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John Kerry did NOT win the nomination

Yet if you're listening to NPR or watching tv, you'd think it was all over. Yes, Kerry has 1500+ of the 2162 he needs to secure the nomination... yet you are being told that he has already won. In fact, you were told he won before Super Tuesday with many headlines on Kerry's inevitable victory. Does anyone ever question why? Why is our democracy supposedly decided when all of the people have not spoken? Is the media working for you... are they reporting the news... or are they making the news and telling you how it's going to be?
are you swallowing it?
are you swallowing it?
the best we got?
the best we got?
Now, I ask you to look within yourself.... do you really believe that John Forbes Kerry is the best candidate to beat George W. Bush? Look at him, listen to him speak (4mb mp3 of cbs debate clips), look at his record... is this the best we've got to offer? His speaking style alone is so bland and drab.... he bores me to death- i find it very hard to believe that he has widespread enthusiastic support.

Sure people want to get rid of Bush, and they're told this is the only guy that can do it, so they back him. But that's the big lie... that only Kerry can beat Bush. Bush lied to start a war, he wasted billions of dollars while Cheney's Haliburton is blatantly stealing it- this will not be hard to beat. I think Kerry is Karl Rove's dream candidate to take on Bush, he's so bad in fact that Bush will win. Let's take a look at the facts... many of which I'm sure you were unaware of.

John Kerry:
  • Over his Senate career, has recieved the most lobbyist money of all Senators- $600,000+
  • The richest Senator with an annual income of up to $77,000,000 and a net worth of $839,000,000 (as of 2002).
  • John Kerry, over his 19yr Senate career has partially authored 3 minor bills. Wow!
  • John Kerry Voted for NAFTA and the WTO, now he says he'll fix them. Walmart has made $$ billions from these deals... in 2002, John Kerry purchased more than $1,000,000 of Walmart stock.
Note this oddity... the (apparently standard) IRS form is broken down into ranges, $15,000 - 50,000, $50,001 - 100,000, etc. But there is an odd column with no range... just $1,000,000+ !!! (***, I couldn't find footnote- page 17, 13mb pdf)... so Mr. Kerry could own $1 million or $50 million worth of Walmart stock and we'll never know. How convenient.

Now this career politician is telling you he will take on the special interests, that he himself is invested in and has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from. Kerry, is a mega-multi-millionaire that voted for the war, for the patriot act (hey don't blame him he was fooled- not his fault), will continue the occupation, and will continue to directly profit from the unjust trade policies that he voted for... and we're supposed to trust him on his word?

Fortunately, Kerry gave us a shining example of 'his word' in Oct of 2002 when he spoke for 45 min voicing his support for the war, Kerry said he'd be the first to speak up if Bush didn't go thru the UN. Remeber Colin Powell's presentation... and Bushco getting caught spying on the UN a week before the vote- so they pulled the vote and just invaded anyway- remember that? Bush didn't get UN approval, Kerry didn't speak up! Trustworthy? Man of his word? Best choice to lead the American people?

Or could it be that Kerry has been chosen by the wealthy elite of this country that own and control the media. Do you see this distribution of wealth?

Kerry is in the top 1%
Kucinich is in the bottom 40%, with most of America

Could it be that there is a class of wealthy elite that control the airwaves, that are now telling you to vote for one of their own?

Yes, NPR and PBS (except for Moyers) are completely controlled propaganda as well. NPR CEO Kevin Klose came to NPR after leading Voice of America, the US international propaganda machine. Post-911 Klose installed NPR headlines 'to keep us informed'- while the headlines are merely the same lopsided new stories repeated 12 times a day, propaganda by definition.

John Kerry vs. George Bush is a sham. A fake choice between two Skull & Bones members, between two millionaires from perpetually rich families. Neither of these guys will change anything in America. They're both in this position due to their family wealth and their Skull and Bones connections. Imagine, 300 million Americans, and our 'choice' is between two of perhaps 800 living Skull and Boners? Coincidence, or control?

What are we going to do as a nation?
Just lie back and accept the fact that our government is run by and for millionaires, or

Are we going to get up stand up and fight for our rights?

We Can End the Corporate Control of Our Government
Vote out the Millionaires and Reclaim Our Country
Dennis Kucinich is The One

Drop all the minor issues, forget the little battles, unite for the big one PDX IMCers, we can turn this world around on a dime, but we must UNITE for Kucinich!
music for the peaceful revolution
electoral break down 04.Mar.2004 17:48


this why electoral politics don't work and the USA is not a democracy....
we get two choices of what we can do, and the fact of choice is debatable. either we vote for this schmuck ass or the other slightly richer schmuck ass. it's like voting which baron you want to control your farm. feudalism is what it seems like and little else.
wake up!
It's not going to stop till we make it stop. smash it all and start over.
burn, baby burn.

