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Fix Hawthorne to improve bike and pedestrian safety and quality of life

Hawthorne is a great neighborhood. Hawthorne is a terrible street. I understand why the sidewalk gets used for bikes, the street is terrifying. That's no excuse for bad manners. Bikes on the sidewalk should be walked or riden no faster than a walk and with plenty of bell ringing.

Get involved with the future plans. Don't be too skeptical of getting involved with city planning. It works, sometimes its hard, but you can make a difference, as in the reservoirs are still on Mt Tabor.

Hawthorne, the street, needs some majorverhauling.

  • It's too narrow for 4 lanes of cars. Reduce to 2 car lanes, and 2 GOOD bike lanes.
  • Sidewalks too narrow. Use some of the freed up space to widen sidewalks.
  • Sidewalks too ugly. Plant more trees. Place some benches.
  • Too damn smelly and noisy from traffic. Whatever happened to electric steetcars?
  • Parallel parking is dangerous and annoying. Use some of the freed up space to create BACK-IN angle parking. It is easier than parallel and MUCH safer when re-entering traffic.

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