatized warlords, it is believed, is in part due to the privatization of U.S. intelligence services by George Bush, who, as vice president, beginning in 1981, carried out Executive Order 12333, which placed all U.S. intelligence operations under Bush's personal control."

  • According to the Zimbabwean authorities, the impounded plane, involved in the planned Guinea Coup, was allegedly a former
    United States Airforce aircraft, and had been sold to an American concern, Dodson Aviation, which had leased it out to Logo Logistics Limited.

    On last friday, Dodson Aviation Inc of Kansas (the plane's previous owners) said that they had sold the 1964-vintage aircraft to Logo Limited the week prior.

    Owner of Dodson is J.R. Dodson, formerly Embry Riddell Aeronautical University (Campuses in Daytona Beach, Fla., and Prescott, Ariz.)
    Dodson Aviation, is based in Britain's Channel Islands
    (Not to be confused with Channel Islands near Santa Barbara, California = "AA77 passengers connection"!).

    Here we find yet some other odd Sep11th-dots:

    Embry Riddell happens to be also one of the institutes, where one of the Sep11th "hijackers", Waleed Alshehri hung out for a while.
    Officially Alshehri was on Flight 11, while other reports stated, that he is still alive and located in Morrocco.

    Other news from 9/11 Researchers and 9/11 Activists

    9/11 Skeptics on PRAVDA-board

    The controversial PRAVDA Discussion on their board entered their fifth week: Did Bush Engineer 9/11??


    Another Prior Knowledge? Sears Towers sold to Twin Tower Lease biz men

    Some concerns became loud this week, when 9/11 Truthseeker Theresa "agent777" found out, that the Sears Towers were sold.
    Apparently, MetLife Inc., owner of the 110-story tower in Chicago, disclosed the sale Thursday.
    MetLife wouldn't reveal the buyers, but a source close to the sale said they are New York investors who held the lease on the World Trade Center.

    The buyers, the source said, are Lloyd Goldman, Joseph Cayre and Jeffrey Feil. The same men also were named as the buyers by the Slatin Report, a Web site covering New York real estate. All are prominent but secretive Manhattan landlords.

    Goldman and Cayre joined with Larry Silverstein in buying the trade center lease for $3.2 billion a few weeks, before the Towers got destroyed.

    The article about the sale was originally released on Chicago Sun Times and mirrored immediately first on RumourMillNews, then on SurfingtheApocalypse, then RENSE, Portland Indymedia and so on...

    The "Dejavu" effect of the poster expresses the following thought:
    If Silverstein and Goldman had prior knowledge about the attacks on the Twin Towers and therefore profited from the insurance, do they have it again and the Sears Towers are next?

    9/11 Activists and Truthseekers, please help out

    On Thursday, is the next 9/11 Meetup.

    For the first time now confirmed is Portland (most active on Indymedia!),
    Still not up for their official first 9/11 meetup are many cities, which are packed with 9/11 Researchers and 9/11 Activists.
    What's up, Washington, San Francisco, Berlin and Chicago?? Let's write 4 friends and please show up. :)

    Next Weekend is the anti-war protest. The 9/11 Truth Movement will support this protest with own signs:
    "STOP THE 9/11 COVER-UP".

    Everyone, who wants to establish their own 9/11 Truth Alliance, should do so immediately.
    For any advice or support, please contact 9/11 Visibility, NY 911 Truth or Carol Brouillet's 9/11 Activist Team, which is also finalising the countdown for their huge International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One, San Francisco, March 26-28th. The Tentative program is up now.

    I will report more about this big event next week, meanwhile i also have my ticket and planning a workshop over there.

    Next Rounds for Sep11th Commission

    The 9/11 Commission (or better 9/12 Commission) released their revised dates for their next public events:

    March 23-24, 2004 Counterterrorism Policy Washington, DC

    April 13-14, 2004 Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Community Washington, DC

    May 18-19, 2004 Emergency Response New York City
    Regarding how prepared the city was how it responded.
    The 9-11 Plot New York City
    Examining the events and coordination of the attacks on 9/11.

    June 8-9, 2004 National Crisis Management Washington, DC


    Finally, the updated article from german 9/11 Researcher Woody Box, about some new strange oddities of Flight 11, is online.

    GlobalFreePress premiered it now for the U.S.

    It might be a groundbreaking story about Flight 11, with new details, which might bring us back to the never ending thought, if the "hijack scenario" was part of the wargames, which took place prior and on the day of Sep11th.

    Flight 11 is interesting for many 9/11 Researchers, not just because of the videos of the crash, which clearly show a smaller plane, but also because of the irregularities of the different phone calls aboard.

