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Analysis: NOW With(out) Bill Moyers - The FTAA Special

From the open publishing newswire: As I'm sure you're aware, tonite's (friday) FTAA special on PBS was supposed to air last Friday nite. It did not. No one had an explanation and network geeks were NOT talking. I hope we find out soon. I think overall tonite's episode of "NOW With Bill Moyers" was highly damaging to the social justice movement. It surely wasn't asking any hardball questions. And it reeked of over a week's worth of direct government censorship if you ask me.

One commenter disagreed:Just finished watching. Thought it was extremely damning against Miami police, Timoney in particular. As someone who followed the whole business in Miami, I thought it was quite well done (even *I* learned something new in this show!) Granted, I haven't watched all the video footage, and some have been arguing with me that they could have used more or better footage to make the point. Nonetheless, I think the point comes across pretty clearly: the Miami police used gigantic overkill, and attacked large numbers of people indiscriminately with dangerous weaponry.

Another commenter added:A good friend of mine once nearly started crying to see a corporate newspaper in the indymedia center. After a week of being chased on blind alleyways, cornered, beaten gassed, harrassed, illegally arrested, when it was almost over, the delegates were going back to their coutries and then citizens of ours were gathered around the splintered picnic benches eating food not bombs, my friend looked down to see A CORpIRATE Newspaper in our news office.

All of the lives dedicated, all the mumias, all the peltiers, the Chavez, the mandelas, could be heard in his voice when he asked - WHO BROUGHT THIS HERE?

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