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Local Portland politics: May 18th candidates and measures

On May 18, 2004 Portland residents will be asked to vote in primary election to identify who will be able to run for Portland Mayor and two city council positions this fall. The last day to file for candidacy was March 9th. 25 people have qualified as candidates for Mayor (23 agreed to run). 7 candidates have qualified for Commissioner # 1 position, (incumbent is Jim Francesconi). 11 candidates have filed for Commissioner position # 4 position (incumbent is Randy Leonard). Residents will be asked to vote on one measure: Measure 26-53 - which will amend the city charter to read "Candidates Receiving Majority Vote at Primary are Elected". (See wording of this measure below).
Democracy girl
Democracy girl

The Race for Portland Mayor - primary election

First it should be known that this is a record in Portland for the most candidates ever filing for the Mayor position or any elected position. The candidates are (in alphabetical order) with information about statement of campaign finance and website link if known:

1. David (The Ack) Ackerman, (plans to spend less than $300)

2. R. Jerry Adams, Ph.D., (Campaign Committee Formed (Jerry Adams for Mayor), www.awesomelibrary.org/jerryadamsformayor.html

3. Lori Balkema, (Campaign Committee Formed, plans to spend less than $2,000), www.mayorlori.com

4. Michael Benkoski, (Plans to spend less than $300

5. Phil Busse, (Campaign Committee formed (Vote Phil), www.meformayor.com

6. Scot (Extremo The Clown) Campbell (plans to spend less than $2,000), www.extremotheclown.com

7. Jim Francesconi, Campaign Committee formed (Jim Francesconi for Mayor), http://www.jimfrancesconiformayor.com/

8. Craig Gier, (plans to spend less than $300)

9. Bart Hanson, (Campaign Committee formed (Bart Hanson for Mayor); Plans to spend less than $2,000)

10. Robert Ted Hinds, (Campaign Committee formed (Portland Electing Robert Hinds For a Responsible Mayor [PERHFoRM] Committee); Plans to spend less than $2,000)

11. Bruce W. Hollen, Campaign Committee Formed (Bruce W. Hollen for Mayor); plans to spend less than $2,000)

12. Lew Humble, (Plans to spend less than $300)

13. Scott Ketchum (Campaign Committee formed (Committee to Elect Scott Ketchum); Plans to spend less than $2,000 )

14. Rosalinda S. Mitchell, (Plans to spend less than $300)

15. Peter Nilsson, (Campaign Committee formed (Nilsson for Mayor);

16. Donald J. Pfau, (Campaign Committee formed; plans to spend less than $2,000)

17. James L. Posey, (Campaign Committee formed (Friends of James Posey for Mayor);

18. Tom Potter, (Campaign Committee formed (Friends of Tom Potter) www.tomformayor.org

19. Jeffrey C. Rempfer , (Political Committee formed (Jeff 4 Mayor Committee)

20. Rozz Rezabek-Wright, (Campaign Committee Formed (Rozz for Mayor); plans to spend less than $2,000)

21. Jim (Spagg) Spagnola, (Campaign Committee Formed (Jim Spagg for Mayor); plans to spend less than $2,000

22. Brad Taylor, (Campaign Committee Formed (Brad Taylor for Mayor) www.bradtaylorformayor.org

23. Jeff R. Taylor, (Campaign Committee formed (Taylor for Mayor) www.123mayor.com

The following candidates have withdrawn from the race:
Jada Mae Langloss - withdrawal filed February 25, 2004
Orin Scott Lutz - withdrawal filed March 3, 2004

Filings for Office of Commissioner No. 1 (Incumbent Jim Francesconi) Candidate Total: 7 qualified

1. Sam Adams (Campaign Committee formed (Sam Adams for City Council)

2. Woody Broadnax (Campaign Committee formed (Friends of Woody Broadnax); Plans to spend less than $2,000

3. Nick Fish (Campaign Committee formed (Nick Fish for City Council), www.gofish2004.com

4. Aquiles U. Montas , (Campaign Finance Status: Campaign Committee Formed (Montas for City Council); Plans to spend less than $2,000

5. Jason Newell (Campaign Committee formed (Newell for Council), www.newellforcouncil.com

6. Brian H. Smith, Campaign Finance Status: Campaign Committee formed (Brian Smith for City Council Portland 2004) www.logicallyrewired.com

7. Jerry Watson ( Campaign Committee formed (Jerry Watson for Portland City Council); Plans to spend less than $2,000, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JerryWatsonforPortland

Filings for Office of Commissioner No. 4 (Incumbent Randy Leonard) Candidate Total: 11 qualified

1. Frank Dixon (Committee Formed (Frank Dixon for City Council)

2. Leonard Gard (Committee Formed (Gard for Commissioner)

3. Aaron F. Hall (Campaign Finance Status: Campaign Committee Formed (Aaron Hall for City Hall); plans to spend less than $2,000

