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More Videos from the Resistance Available Online

In the past week at least 4000 downloads of the first 4 video files have been completed. Since the demand has been high links to 4 new videos are being provided, including the popular Day X video.

New releases: [ "Day X" Day of Bombing Protests (3/20/2003) | "Lockdown For Peace" Federal Building Lockdown | "Holding Up that BloodStained Banner" | "The Price Of Consumption" ]

Past releases: [ "A Call to Media Arms" | "A Million Dollars Later" August 21, 2003 Bush Protest | "Cops of the World" | "Li2U News" Corporate Media Expose ]

deep in my heart, i do believe, that we shall live in peace some day.
deep in my heart, i do believe, that we shall live in peace some day.

Learn how to download and watch these online videos by reading the online video guide, windows video guide, and mac os video guide. See what other videos are available on the videos from the resistance online video page or find out more about the portland indymedia video collective.

This is great, Indymedia people, 27.Feb.2004 21:36

striped cat

thanks for all your hard work!

Your choice of codec sucks 28.Feb.2004 07:57

another artist yourgodsapussy@hotmail.com

Why in the world would you pick this obscure codec? If your trying to get your message out put it in a common format. This is too important to play geek games with. No one Ive sent your videos to will watch them. As you know, people dont understand whats going on. You have to make it easy for them because life is hard enough as it is.

codec choice 28.Feb.2004 14:39


It comes down to several factors. Most importantly there are licensing issues. The only common codec in use is DIVX which has a daconian licence for independent filmmakers and artists. The onl other choices are some variant of MPEG4 (which has it's own licensing issues) and VP3. VP3 offers excellent quality and is open source, and has an easy installer. Independent artists wishing to not deal with licensing of their content will probably turn to VP3 and ogg theora. The codec is simple to install and once installed offers playback of a wide range of content being produced on many websites. We know that asking people to install 2 pieces of software is a lot but the benefits outweigh the additional effort. The VP3 codec is small enough that the installer can be sent over email. The only problem to the otherwise easy to use installer is that it prompts for operating system rather than autodetecting it. This is a common error as people often sail through this option without reading it. You can always point people to the guides listed in the article for comprehensive instructions. Also, if you want to reencode the videos and share them you are free to do so, you will be subject to whatever licensing agreements but that is your choice. The beauty of this system is that people have a wide range of freedom in what they can do with these videos once they have downloaded them.

Yeah, this kindof thing ain't easy 28.Feb.2004 20:11


I agree with everyone.

This codec is obscure. But, the directions were clear. I followed them and with no trouble at all was able to sit back and enjoy some real and interesting videos that you could get nowhere else.

Actually, I did not enjoy any of them. Most were pretty disgusting. But I don't mean that as a slur on the creators. The work was excellent. It was just the subject matter sucks. And I can't blame the creators for that, it's just -- reality.

But I can credit the creators with doing a fine job. Thanks to all who put this effort together. I'm a little bit out of town and can't get down to the red and black etc. when I'd like..

Only 2 OS choices? 29.Feb.2004 00:07


Only works on Mac or Windows? Is there a player (or converter) for Linux? Cause I don't run corporate products on my machine. (Debian all the way!)

linux should work fine 29.Feb.2004 07:53


Users of several linux flavors, including debian, have had minimal problems with the videos (usually just needing to update whatever player they're using). The video guide has a few pointers for linux. We haven't written a step-by-step guide because there are too many differences between linux distros to be particularly useful. But check out the linux information on the video guide and if you have problems, or can suggest improvements to the information listed please do so.

Thats Funny 29.Feb.2004 08:14

another artist

You distribution model targets pirates and you worry about divx licensing? Oh thats rich. Then to cut off your most intelligent, open minded, and revolutionary audience by not encoding it for linux is ignorant. Would you really rather have reencoded crap out there as examples of your work or could there be an unauthorized release by an unknown to solve all our problems.

works fine for me 29.Feb.2004 08:28

debian user

I guess it just goes to prove that no matter how good your work is someone will always come along and criticize you for it. I appreciate avoiding divx and if the apache video taught the online world anything it's that most people don't have divx installed. So, if you're going to have people install something why not make it the open source non-licenced product instead of some corporate product. Besides, vp3's quality is excellent and I hope it continues to evolve to match the other work being done in this area. I'm not sure why someone would say that these videos target pirates; if they did maybe divx would make more sense. Is it just because of the use of peer-to-peer networks because I think that's a brilliant way to distribute legal content (I know several bands that publish their works that way).

