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Bark Sues to Stop Old-Growth Timber Sale at Mt. Hood

Portland-based forest conservation group, Bark, filed a suit in the Federal District Court in Oregon today to stop the Forest Service's plans to log 184 acres of old growth on Mt. Hood National Forest. The area slated to be logged, called the Slinky Timber Sale, is located east of Estacada in the Oak Grove and Upper Clackamas watersheds, and would clearcut trees as old as 450 years. The Clackamas River District on Mt. Hood is currently planning 15 other logging projects totaling 5,195 acres. Concern about the cumulative impact of these projects on drinking water and wildlife is what spurred Bark to take action.

The Slinky timber sale proposes removing 184 acres of northern spotted owl habitat at a time when the species is thought by many experts to be at risk of extinction. Current timber sales are expected to remove over 1,355 acres of spotted owl habitat from the landscape, equivalent to over two square miles of forest. In the past several decades, thousands of acres of spotted owl habitat have been destroyed. Given the precarious state of the spotted owl, Bark feels the timber sale is utterly irresponsible.

"The Forest Service is out of step with the public's desire to preserve Oregon's remaining ancient forests," says Sandi Scheinberg, Bark's executive director. "The Forest Service's documents say they need to log these forests because they are old growth. We feel that this is the very reason that they should be protected. Oregonians overwhelmingly want to see our legacy ancient forests preserved for clean drinking water, critical wildlife habitat, and for our children."

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