4. Mark Lloyd Lakeman (Campaign Finance Status: Committee Formed (Friends of Mark Lakeman)

5. Paul Leistner (Campaign Finance Status: Committee Formed (Friends of Paul Leistner) www.leistnerforcitycouncil.com

6. Randy Leonard (Campaign Finance Status: Committee Formed (Friends of Randy Leonard), www.randyleonard.com

7. Bonny McKnight ( Committee Formed (Friends of Bonny McKnight)

8. Alicia Salaz ( Plans to spend less than $300)

9. Mary Ann Schwab - (Campaign Committee Formed (Friends of Mary Ann Schwab); plans to spend less than $2,000

10. Scott Stephens, (Committee Formed (Scott Stephens for Portland) , www.scottstephensforportland.com

11. Jim Whittenburg (Campaign Committee formed (Committee to Elect Jim Whittenburg for Portland City Council), www.whittenburgforcitycouncil.org

Measure 26-53

Explanation of the measure as referred by city council:
Ballot Title for Charter Change - Candidates Receiving Majority Vote at Primary are Elected

City Council Resolution No. 36198 refers the following measure to qualified voters at the May 18, 2004 Primary.

Caption: Amends Charter: Candidates Receiving Majority Vote at Primary are Elected.

Question: Shall Charter provide that candidates who receive majority vote in Primary Election are elected without further vote at General Election?

Summary:, Presently, the Portland City Charter provides that all candidates for City office must be elected at a General Election. Therefore, even when a candidate receives a majority of votes cast at a Primary Election, that candidate appears as the sole candidate on the General Election ballot. The proposed measure will amend the Charter to provide that if a candidate receives a majority of votes cast for an office at the Primary Election, that candidate is elected to that office for the term beginning the following January. As a result, the candidate would not have to appear on the General Election ballot. If no candidate receives a majority of votes cast for the office at the Primary Election, the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall appear on the General Election ballot.

Exact wording of the measure:

Portland City Council Resolution No. 36198, adopted February 4, 2004, referred the following Charter change to qualified voters at the May 18, 2004 Primary Election:

Section 3-101 Time of Taking Office and Terms.

Beginning with elections held in 2006, if any candidate for the office of Mayor, Commissioner, or Auditor receives a majority of the votes cast in a primary election for that office, that candidate shall be elected. If no candidate for such an office receives a majority of the votes cast in the primary election, the names of the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast shall be declared nominees and their names shall appear on the general election ballot in that same year. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes in the general election shall be elected.

Except as otherwise provided in this charter, those elected shall take office on the following January 1 and shall hold office for four years. If, at the end of four years, no successor is yet elected and qualified, the incumbent shall continue to hold office until a successor is elected and qualified. Except as otherwise provided in this charter, the Mayor and Commissioners for positions 1 and 4 shall be elected every fourth year beginning in 2004, and the Auditor and Commissioners for positions 2 and 3 shall be elected every fourth year beginning in 2006.

(This is the old wording)

At the general election held on each fourth year counting from the year 1960 A.D., the person elected Mayor and the two (2) persons elected Commissioners shall take office on the following January 1, and shall hold office until January 1, four (4) years later. At the general election on even numbered years between such fourth years the person elected Auditor and the two (2) persons elected Commissioners shall take office on January 1 of the following year, and they shall hold office until January 1 four (4) years later. The incumbents of the above mentioned offices shall hold their respective offices until their successors are elected and have qualified, or until their death, resignation or removal.

Websites of Interest on Portland City elections:

City of Portland - May 18, 2004 Primary (Mayor and City Council positions) and Measure 26-53 information- http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/index.cfm?&a=42147&c=27114

Multnomah County Elections office - General information about upcoming elections. General information filed by candidates. Voters pamphlet online. Information on how to register to vote. Great place to get elections results! http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/dbcs/elections/

The One True b!X's Portland Communique - Election Resources - A frequent poster to Portland Indymedia... this guy has an interesting website. Local election information is well organized. Check it out. - http://communique.portland.or.us/elections.html

XPAC - political action committee dedicated to building a new generation of political leaders and community activists. Find out how to join, and about meetings, issues, and more. - http://www.xpac.org/ezine/index.phtml

Portland Craigslist - This is an interesting site for communicating with YOUR community. Under the heading of "Community" click on the link for politics and get into some deeper conversations about local politics. You will find all kinds of people here... but then "it takes all kinds" to make a community. - http://portland.craigslist.org/

The League of Women Voters - Portland - The League of Women Voters is a multi-issue organization whose mission is to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government and to influence public policy through education and advocacy. Has information on how to vote and who has already been elected. Not much on the local candidates though. http://www.lwvpdx.org/

