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Beaverton Police on Max

Well, Tri met's own inspectors are so slimy that they had to sucker the beaverton cops into checking the train at the Sunset Transit Center this morning.
They were dressed up in sporty yellow and black nylon cloths that look kids' halloween costumes. To me an officer in a real uniform projects an "professional" image deserving more respect than some fancy columbia sportswear getup. Just my humble opinion though.

I guess I'm a little pissed that Tri Met wants to blow a bunch of our tax and fare money out their ass on putting light rail on the "bus mall" This will just further clog things up and slow them down. The "Bus mall" could use a little "sprucing up", but do they really expect the assorted scumbags to run away when they see the train.

The Bus mall works- it gets us knuckledraggers to work and home again. Theres a huge stigma against riding the bus among the polite white society. Building them a special train on the backs of all of us just rightfully gives public transit a very bad reputation of inneffeciancy. We could spend a very small fraction of that money to advertize the bus as being cool.

How about electric busses with a pandograph and overhead wires above 5th and 6th. You could call it something other than a bus and suburban shoppers would ride it. Anything but tear up the street for rails and then go slower than the bus like the "streetcar".

Tri-met Please make the monthly passes significantly cheaper for those of us who depend on the bus/ train. Stop wasting our money subsidising gentrification.

Beaverton Police- please wear your grown-up uniform when you check the train and more folks would smile and wish you good morning rather than sneer or laugh at you.
electric buses 04.Mar.2004 21:38


Trains basically are electric buses, and they are much cheaper to run & maintain. Putting a train down the bus mall sounds like a good idea to me, my only real problem with it is the fact that they will allow trains AND buses AND cars to use the same lanes.

If you ask me (which, I must admit, nobody has), they should ban cars from the bus/train mall to keep things moving faster.

the cop uniforms are funny though. We pay for real uniforms, let them wear them.

costumes! 04.Mar.2004 21:59


the beaverton police are the ones that tried to exclude us zoobombers from the train (tri-met un-excluded us) and they stole our bikes (we got most of them back). now they're wearing costumes? i guess we're starting to rub off on them!!!

what's so funny about these Beaverton cop costumes is... 04.Mar.2004 22:20


they somehow seem to highlight the pot-bellies and fat-asses of some of these overrated cops
that Beaverton seems to be full of on their force...some of the most arrogant I've ever had
encounter with...where did they find these characters?...selective requirement at it's worst!

Nitpick re: pantographs 04.Mar.2004 22:46

H2O Melon

"How about electric busses with a pandograph [sic] and overhead wires above 5th and 6th. You could call it something other than a bus and suburban shoppers would ride it. Anything but tear up the street for rails and then go slower than the bus like the "streetcar"."

I'll pick a nit, since others have addressed some of the other problems with trolleybuses: Trolleybuses don't use pantographs, they use trolley poles. Attempting to use pantographs on trolleybus overhead would create a fireworks display!

Portland, OR

Those Costumes Aren't So Bad 05.Mar.2004 00:47

Stand Up

Not when you compare them to the Army look-a-like costumes that the Mult. Sherrif's Dept just got. Get used to having the army and police force look a like as the militarization of American continues. And the yellow jackets are a whole sight better than the black storm trooper look.
I guess the poo poo have to wear something as being naked would reveal too many Brotherhood tattoos and other marks of incrimination/discrimination. Maybe someone should hold a fashion contest for the poor inepts. How about "Leftist Eye For The Big Brother Guy"

Stand Up is right on this one 05.Mar.2004 07:44


as the Beaverton Police Department is full of Jack Mormon assholes that are members of
the BROTHERHOOD OF THE STRONG...guess it's a recruitment requirement to be Mormon or at
least an "ex" or "Jack" to get a job as policeman with this nest of Mormon Danites...at
least thats the "word" coming from "research" done on them...soon to be released to the
public in big way! wow!

A few things..... 07.Mar.2004 00:53


I think it is very strange that the Beaverton bicycle Police that show up for WaCo Critical Mass have always been decent. I don't know if they are just trying to gain our trust so they can bust us for something or if they are genuinely sympathetic to our cause. Only one of the Officers involved in the illegal *impounding* of our bikes was from Beaverton. The other was the beloved Officer Suttle. If you think the fare checking at Sunset Transit Center is bad try getting off at PGE Park in the early evening. Usually you are greeted by 8 to 10 Portland Police Officers with at least two squad cars. This is a colossal waste of manpower considering I can buy any drug I want about 10 blocks away. I thought this was a Sunday night Zoobomb thing but there were there on a Tuesday night last week. I really don't think that the City Police should be doing fare compliance detail anyways, that should be left to Tri-Met.
I think it is utterly stupid to put light rail on the bus plaza and I fail to see how it will deter vagrancy. You need either a transfer or money for the fare to board a bus but you don't need anything to ride the trolley downtown in fareless square. They should get rid of the cars on that street definitely.