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Clear Channel trys to mop up after airing anti-cyclist remarks

Clear Channel previously across the country was responsible for allowing shock jocks on their stations to advocate violence against cyclists. In Cleveland where one of the instances of anti-cyclist propoganda was broadcasted, cyclists have been awarded a $10000 settlement.

Now Clear Channel wants to team up with cyclists in the Portland area to do a biking public service message. They have offered to donate $150,000 worth of adspace to a pro-cycling campaign. Personally, I don't think any of what Clear Channel is doing absolves the criminal broadcasts they aired. [ READ MORE ]


one commenter writes: "clear channel is just trying to cover their ass from major lawsuits. they just sat and watched as their pathetic excuse for hosts advocated violence against cyclists, and in all likelihood they encouraged it. of course they actively beat the drums of war leading up to gulf war 2.0, for which they should be held responsible for murder, but that is another story. irresponsible is not a strong enough word. HEY BIKE RIDERS: anyone for a class action lawsuit?"

clear channel sucks
clear channel sucks