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El Salvador Labor Delegation Fundraiser, Friday @ Red & Black

This is a fundraiser for the Labor Delegation going to serve as internationally accredited elections monitors for the next election to be held in El Salvador. Folks from this delegation Local 64 are acting in solidarity with movements who are unionizing and being oppressed as a result. They need funds to send folks down there, so that is what funds raised at this event will be going toward.

Featured artists will include:
Paul Silverio with Tuck & the Shovelheads
Tim Acott & Mike Danner

Please show your support for those who are working in solidarity with the union movements in El Salvador.
comment: i've seen the cool poster art they've got hanging in the Red and Black right now that can be purchased to donate to this same cause. this should be a great event, a place to learn new things and make new friends, and support some excellent work!