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Artist Leaves Body to Guggenheim Museum

New York based artist Shishaldin has left her remains as a bequest to the Guggenheim Museum.
Artist Wills Remains to Guggenheim Museum

New York based artist Shishaldin has left her remains as a bequest to the Guggenheim Museum.

BROOKLYN, NY--March 7, 2004--It has been said that everyone loves you when you are dead, but New York artist Shishaldin has undertaken an unusual approach towards achieving artistic immortality. Under the terms of her will, her remains are being left to the Guggenheim Museum in New York with the stipulation that they are to be freeze dried and displayed nude in a prominent location.

"The museums are like cemeteries, filled with art by dead people. This is actually a very conventional approach towards making art." says the currently very much alive Shishaldin.

The Guggenheim has been mum so far on this unusual bequest. Has it occurred to the artist that they might actually decline her endowment(s)?

"Why on would they do that? Hot naked chicks in the lobby are great for business."

About Shishaldin:

The 22 year old artist resides in Brooklyn where she is a MFA candidate at Pratt Institute. She originally hails from Alaska where she was the statewide women's tennis champion. She is the recipient of numerous awards in tennis and track and recently completed a piece called Berserker: Meat Marathon wherein she ran the 2003 NYC Marathon clad in salami. She has been awarded Outstanding Merit in Sculpture from Pratt Institute and was featured on the cover of The Coagula Art Journal. Her work will be on display March 22-28 at the Steuben East Gallery, Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, New York



homepage: homepage: http://www.shishaldin.com

fiddling while rome burns 14.Mar.2004 23:19


i followed the link to this artist's website and checked out her stuff. ho hum. another self-absorbed, irony-obsessed, pop-culture driven "artist". it is so not charming to spend as much time and energy as she does on such superficial crap. if only creative people like her would put their talents toward change and community, we could have a much better and more liveable world. maybe when she's older. i think i was about this stupid when i was in my early twenties, too, though i know plenty of kids that age who aren't dumb and are doing good stuff.

Using the Guggenheim 15.Mar.2004 14:09

Fart is art

Using the Guggenheim for shameless self-promotion. They should tell her very publicly to shove off.

F**K Art lets Dance 15.Mar.2004 14:59

art lover

I think it works as satire. There is a definite Guerilla Girls/Adbusters confrontational thing going on. It is hard to find much sympathy for the Guggenheim or any of the other major art institutions. they deserve a good needling.