I also agree with Susan, these aren't the most enjoyable videos to watch but it is important to understand what is really happening here.

... 29.Feb.2004 08:34

another artist

After reading my posts I realize that I sounded rather condescending, for this I apologize. My frustration with this gets the better of me some times. Keep up the good work getting the word out.

Not that it makes much difference but, 29.Feb.2004 10:36

another artist

Most people dont have divx installed? Thats funny. Why would everyone on p2p trade divx if they didnt have it installed. I didnt jump on here to bash anyone. As another digital content creator I put a lot of effort into researching my audience. This message needs the widest audience possible. That is why I was surprised at the choice of codec.

Hee Hee 29.Feb.2004 16:22


Oh how cute. You guys are having a nerd argument.

What Mac OS 9 browsers support "magnet" ? 29.Feb.2004 21:57


When I click on the Magnet url with Explorer 5.1 it tells me that it can't understand the protocol for accessing the URL. Mozilla doesn't do anything. Somehow clicking on the URL in a web browser is supposed to make LimeWire find the file, right?

I wish I could somehow paste the long "magnet" url into LimeWire. I can't seem to paste anything into that program or search for the films.

Can't I just get LimeWire to search for the films?

Has anybody got this to work on OS 9? on Windows? etc.

Also the films are listed as ".avi" which usually don't work on Macs anyway (but I'm assuming you've got that covered somehow)

OS 9 29.Feb.2004 22:29


>> Can't I just get LimeWire to search for the films?

Yes, if you do a search for "vftr_" you should be able to find the videos.

The AVI's should play under QuickTime on any platform (people have tested that on many varied platforms). However, I am lacking in the ability to test on an OS 9 machine so the browser recommendations are difficult at the moment. It is possible to install BitTorrent on OS 9 but the instructions are not easy ( http://btfaq.com/serve/cache/11.html). It should also be possible to paste a magnet link into LimeWire but, again, without a machine to test it's impossible to give a thorough walk through. Maybe a test computer will be made available sometime soon and we can have better instructions. If you find a solution ahead of time please feel free to post it here.

is everyone's sound slightly out of synch? 02.Mar.2004 10:02



I never could find any films by searching on Mac OS 9. On Mac OS X with Internet Explorer downloading these films is very, very easy and remarkably fast.


The high quality versions of the films are high quality and they are enjoyable to watch, despite the sound being slightly out of synch with the picture.

I'd like to know if the out of synch part is just a wierd quirk of my downloads, or is it what everyone is experiencing?

a/v synchronization issues 02.Mar.2004 12:14


The high quality versions require quite a fast computer to play back properly in QuickTime. For example, on a 700Mhz pc the playback is perfect in windows media player 6, 7, and 9 as well as bsplayer and a few others. However, when using QuickTime Player on the same computer the video cannot be played back at the full 29.97 fps. This can be observed by clicking "Window - Show Movie Info" which will display the "Playing FPS". My guess is that this is what is causing the sync problems. The best solution for OS X might be to try another media player (VLC, MPlayer, or maybe even Windows Media Player or an older version of QuickTime). Otherwise you're stuck waiting for a more efficient version of QuickTime and/or the VP3 codec or watching the standard quality videos to see the sound synchronized properly.

Here are some media player links:

LimeWire should recognize magnet links so it is troubling that there are problems. No research has been able to determine what this problem might be at this time but people will continue to work on it.

faster codec version 02.Mar.2004 17:47

mac guru

I came across this older version of the vp3 codec ( which is claimed to be faster. I'm going to try it out when I get home and let people know if it's any better.