Portland Reclaiming's Magical Activism Cluster -: The Magical Activism Cluster is a group of Reclaiming witches who use ritual, creativity, laughter, and good communication in the service of social, political, and environmental justice. This cluster shares leadership, encourages participation, practices nonviolence, and is committed to offering an alternative to activist burnout. Bring your craft and creativity to the cluster, and find yourself among friends. - http://www.portlandreclaiming.org/

Portland Oregon section of the Socialist Labor Party - http://slp.pdx.home.mindspring.com/

Government Information Awareness: To empower citizens by providing a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use repository of information on individuals, organizations, and corporations related to the government of the United States of America. - http://opengov.media.mit.edu/

where is DAVE ROCHE? 15.Mar.2004 03:16

disgruntled voter

how come i dont see DAVE ROCHE in the list of mayoral candidates? is this some kinda snafu? cointelpro plot? or what!?!

now who the hell am i supposed to vote for?

Portland mayor's race -- reliable info? 15.Mar.2004 21:44

Free Marmaduke freemarmaduke@emailpoint.net

I've heard some rumors the past couple of weeks (from reliable sources, I think) about the Portland Mayor's Race. I've just started following the local election and I'm hoping someone out there might be able to tell me if what I've heard is true. The scuttlebutt:

-Unpublished polls show Tom Potter and Jim Francesconi (sp?) each getting about 25% of respondents with the other half undecided. Where are the other candidates?

-Francesconi has pulled out of what few real debates (not forums) that have been scheduled (The City Group debate?)

I'm no expert, but it strikes me that if the polling numbers are correct, it's a tight race that an old-fashioned debate might actually help resolve. Why are candidates so afraid of debates nowadays? I haven't seen much in the corporate media that outlines either candidates' positions (assuming they have them) but Francesconi's been on the City Council for what, a decade? And Potter sounds like a cop in Birkentocks. Too bad, could've been interesting. Anyway, if someone can tell me where to get more info on these guys, please post it. Thanks.

ask the candidates directly 15.Mar.2004 22:15


If you want more info on the candidates, I suggest asking them directly. They are busy people, but they will answer your questions or you can write them off. I have worked directly in the election process and I can tell you that endorsements don't mean squat, so ask for yourself and report your answers fair and accurately for others to see. Also, watch the race right up until your ballot arrives. So many people seem to be making their minds up already and there is so little info out and so much time left, support somebody if you like them, but don't close your mind.

Response to "Portland Mayor's race - reliable info?" 16.Mar.2004 12:36

Tom Potter for Mayor staff

In response to Free Marmaduke's posting:

I agree with Pete. One of the greatest things about Portland politics is the level of accessibility there is to most candidates. Take some time to chat with Commissioner Francesconi, Tom or any of the other candidates after a forum. Granted, as a staffer for the Tom Potter campaign I have my own opinions on the race, but I think that you will be able to make your own independent and informed decision with the information that is available or will be by May 18. In fact, our campaign is having a family-friendly 10 mile bike ride this Saturday (March 20). Tom and his wife will be there on their recumbent bikes - you'd have an opportunity to talk him then. Check out our website for more info:  http://www.tomformayor.org or call the campaign office and someone will be happy to talk with you.

As for the "scuttlebutt" you mentioned, your informants weren't too off the mark. Yes, unpublished polls show the Commissioner and Tom in a dead heat with roughly half of those polled still undecided. The Francesconi camp hasn't published their polling numbers because they don't back up their claims as Francesconi being the "front-runner." Maybe 7 years in office and a massive war chest isn't worth what it used to be. As for Francesconi pulling out of the debates, the Commissioner has only pulled out of the City Club debate thus far, though he may still pull out of the only televised debate that is being sponsored by KGW and The Oregonian. The reason? Tom does very well with and in front of people and the Commissioner . . . well, let's just say he doesn't do himself any favors and leave it at that. But you're right; the citizens of Portland would be better informed by an old-fashioned debate. C'est la vie. Anyway, do your research, and while I think you'll like Tom and hope you vote for him, democracy isn't served unless you vote how you want to vote. -CW

Find out about Brad Taylor, mayoral candidate 20.Apr.2004 14:01

Leyla DeSilva villarrj@hotmail.com

Please find out about Brad Taylor. He has innovative ideas, a tremendous amount of energy, is civic-minded and involved in the community and gives to the community every day by the type of work that he does without asking for anything in return. His compensation is the reward of assisting in making people's lives better. On top of all of this, he is humble and doesn't self-promote like a marketing campaign. He seems to just be interested in getting his ideas out instead of getting his ego involved in this campaign. He has the vision and passion that I believe is lacking from other candidates' campaigns. He is definitely not getting enough attention. Talk to him. Go to one of the forums and listen to him and the other candidates; then make an informed decision about who you want to vote for. Thank you!