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Ooops, I really did offend the oregon Christian Coalition

Just recieved a citation from the PoPo for verbal battery and destruction of property.

Two days ago, I was greeted by a woman at the door wanting me to sign a petition on behalf of the Oregon Christian Coalition and Defense Sacramental Marriage Coalition; an effort to disbar city commisoners' decision towards same sex marriage and towards a contitutional amendment (Fed) to ban forever the possibility. I was angry but said nothing, I agreed with her, claimed interest in signing, took her petition and then said..."just a moment, my son is out back, let me check on him"...(I have no son), in the minute it took me I put her 20-some signatures in my post Enron shredder, then returned her clipboard empty, she inquired as to the papers, I returned them to her as confetti in a paper baggie (Ecologically correct), and told the nazi bitch to get off my porch and property

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