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Witnesses to police action--Feb. 1 2004--Pioneer Square

A call for witnesses, information
Anyone who witnessed a squad car being used as crowd control, and pushing an activist up Broadway between Yamhill and Taylor, at approx. 5:40 PM, Feb. 1 at the student alliance march is asked to share information.

The protest had just left Pioneer Square, was moving south on Broadway when a squad car was used to assault an activist who was pushed down the street to the intersection of Taylor and Broadway, at which point the policeman driving jumped out and tackled the activist on the sidewalk.

The activist was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct and, here's the good part, trespass upon a vehicle!

Please help and show solidarity!

Please contact: (503) 993-3885

Good luck finding any witnesses 14.Mar.2004 17:48

CRC 2003-X-0009

I only wish I had a witness that wasn't a police officer

if anyone got a video or pic ot this bastard 14.Mar.2004 21:25

please post it

here, so we can know who he is. He might be a neighbor, a relative, a fellow club-member, or
the like. WE THE PEOPLE need to know who the hell he is, so he doesn't escape his JUSTICE due!

sure! 14.Mar.2004 21:56

SAA kids

Most of the SAA kids were there, and would love to be witnesses. Contact us at  SAA@riseup.net with your name and number we can contact you. And maybe some info, like is the person who got hit doing this, is someone else doing this, what kind of stuff are you interested in persuing legally., etc.

We need a public database of these abusive cops 14.Mar.2004 22:04

So we can expose these bastards

What was the officer's name. We any other officers around? It's sad than one officer will beat somebody up others watch. When it comes to IAD time, the officer witnesses will lie and go along with what ever story they are told to go along with. Lets expose them!

Correction 14.Mar.2004 22:05

Circle A

Said protest was actually on the second of February, not the first, if memory serves.

talk to 15.Mar.2004 00:35

this guy

IPR director
Richard Rosenthal
Richard Rosenthal

I wouldn't waste my time with this 15.Mar.2004 07:45

IPR Director

that you posted a picture of. He is, as friends have told me, a has-been lawyer that Kroeker
brought up from L.A. as part of his entourage. Friends tell me that the guy is a bit screwed
in the head, is a hardcore Zionist, is into militarization of the police, and is generally just
an overall JERK! None of the present candidates for Mayor have any intent of keeping him on as
director of IPR or for that matter, as an employee of the City. His days here are numbered, so
guess he'll do all the silly cop kiss-ass stuff he can in hopes it'll ingratituate himself to
anyone with POWER as he don't want to have to go back to trying to practice law on his own!
No wonder we've got all these problems with the cops? Look at the low calibar of people we've
got in the IPR...a bunch of real fuckups!