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Naturalist Hike w/Bark this Weekend to No-Whisky Timber Sale

Sunday, March 14th, 9:15 am to 6:00 pm: CARPOOLS LEAVE THE DAILY GRIND (SE Hawthorne & 40th) PROMPTLY AT 9:30 AM. Please arrive by 9:15 am so we can check you in, arrange rides and give a brief overview of the day's plans. If you can drive--GREAT, BRING CHAINS! (Just in case.) Note: Please bring snowshoes or snow-proof boots.
No-Whisky Timber Sale
No-Whisky Timber Sale
Join the famed "Ranger Rolf" on a naturalist hike to the No Whisky Timber Sale. Learn how to identify trees and shrubs in the winter, track wild animals and appreciate the forest in the snow. This large timber sale (over 1000 acres) is located in the North Fork Clackamas Watershed and would log in the Roaring River Roadless Area, which is proposed for wilderness designation. This sale is still in early stages of planning, which means that you can get involved now and make an impact on the outcome! Be prepared for the weather. Bring lunch, water, and warm water resistant winter clothes including boots, hat, gloves, scarf, and rain gear. More information: (503) 331-0374, info@bark-out.org

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