You Gotta Love Her 04.Mar.2004 18:18

Tom Hayden

While most Americans, perhaps including that former Yale cheerleader and elusive National Guardsman George W. Bush and, I suspect, most Vietnam veterans, would like to forget the past, the Vietnam War is about to be relived this election season.

Senator John Kerry, a veteran of both the war and the antiwar movement, is causing this national Vietnam flashback. The right-wing attack dogs are on the hunt. Newt Gingrich calls Kerry an "antiwar Jane Fonda liberal," while Internet warriors post fabricated images of Kerry and Fonda at a 1971 antiwar rally. Welcome to dirty tricks in the age of Photoshop.

The attempted smearing of Kerry through the Fonda "connection" is a Republican attempt to suppress an honest reopening of our unfinished exploration of the Vietnam era.

Neoconservatives and the Pentagon have good reason to fear the return of the Vietnam Syndrome. The label intentionally suggests a disease, a weakening of the martial will, but the syndrome was actually a healthy American reaction to false White House promises of victory, the propping up of corrupt regimes, crony contracting and cover-ups of civilian casualties during the Vietnam War that are echoed today in the news from Baghdad.

Young John Kerry's 1971 question--"How do you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake?"--is more relevant than ever. . . .

but when you talk about destruction... 04.Mar.2004 18:52

inflatable democracy

"It's not going to stop till we make it stop. smash it all and start over.
burn, baby burn."

burning is so tacky. i'd like to use someone's limo for a composter if it's not too full of toxic stuff- but that's one other reason to not to burn shit.

why don't we just let the air leak out of it? or take it off of life support and let nature take its course? if it were anything else that required so many transfusions just be a pale shadow of its possible self, i think the choice would be obvious.

The thing is 04.Mar.2004 19:56

for the record

"Yet if you're listening to NPR or watching tv, you'd think it was all over. Yes, Kerry has 1500+ of the 2162"

How close is the next candidate who has NOT left the primary run? It's OK not to like Kerry but sometimes posts here sound like basic math is not liked either. So November 4, all the work will still be in front of us, do we want the SOB Bush or the SOB Kerry in office does it matter. There are a lot of great people too run out there, some were killed, some have 1-5% support.

This is why that Ass George Bush is in the White House 04.Mar.2004 21:17


Democrats are the wimpiest losers ever. Idealism only gets you so far. We lose BIG TIME if we don't unite and take back the Presidency.

Who the hell cares which Demo gets the job as long as those are working dilligently to destroy our great nation are ousted!

to answer MediaBabe's question... 05.Mar.2004 00:28


<<Who the hell cares which Demo gets the job as long as those are working dilligently to destroy our great nation are ousted!>>

A democrat that is pro-war, pro-PATRIOT act, far richer than Bush himself (yes that is a huge issue), anti-gay marriage, etc etc etc, is virtually indistinguishable from Bush. PLEASE tell me how Kerry differs from Bush. I have not found ONE difference yet, EXCEPT that he is a democrat.

Is it idealist to be anti-war and pro-civil liberties?

Fuck Bush. Fuck Kerry. Whichever one wins, Americans lose. The two candidates are the same. Look at ISSUES, not party affiliation, genius.

George Bush was elected by registered Democrat voters 05.Mar.2004 00:34


Bush won because he won more votes than Gore from swing voters - registered Democrats who liked Bush better than Gore. There were more of them than Republicans who voted for Gore. This points up the negligible difference between democrats and republicans.

We lose BIG TIME if Kerry gets elected too. Kerry is not one of us. He is an ultra-ultra-rich genocidal warmongering prick who will continue doing 99% of what Bush is doing now, just as Bush merely continued what Clinton was doing (destroying environments, siding against labor, and toppling foreign regimes).

Media Scam 05.Mar.2004 05:16


I agree the media is telling us the outcome of things but what independent trustworthy media oversight do the American people have? We have even less trustworthy oversight of our electronic vote counting systems. Put the two together and what do we have? A scam.
No one could honestly believe that of all the worthy and good people in American communities today that two elitist members of the exclusive and secretive Skull & Bones happen to be the cream rising to the top in America today.
John Forbes Kerry/Cohen is of the the same ego-driven-puppet variety as Bush.
That a behind the scenes powerful group of men control the American government couldn't get any clearer than this current election scam.

Everyone's right 05.Mar.2004 16:54


I agree with almost all of you. This is a sad reality. Change has to come from the bottom up. No other country has an electoral college except for us. And don't even get me started about electronic voting. Bye bye democracy....