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Poll to Recall

oregonlive.com is conducting a poll regarding recalling the commissioners who voted to allow marriage licenses for same sex partners. Offer your opinion!
The Oregonian's online site, oregonlive.com is conducting a poll in regard to recalling all four of the commissioners who voted to allow marriage licenses for same sex partners.
I suggest indy readers go to the site and start offering their opinions.
I am disgusted with Steve Duin ( not the first time) and the outrageous bias of the news reporting of the Oregonian. This evening's headline "Will the voters have their say?" shows incredible stupidity. Would we have civil rights if it had been up to voters? would women be able to vote? Would slavery have ended?
I encourage you to let the Oregonian know how you feel--- they asked if the readers thought the paper was unbiased!!! (Mind you I know the paper is biased and not well written and that is why I read this site --- but it doesn't hurt to blast them with our opinions on this one.)
supporters of recall are winning, 04.Mar.2004 23:29

the fuckers,

by 3 to 1.

Heres the link 05.Mar.2004 00:23

Lars (not) Lorson

It kind of looks like, your only opition is vote to agree with Steve Dunn's article but if you click on agree a small window opens up and you get to take the poll.

vote if you want 05.Mar.2004 00:40

a grain of salt

Internet polls are useless, particularly on controversial issues. If the poll was restricted to people living in this county it would look different. As it is, every christian fundamentalist in the country can vote.

This poll is to be taken with a grain of salt; there is no chance for a recall.

if You disable cookies on your browser 05.Mar.2004 00:43

Not a Computer wiz

I could be wrong about this but it seems that if you disable cookies on you browser that you can vote as meny time as you like. infact the poll window will simply refresh it self over and over again but if you go back reable cookies and vote again you can see the new results. So I would not put to much faith in thier polls. Heres the link, http://www.oregonlive.com/special/gaymarriage/# try it for your self.

Public Input ? 05.Mar.2004 10:44


Interesting that with all this whining of not being afforded an opportunity to have input on the issue only ONE person showed at the County Commisioner's regular board meeting yesterday.