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Books Not Bombs Reloaded Impromptu Theatre, Open Mic, and Teach-Ins

On Tuesday March 2nd and Wednesday March 3rd, Corvallis activist group Wrench will be holding a one-hour noon Die-In and open mic session. We are inviting anyone with something to say about the events of the last year to come and speak. At 1 p.m. we will begin a series of about a dozen teach-ins on various issue related to the war.
Community members, students, faculty, activists, and organizers:

ON March 2nd and 3rd, there will be Wrench-sponsored events meant to act as a follow-up to the "Books Not Bombs" student strike and teach-ins that took place on the OSU campus at the same time last year, just before the invasion of Iraq.

Join us for Books Not Bombs Reloaded

From noon to one on Tuesday the 2nd, there will be an open mic session and impromptu theatre on the steps of the Memorial Union.

At 1 p.m., a series of teach-ins that will last until 5 p.m. Tuesday and resume from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Wednesday will begin. The full schedule is below.

We encourage all those with an opinion about the events of the past year, whether you agree with us or not, to come to the open mic session and voice your opinion. Each person will be given up to 3 minutes to read a poem, lyrics, or simply speak their piece.

Last year, over 2,000 people participated in the Student Strike. This year, we return to ask:
- What has happened since March 2003 on both the global and local stages?
- What has the total cost been, both at home and abroad?
- Where do we want to go from here?

Join us to create a space and forum to help answer those questions!

For more information, email  wrench@riseup.net or visit wrench.mahost.org

See you there -

Schedule of Events:

Tuesday, March 2nd:

12-1: Memorial Union steps, impromptu theater and open mic session

1-2: Lani Roberts (Philosophy), ?Is This War Just?? MU 213

1-2: Film, ?Uncovered: The Truth About the Iraq War? MU 208

1-2: Roberta Hall (Anthropology), ?Vigils and Protest Marches - Do They Matter?? MU 110

2-3: Gordon Grant (ACLU), ?The Changing Face of Liberty: Civil Rights Since 9/11,? MU 110

2-3: Film, ?Independent Media in a Time of War,? MU 208

2-3: Film, ?Understanding Palestinian Reality: Stuck with the Truth,? MU 213

3-4: Film, ?The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,? MU 208

3-4: ?Social Theoretical Perspectives on the Iraq Conflict,? OSU Sociology students Mitchell Sheppler, Brian Sipe, Elizabeth Sweet, and Seth Crawford, MU 213

3-4: Karim Hamdy (Foreign Language and Lit.), ?War by Choice, Insecurity by Design:
Islamophobia and the Erosion of Diversity in the U.S.? MU 110

4-5: Bill Uzgalis (Philosophy), ?Iraq: The Anatomy of an Aggressive War,? MU 213

Wednesday, March 3rd:

11-12: David McMurray (Anthropology), ?The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and an end to the Republic,? MU 208

12-1: Joseph Orosco (Philosophy) and Patrick Loney (Liberal Studies student), ?Understanding Evil and National Interests: Columbine, Vietnam, and the Near East,? MU 208

homepage: homepage: http://wrench.mahost.org