    Brad M. was recently listening again to the phone call of Nydia Gonzalez (not Betty Ong!):

    He analysed:

    "...This is from the second recording with Nydia and the AA securirty, as far as I know, He ( AA security) can not hear anyone else, and is not conferenced in, though at some point he seems to be in touch with ATC.

    (my comments are in brackets)

    MALE VOICE: American Airlines emergency line, please state your emergency.

    Nydia: Hey, this is Nydia at American Airlines calling. I am monitoring a call in which Flight 11 -- the flight attendant is advising our reps that the pilot, everyone's been stabbed.

    Ok so the first thing the guy is thinking is a stabbing, nothing about hijacking...
    notice that she says the pilot, nothing about a passenger. Why would she say everyone?


    NYDIA GONZALEZ: Yep. They can't get into the cockpit is what I'm hearing.

    (i dont know why she said "they" maybe the other attendants, now he knows theres a problem, but not a hijacking necisarrilly, but he doesnt ask, she doesnt say HIJACKER)

    MALE VOICE: Okay, we're contacting the flight crew now and we're . . . we're also contacting ATC.

    NYDIA GONZALEZ: Okay. It seems like the passengers in coach might not be aware of what's going right now.

    MALE VOICE:These two passengers were from first class?

    What 2 passengers is this guy reffering to Is he reffering to the people stabbed, or the hijackers that were never brought up? She never said anythiing about hijackers,they were talking about stabbings! She never said anything about passengers, she said the pilot was stabbed!

    (Unless he spoke with ACT already, and they gave him the info, but WHO talked to ATC before him at this point ) ?

    NYDIA GONZALEZ: Okay, hold on. Hey Betty, do you know any information as far as the gents . . . the men that are in the cockpit with the pilots, were they from first class? They were sitting in 2A and B.

    Instead of clarifying his question, she starts talking about the 2 "gents" that were sitting in Wail Alshehri, and Waleed Alshehri's seats. This may just be an innocent mistake on her part.
    But it brings up the scenario that if they are talking about 2 passengers that were hurt, then the guys hurt WERE THE HIJACKERS!

    MALE VOICE: Okay.

    NYDIA GONZALEZ: They are in the cockpit with the pilots.

    MALE VOICE: Who's helping them, is there a doctor on board?

    OK so this guy thinks that the 2 guys were hurt, not hijackers, it seems pretty clear above??

    NYDIA GONZALEZ: Is there a doctor on board, Betty, that's assisting you guys? You don't have any doctors on board. Okay. So you've gotten all the first class passengers out of first class?

    (I cant tell what Nydia is thinking here? Is she talking about the hijackers, or worried about people stabbed? She knows some of the crew was stabbed, but it is not clear at this point if she knows that any passengers were stabbed or not, If they were, she may be talking about stabbed people "passengers/HIJACKERS?" brought into the cabin?
    She has gotten everyone out of first class, a few seconds ago, the people in coach didn't know there was a problem, so the people in coach did not notice people coming back from first class?
    How long did it take, how many people were in first class?

    MALE VOICE: Have they taken anyone out of first class?

    NYDIA GONZALEZ: Yeah, she's just saying that they have. They're in coach. What's going on, honey? Okay, the aircraft is erratic again. Flying very erratically. She did say that all the first class passengers have been moved back to coach, so the first class cabin is empty. What's going on on your end?

    (After she says "What's going on on your end? " she says a name, -they omit this name on the transcripts, why ?
    I cant make it out, but she doesnt know his name, he had not said it. I am not even sure if this was Nydia that says this?
    As far as I know , no one else is on this call -it sounds to me like she says PEG?)

    MALE VOICE: We contacted Air Traffic Control, they are going to handle this as a confirmed hijacking. So they're moving all the traffic out of this aircraft's way.

    (This brings up a big question. Did ATC get their info only from AA security? If they did, they were the first ones to bring up hijacking, remember there is no one else on the phone as far as the male voice is concerned besides Nydia and the ATC.

    In Ongs call, what i found interesting was that she didnt know what flight she was on, when they asked her, she said flight 12, it actually sounds like 2 female voices BOTH saying flight 12? Is someone trying to change the flight number here?
    Now nobody ever says that anyone was FORCED into the back of the plane. It never sounds like from either call that there were more than 2 hijackers, actually, no one ever saw a hijacker, or "knows who stabbed who" in Ong's words.

    Admittedly the tape was cut to supposedly protect a familly members name, maybe that holds some info that wold have peiced it together.)

    From the second recording, under where it says (BEEP) :

    Now look at the spin !
    This is not how i would have reported these events...

    I have a thread with comments here..."

    Something really doesn't add up.

    Was Flight 11 part of a wargame, a so called-piggyback action?
    How many plane(s) departed as Flight 11?

    With these questions, i wish you a nice week and good reading with Woody Box :)

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