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The Women of the Black Caucus

This is a letter to the women in the Black Caucus because their courage might yet provide us with a time to retrace and undo our sinful evil ways in Haiti. What the US has done there is a sin of such grievous magnitude, it is a assuming such a heavy karmic debt before the world and the continent of the Americas, that we will be paying and regretting it for generations to come. We have, in suicidal fashion, brought to our continental shores the genocidal psychopathic madness we unleashed upon a stunned world in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Dear Women of the Black Caucus:

Since Cynthia's sacrifice for pointing us in the right direction and Barbara's stand on Afghanistan, I have lowered my head many times in admiration and awe of the only real consistent leadership this country has seen and, now, I bow my whole unworthy honky body if what the Black Caucus women are trying to do is to restore President Aristide to power. You have my firm support and I demand that all white men cease and desist whatever they are doing right now and consider active and present support of the only potentially un-sinful path available for us as a gender, a sub-race and a nation.

I've been looking for information but regular media have clammed up. Whatever you are doing in regards to the Haiti crime we are committing has sent the first really potent shiver of raw fear up the spines of the evil power gripping our country and I wanted you to know that we all, as one solid and growing body, support your leadership. I pray and hope that the more timid men of the Caucus may actually be lying in wait for anyone that even thinks negatively towards you because I have not really seen the equivalent leadership from them. If the country can be shown the path towards correction of the tremendous historical karma it has owned up to by accepting the administration's invasion of Haiti, then we will have taken one of the few evolutionarily positive steps three or four years. We have allowed ourselves, as Cynthia McKinney warned us when we were preparing for war in Afghanistan, to be taken into new very evil territory. Out of respect for the better examples of leaders that this country provided when it was being born than what it now has, we should have prepared then for a long hard revolution at every level.

The disproportionate number of evil white men now destroying the planet is an issue that needs to be stated consistently in order to remind those with vestiges of conscience to react and either surreptitiously or confrontationally neutralize the efforts of the evil ones with no conscience. No one doubts that, with time, they would have seen the error of their evil ways and mended them but we don't have evolutionary time for such corrections because the difference in quick time might save billions of lives. This is also why we would continue as loyal followers of your leadership into the heavy and uncertain waters of the next 4-5 years, especially if you would guide the demise of the Secretary of State for his role in the immoral, illegal, racist and genocidal episode against Aristide. We cannot offer the same with our worst example of a human being presently laired in the White House but that's why our natural evolutionary inferiority may be up for serious discussion.

It is our duty at all times and everywhere to stalwartly and honestly attempt to cleanse the evil done in making us the most comfortable subgroup in the human race. It is our reason for being to give generous and ample example of the best of the human spirit by consistently approaching stupid white men in the process of degenerating towards evil white men and correct them and to, at least figuratively, bitchslap the evil ones. Attack those that would break the ice with racist, sexist or imperialist jokes and banish the attitude by mercilessly shaming it into oblivion. Only then, when we have effectively contributed to neutralizing violence, impunity, hypocrisy, sloth, immorality and dishonesty will present historians and anthropologists cease worrying about the possible genetic disfunction among white men. Only then can we raise our heads a little when the women of the Black Caucus pass by. For the meantime, even in your magnanimity, Dear Ladies, don't stop derision of our type but continue leading us out of our psychopathic quagmires and the nightmare that we have made of real life.
Cynthia McKinney and a few guys of the CBC 05.Mar.2004 00:42


The public appearance of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in LA next week noted below.

I've watched the hearings "Political Crisis in Haiti" on C-Span with Assistant Secretary Roger Noriega being drilled by Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson-Lee and Diane Watson.

If you were unaware you would have thought that Noriega was treated harshly in his testimony in the hearings. But the women (and a few guys) of the Congressional Black Caucus knew what was going on in Haiti. Maxine Waters spoke with Jean-Bertrand Aristide personally and had a first-hand account on the removal and "resignation" of Aristide. Noreiga has been actively seeking for the replacement of Aristide.
Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson-Lee were invited to speak at the hearing. Diane Watson and Barbara Lee are members of the House International Relations Committee as is Earl Blumenauer of the 3rd District in Oregon.

Roger Noriega is Assistant Secretary, Department of State, Western Hemisphere Affairs under Colin Powell.
Cynthia McKinney, a former representative on the International Relations Committee and Congressional Black Caucus member, would have certainly been at the hearings had she not been defeated in a bizarre election campaign in 2002 similar to the one that ousted Senator Frank Church of Idaho when he spoke out on the CIA in the 70s.
McKinney was a five-term incumbent who lost in the Democratic primaries in Georgia.

Cynthia McKinney - public appearance.
On the website:  http://kpfk.org//
under KPFK March 2004 Events, Saturday, March 13, 2004, Los Angeles
An Evening with Mike Ruppert and Cynthia McKinney

Mike Ruppert is publisher/editor "From the Widerness" and premiere alternative theorist on the events of 911.
Cynthia McKinney (five-term Georgia Congresswoman who openly questioned the Bush administration about the events of 911.